1. Officer

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Warning: Hinted homosexuality and some language, this is an 'adult' fiction and will reference violence, angst, bad language and homosexuality. Please if you do not like this kind of content then do not read.

No onto the story.

Throttle leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath. He clasped his gun tightly in both his gloved hands ready to strike. He glanced cautiously around the corner; the image was slightly distorted and darkened to his blue eyes because of the shades that lay in front of them. He frowned quietly when he realised there was no movement. Warily he stepped around the corner, his leather boots making little sound as they collided with the floor. He was well aware of his blue police uniform rustling slightly and was concerned that his targets may have heard him coming.

He tensed as he heard slight footsteps and held his gun ready, but he relaxed as a familiar figure stepped into view. A blonde haired man stood before him in classic blue police uniform, with black boots and gloves, his chest was covered with a black protective jacket just like Throttles was, he also wore shades and carried a regulatory gun which was held ready but pointed away from Throttle. He signalled to Throttle that where he had come from was clear.

Throttle frowned that left only a few more rooms. The upper floor and the garage. 'I'll take the garage.' Throttle signalled, his partner 'Ok'd' him before creeping along the hallway heading to the stairs. Throttle smiled gently before sliding along the wall, he approached the doorway with care, his gun ready and pointing to the innocent wood that made the door. He was nervous, the place was too quiet.

He kept his back to the wall next to the door and slid his left hand past the doorframe and to the handle; he slowly slid the door open and nudge it forward so it slowly flew open. He drew his hand back and clasped his gun pointing it through the door. He glanced through the gap carefully, with no initial sign of movement he dared to cautiously step into the room. He watched the room carefully for any sign of movement. A scream from upstairs had him reacting quickly he slipped into cover and then for the third time that evening made sure his gun was ready.

"I've got the girl." His partner's voice echoed through his police radio strapped to his jacket. "Upstairs is clear."

"Understood, garage is still unknown." Throttle answered. He glanced round the corner of the large jeep he had slid behind and saw it. A long white rope slid out of view behind the workbench. He had no idea what it was but he now knew something was moving in the room.

Carefully he stepped round the jeep and finally noticed three bikes. Two were stunning, the bright red one glimmered under the light above it almost as if it was in the spot light and lapping up the attention, the second was a deep purple three wheeler which sat protectively in front of a rather sorry looking bike. Throttle felt a pang of pain when he looked at the bike, it was a sorry state. Its beautiful paintwork was chipped and rusty, it appeared to be hiding behind the bigger bike of the three. It needed attention and love but then perhaps that was why it was at Last Chance Garage. The lady that lived here, a Charlene Davidson was said to be a genius with an engine.

Throttle shook his head and focused back on to his work, he turned away from the stunning bikes and continued moving around the jeep, keeping his footsteps as quiet as possible. He paused as he heard a sound almost like whispering. He tracked the sound to the work bench, slowly he closed in on his targets (he now knew that there was more than one) and tensed his body ready for the confrontation that would ensue.

Throttle gasped as something long wrapped around his ankle and tugged. He fell with oomph and was dragged a few feet before he was able to roll over and point his gun at his attacker. He froze at the sight that greeted him. A giant mouse. A huge, grey mouse with a bionic arm. The mouse also seemed frozen in place staring at him in shock.

"Yea, let's get this mamma jamma!" Throttle glanced behind him and gasped as he met the red eyes of a humanoid white mouse whose face was covered in a metal mask, beside the white mouse stood three other mice. There was a dark brown mouse and two tanned fur mice, one was built like a tank and the other was slim built just like the white and brown mouse. They all had ample amount of muscle and wore clothes that boasted their fine furry bodies. Their red eyes froze when they met his face and the tank like tan mouse muttered, "It can't be."

"Let me go!" Cried a female voice. The mice froze their strange weapons pointed to the doorway where Charlene Davidson was held by Throttle's partner. "What the fuck!" His partner stated in shock.

"My sentiments exactly." Throttle stated bringing the rooms occupants attention back to him as he stood. "Charlene Davidson I presume. It seems you've been keeping some odd company."

"Throttle." She whispered.

Throttle's partner and Throttle shared a look. "How do you know my code name?" Throttle asked.

"Code name?" Miss Davidson repeated with a clearly questioning tone.

"Looks like we've got a spy Talon." Throttle told his partner. Throttle's partner nodded scowling at the thought of another cop betraying his brethren.

"Your name is Throttle." One of the mice spoke. Throttle glanced at the tanned mouse and resisted the urge to gulp and the tall intimidating forms easily a head or two taller than him. "You're my son." The large tank like mouse stated.

Throttle blinked and in the next moment both he and his partner were laughing their arses off. "Did you hear that T? You're a huge, talking mouse!"

"What drugs are you all on?" Throttle got out chuckling, he pulled his glasses off and wiped his eyes as tears of laughter slipped out, Throttle listened to the gathered crowd gasp and he froze and turned questioning blue eyes onto the giant mice. "What?"

"Your eyes!"

"Yes, Yes, I know their beautiful baby blues. Everyone seems to say the same damn thing." Throttle replied.

"You've got to love it, Throttle. You get more ass pinches and slaps than anyone else including my hot model boyfriend!" Talon replied with a grin.

Throttle sighed as he slid his glasses back onto his face, hiding his blue eyes once more. "So Miss Charlene Davidson, the story is that you've been involved in several cases of property destruction and your friends here have caused several scenes of distress among the public."

"You're to come down to the station with us to answer some questions. Your 'friends' are welcome to join you." Talon continued. "Be warned that anything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

The mice moved to attack and Throttle moved quickly his gun directed into the face of the white mouse but it was Miss Davidson that stopped the attack. "Guys. I'll go with them okay. It will do no good to argue with the law no matter who the officers are." There was a cryptic message in her words but Throttle could not decipher what was being said. "Remain here, if I don't return I'll call you later." She promised the mice.

The mice stepped back and Charlene led the way out with the two officers of the law following her. The mice followed closely behind much to the discomfort of the cops. Talon pushed the lady into the back of their car and Throttle climbed into the driver's seat. Once Talon was in the passenger side, Throttle sped off as fast as he legally could. Being near that place was discomforting. It was like there was something there that he 'cared' about or remembered but for the life of him he couldn't pin point what it was.

Miss Davidson was calm and accommodating, she happily allowed them to lead her into the station, register her and then take her to the interrogation room. She had answered every question and barely spoke about the mice which both Talon and he didn't mind since their comrades would think them insane. With no true evidence to support the accusations of property destruction they were forced to release her but they told her to behave. She had simply stared at Throttle long and hard before finally nodding and promising softly. Her promise had made his heart soften with respect and 'love'. He didn't understand how she and her companions affected him so.

"You know if you frown anymore, your face will be set into a permanent frown." Talon commented off-handedly as he placed his glass onto the table.

Throttle chuckled as he took a large gulp of his beer and leant back against the back of the chair. "I know, I've just got a feeling about those mice and Miss Davidson." He confessed.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I've got a bad feeling I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of them." Talon replied.

"Don't you think it's strange though, how every time they've caused property damage and public scares that some gang or criminal has been scared out of town or their bad behaviour." Throttle asked.

"I spoke to several of our comrades." Talon said softly in a considering tone. "Apparently those giant mice are some kind of vigilantes. Wherever they go they save people and scare bad guys. They always seem to target Lawrence Limburger."

"Why do you think that is?" Throttle asked before taking another long gulp of his drink.

"I think it has to do with the money. Limburger happens to be an extremely well-funded business man, a lot of higher ups are asking where he's got his money from. He's rebuilt his tower hundreds of times and to build a sky scrapper costs a lot of money." Talon answered.

"The mice seem to have it out for him." Throttle replied as he finished the last of his drink.

"Want another?" Talon asked.

"No. I better head home, I've got to report in early tomorrow." Throttle replied.

"Do you want a lift?" Talon asked in concern thinking about how dangerous the streets were.

Throttle chuckled. "I don't live far, I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow."

Talon looked concerned but eventually nodded. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow."

Throttle nodded and slipped through the crowd and out of the front door onto the street. He glanced around cautiously at the dark streetlamp lit streets. He sighed at the familiar feel of his hand gun at his hip and slowly walked down the street.

After a few moments he realised he was being followed, a group of large hoodies were trailing him trying to be stealthy but they were stupidly obvious. Throttle would have sighed at their stupidity but that would have been stupid on his part, he was alone with about eight potential attackers. He strolled purposefully past the street where he lived, leading them away from his home. He didn't realise where he was heading until he noticed a familiar sign.

'Last Chance Garage'

"Get him!" Throttle ducked as an arm swiped over his head, he kicked the legs of his attacker sending the slim man onto his back. Several men dived on top of him but thanks to his slim agile form he managed to avoid the attack. He rolled away to safety and readied his gun.

"Do you realise who I am?" He called out giving his attackers a chance to run.

"Throttle Maverick!" The largest and greasiest man yelled out with a voice that clearly said 'I'm so stupid I'd probably forget my own name'.

"Ah, Boss I don't think we were meant to tell him that." One of the smaller figures said cautiously and Throttle could see why he was cautious, the 'boss' was at least four times larger than the tall, slim figure.

"Why not?" The 'boss' asked stupidly.

"He doesn't remember who he is, sir." The figure replied. The 'boss' just looked stupidly at the figure. Throttle was interested in what they were saying but he realised that the 'bosses'' confusion was the best distraction he would get. He rolled away quickly and slid down an alley. With quick steps he raced down the alleyways aware of running steel toed boots close behind him. The footsteps were closing in and he could hear chains and several men yelling to 'get him'. He slid down an alley way and cursed at the dead end. With a sigh he jumped onto a dumpster and lunged for the edge of the roof. A soft, but firm hand gripped his shoulder and he found himself tugged onto the roof and covered with a solid body, a furry hand covering his mouth.


"Where did he go?"

"Limburger won't like this." With a few more curses his chasers retreated.

Throttle breathed softly as the hand was removed and he met the red eyes of his saviour and gasped at the white mouse above him. He felt the tail of the mouse wrap gently around his left leg. "Hello Throttle." The mouse greeted gently. The mouse carefully stood and helped Throttle to his feet with him.

"I suppose I owe you." Throttle answered just as gently. The white mouse chuckled before wrapping an arm around Throttle's waist a giant hand rested on the small of Throttle's back. Throttle opened his mouth to ask what the mouse was doing but the mouse turned and jumped down landing easily on the ground two floors down and then releasing Throttle safely onto the ground. "Thanks." Throttle murmured before stepping away from the intimidating form of the mouse.

"Now do you believe us?" The white mouse asked.

"Believe what? That I'm supposedly a giant mouse named Throttle?" Throttle asked staring up at the face of his saviour.

"Yes. Limburger is our enemy. He's an alien too but he's a giant stinking fish." The white mouse replied.

"I've met the man and whilst he isn't pleasant and there is a strange odour, he is an alright guy." Throttle replied.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't say that." The white mouse replied. Throttle was wary but he didn't show any signs of fear, instead he stared defiantly back at those hard red eyes.

The mouse chuckled, "You may not have accepted who you are but all the signs are there." He said cryptically, Throttle raised an eyebrow.

"Well this conversation is nice and all but I've got to head home. I'm sure one of your furry pals will be willing to put up with you." Throttle retorted.

"It's not safe for you to travel alone right now. Come to the Last Chance Garage with me." The white mouse stated stepping closer. Throttle stepped back but not fast enough as a firm hand gripped his shoulder. "I insist." The mouse whistled and the next thing knew the red bike he saw at the garage revved into view. Throttle blinked how had the bike done that? He didn't think technology was that advanced. A tail wrapped around his waist and he soon found himself on the back of the red bike with the mouse seated in front.

"This could be classed as a kidnapping you know." Throttle stated.

"It could, but you won't report it." The white mouse replied as he pulled on his specially shaped red helmet.

"How do you know?"

"I know you Throttle." The white mouse replied. With that said the mouse revved his engine and raced out of the alley way. Throttle gripped the mouse's waist as the mouse sped quickly down the road and in only a few moments the Last Chance Garage came into view and the white mouse skid to a stop.

"Vinnie, where…" The dark brown mouse paused as he noticed Vinnie set Throttle back onto his feet. "What happened?" The mouse asked as he stepped forward.

"Limburger went after Throttle. I was in the right place at the right time." 'Vinnie' replied. "They let slip his name but Throttle still doesn't believe what he's been told. It's not safe for him out there right now so I've bought him back." The dark brown mouse nodded and strolled back inside.

A few moments later Miss Davidson slipped out of the building. "Hello Throttle." She greeted. "Apparently you need a place to stay."

"No. I'll just give my partner a call." Throttle informed her and he pulled out his phone and dialled his partner's number. "Hey Talon. Yea I know we don't need to use code names outside of work but I'm with Miss Davidson. Yea, turns out that I was wrong, I was tailed by some thugs and now one of the mice won't let me go. Yes, can I stay at your place tonight. I don't dare go home. One word. Limburger. The thugs mentioned he won't be happy. Exactly. See you in ten minutes."

"You needn't have done that." The dark mouse stated as soon as Throttle put his phone away.

"Done what?" Throttle asked.

"You could have stayed here." Miss Davidson stated.

Throttle blinked at here in shock before snorting. As if he would stay in a building with several large, talking mice and an insane woman. "You've already got too many lodgers you don't need an extra one." He said out loud in a polite voice. The dark brown mouse looked quite amused and Throttle met his dark stare with a raised eyebrow which the mouse returned with a smirk. Throttle didn't know if he liked this mouse or not but so far he found the mouse amusing.

A loud honk broke the staring contest and Throttle chuckled as Talon energetically waved from the passenger seat. A dark haired man in the driver's seat chuckled at his passenger's enthusiasm. The moment they stopped Throttle stepped forward and felt his face light up in an amused smile as the dark haired man pulled Talon back inside the car. "Hi Throttle. Told you I should have gone with you!" The cop boasted much to the driver's amusement.

Throttle opened the back door laughing as he listened to Talon being berated by his amused lover. The moment Throttle was in the car Talon yelled 'Chow' to Miss Davidson and her furry companions before his lover sped away from the 'Last Chance Garage'.

"How much did he drink?" Throttle asked in amusement as Talon began singing 'Eye of the Tiger' as it was played on the radio.

"Quite a bit, he's going to be paying for it in the morning."

"Ah, sweetie you'll kiss it all better in the morning won't you." Talon asked in a sickly sweet voice. His lover chuckled at Talon's playful antics but didn't play along.

"Don't forget we've got a guest tonight." He warned. "No fun tonight."

"Ah! John!" Talon whined. 'John' laughed in amusement at his lover's disappointment. Throttle rolled his eyes at his partners over exaggerated sad sounds and complaints. Talon soon forgot his over excited behaviour as he turned around in his seat to face Throttle. "So, it's true, somehow Limburger is involved with Miss Davidson and the mice."

"It seems so. One of the thugs mentioned Limburger and called me Throttle Maverick, whatever that means." Throttle replied.

"Perhaps Throttle Maverick is what those mice know you as?" Talon replied thoughtfully.

"You can't be telling me that you believe the crap that those walking fur balls have been spewing." Throttle said incredulously.

"No, I don't believe it; I'm just trying to make sense of what's going on. Let's just think for a moment. The mice and Miss Davidson knew your code name and believe you to be a transformed or reincarnated form of their companion 'Throttle'. How does Limburger fit in?"

"Apparently he's an alien to. A giant stinky fish was the white mouse's exact words." Throttle replied. "If we were to believe this 'tripe' than we can assume that the mice and fish were at war, 'Throttle' could have been a casualty of that war."

Talon hummed thoughtfully. "We can't necessarily deny the existence of talking fish; after all we now know talking mice are real."

Throttle snorted at the statement but couldn't help but mentally agree with his partner, still he voiced his doubt. "We've met Limburger several times and each time he has been welcoming and civilised."

"True. I think that tomorrow we should pay the businessman a visit and have a chat." Talon suggested.

"I agree." Throttle answered. "We cannot afford to allow some pitiful revenge plot to destroy the town. How long will it be before either one of them spread beyond the Last Chance Garage and Limburger Tower?"

"They've been respectable so far." Talon replied before sighing. "But you're right; the civilians are already up in arms about giant, talking mice."

"We're here." Talon turned back to face the front as his lover pulled into their driveway. The moment the car stopped Talon had already bounced out, Throttle waited politely for John to turn off the engine before removing his belt and stepping out of the car. Throttle followed the older man into the house smirking in amusement as he heard Talon singing badly as he rushed around the building doing god knows what.

"Talon must be preparing the spare bedroom. You're welcome to stay for some time if you wish. Tamaki has been talking about having you come stay with us instead of remaining in your flat alone." John stated, saying Talon's real name as he closed the door behind the two of them. "How about I make us some coffee?"

"Sure." Throttle replied with a smile as he walked into the kitchen behind John and perched on one of the stools.

"How do you take it, Toni?"

"Milk with one sugar." Throttle replied, the mention of his real name startled him as he'd been called Throttle for some time. Throttle felt more 'real' than Toni.

John nodded and lifted the kettle to fill it with tap water. When Tamaki finally returned John was laughing at some stories Toni was telling him. "I remember that we were driving down the highway when we spotted a suspicious swerving vehicle, so I hit the lights and siren. We sped over to them and the driver pulled over. I turned off the engine and we both stepped over to the car. Tamaki went to the passenger side whilst I went for the driver's side. It became very clear what caused the swerving when we reached them. The driver was zipping his trousers and his passenger was licking his lips."

John chuckled in amusement as Tamaki took over. "Toni looked non-plussed at the two men and when I finally snapped him out of it he had written a ticket as long as my forearm for dangerous driving." Toni flushed in embarrassment glaring at his partner. "The two guys had the guts to boast what they had been doing and to invite both of us into some kind of foursome." Tamaki continued. "Of course I declined but Throttle really looked out of his depth for a few moments so I declined for him. We left them after ordering them not to continue that behaviour on the road and continued our patrol."

"Since that 'gay bar' has been built we've had a lot more cases of homosexual issues. Mostly public disturbances and biased civilians." Toni added. "But I personally think it does the town some good. Adds something new and different to the town and brings tourists in."

"Yes, but unfortunately it is us that have to keep those 'tourists' in line." Tamaki replied, Throttle nodded his agreement, hiding a yawn behind his hand. Tamaki smiled. "I think it's time for us to sleep, we're in early tomorrow." Toni nodded and stood following his partner. "This is your room. Make yourself at home." Tamaki stated. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight." Toni replied with a small smile. He slipped into the room and took in the soothing colours of the bedroom. The walls were a soft crème, the furniture was dark oak and the bedding was a soft baby blue. Overall the room was a very welcoming place. Toni smiled at the room before stripping off his clothes, other than his boxers and climbed into the bed. He soon drifted off into sleep.

A/N:- Well this is a surprise! I went to write a Police officer fiction with homosexuality and it quickly turned into a Biker mice fiction. It is based off my outcast fiction and heavily references the story line from Outcast, so it could be classed as a sequel but it can be read as a separate story.

I hope those who followed my Outcast story will also enjoy this.