Very important Authors Note: Everything written below is more personal opinion and has nothing to do with the police or the government. This is written for fiction and has no intentional connection with the police or the government. And of course, what is written is also not written to cause insult, what is written is not fact it is opinion.

You have been warned!

Throttle smiled warmly at the beautiful woman that sat on the other side of the table. Their hands were clasped together on top of the table's surface and Throttle could think of no better place to be. "Charley, I want to tell you something." He stated softly. "But I'm not quite sure how to put what I want to say into words."

"Take your time, Throttle." Charley replied gently as she leaned forward and squeezed his hands.

"I felt strong feelings for you for a long time. I was afraid to act on them and of course there was also Carbine. Many thought we were lovers, but in truth we were friends. But I was so nervous and so afraid of people's reactions to…" A loud ringing noise interrupted his speech and he frowned as he freed his hands and pulled his mobile out. "Detective Toni." He introduced. "What? I…I was a bit busy…no sir. I understand, I'll be there as soon as I can."

"What's wrong?"

"We've been called to a lovers fight scene." Throttle explained. "I have to be there ASAP. Apparently a man is becoming increasingly aggressive, I've been asked to talk to the woman and find out as much as I can. I'm sorry Charley-girl."

"Don't be, you have duties to attend to." Charley replied warmly. "Go get them." She ordered. Throttle saluted her and gave her a peck on the cheek before racing from the café. He let an amused smirk slip on his face when he noticed several familiar bikers not far from where Charley-girl and he were having their drinks. They gave a short wave which he returned but he had no time to stop and chat so he quickly vanished into the crowd.

Without a car his journey took longer than necessary but Throttle enjoyed the walk so he did not complain. He arrived on the scene just as his fellow police officers forced the man into the car. "Detective."

"Officer." Throttle replied. "What have you found out so far?"

"This man claims that he's innocent but that woman's daughter claims he was about to hit her." The officer informed. "I trust you can handle the situation?"

"Yes. Take that man into custody." Throttle instructed before walking towards the woman. Immediately Throttle felt the situation was off. The woman did not look upset or worried. In fact she seemed fine. "Good afternoon ma'am, I am detective Toni, I have been giving authority over this case. I hope you won't mind answering a few questions."


"Very good ma'am. First of all I'd like to know your name."

"Miriam Fisher."

"Well Miss Fisher, I understand that that man was arrested for aggressive behaviour. Could you explain the circumstances?"

"I've been seeing John Galloway for a few weeks. My family has been warning me that he's dangerous but I didn't believe them. He became increasingly possessive, he didn't like me working and would always check my phone to make sure I wasn't texting anyone. My family finally convinced me to ditch him and my daughter came with me to pick up the things I left in his house. My daughter and him argued and she claims he tried to or wanted to hit her."

"Claims?" Throttle asked with a frown, the woman did not look upset on behalf of her daughter, in fact it sounded as if she was laughing it off as if it had not happened. Those dark brown eyes had not a tear in them and there were no tear tracks on her skin. A glance to the side revealed a young girl in tears whilst she talked to by a colleague.

"Well he had a go at her, she screamed at him and it…" The woman laughed and Throttle resisted the urge to scowl, this was not a laughing matter. "I didn't see any signs of him going to hit her but she said she'll phone the police and she did so and she argued with him whilst being on the phone."

"And your daughter?"

"She'll be fine."

"She appears to be distraught."

"She's just upset, she'll be alright."

"Okay Miss Fisher. I have everything I need for the moment, I'll be speaking to your daughter. I would like for you to pop down to the station and answer a few more questions tomorrow."

"Of course."

Throttle turned and walked over to the girl and his colleague. "I'll take it from here." The police woman nodded and walked over to the mother who didn't look at all affected by the circumstances she found herself in. "I am Detective Toni, I would like for you to explain what happened slowly."

The young girl nodded and met his blue gaze with her own pale blue eyes. "I went with mum to pick up mum's stuff. She had finally realised that that man was bad. He immediately became aggressive, grabbing her, swearing at her and pushing her around. It looked like she was going to be punched by him so I got in the way and threatened to call the police. He screamed at me and told me he'd hit me so I dialled the police and told him to hit me. He didn't but it was a close call. All mum was doing was calling him 'baby' and pleading with him, but he ignored her. He is violent and dangerous and I thought he'd hurt me and her."

"I'm sorry. I hope you'll be alright."

"I will be…my…my sister is coming for me…she's not pleased." The girl smiled at this making Throttle smile.

"Is your sibling nice?"

"She can be a bit of a bully but she looks out for me." The girl muttered with a smile as she ducked her head, he caramel brown hair covered her eyes and Throttle chuckled. "Do you have any siblings?"

"I…My family life is a little complicated to tell you the truth." Throttle answered honestly. "I have three brothers and we never really got on well. I'm glad you have such a supportive sister, I know I would have loved to have someone like that." The girl blushed and her crying slowly stopped. "Now, I don't want you or your mum to approach Mr Galloway again, okay?"

"Don't worry I have no plans to even see him again." The girl assured as she glared at her ignorant mother. The woman was laughing with the police officer like nothing was happening and it clearly irritated her daughter.

"Carrie!" A voice cried out as a girl rushed across the road towards them.

"Tracy!" The girl cried out as she rushed passed Throttle and into the girl's arms.

"Are you okay? Did the little…Did he hurt you?" The girl 'Tracy' demanded.

"No. I'm alright, just scared."

"And he didn't…?"

"No he didn't touch me."

"And mum."

"Doesn't care." Carrie whispered. Tracy narrowed her blue eyes and stared at her mother with a cold gaze, sensing the glare the brown haired woman turned and frowned. Tracy gave the woman one last cold look before turning back to Carrie and giving their mother a cold shoulder. "I want to go home."

"Do you need my sister?" Tracy demanded as she glared at Throttle.

"No, she is fine to go." Throttle answered. Tracy nodded and turned and walked back across the road her sister's hand in hers. The mother frowned and followed them, she called them but that only earned a glare and the girls walked faster. "That mother has a lot to answer for." Throttle told the female police officer, the woman merely nodded. "Can I catch a lift to the police station with you?"


Throttle slipped into the passenger seat and dialled his friend. "Tamaki, are you in the office? Yes. We have a potential domestic abuse case, I need you in the office when we arrive to go over the information I've got and then we need to question the suspect. I need you to look up Miriam Fisher and John Galloway. See you in ten."

"So what do you think?" The female police officer asked as he shut down the phone.

"It's too soon to tell." Throttle replied diplomatically. "We don't know the story behind it we only know what we've been told."

"It seems the mother is not all that…"

"Stop right there ma'am. Remember we cannot judge them." Throttle answered. "We are here to protect them not punish or criticise them. We must learn the truth before we make a decision about their character."

"You're right, sir. I apologise."

"No need. I know it is easy to judge, I too felt annoyed at the mother but we must keep an open-mind."

"Of course."

The police officer and Throttle said no more. Throttle was more focused on his own thoughts than the police officer, he too remembered times when his father had been cold and uncaring that he had suffered. Jack Thy'lek had known about the bullying but had allowed it to happen, the man had even beaten his son himself. The man had even had the gall to say that being beaten everyday by the other children was healthy!

It was the memories that finally strengthened Throttle's resolve. He would do his best to make sure that those two girls were never harmed by their mother's ignorance or their mothers' violent and aggressive boy-friends. He strode from the car once he had stated a fair well to the officer and made his way to the office. He said nothing as Tamaki handed him several files that contained information on John Galloway. "John Galloway is under police protection? His name has been changed so his victims can't find him!" Throttle hissed as he finished reading the file. "I can't believe we protect criminals like this! Those two women had no idea who they were in the same room with!"

"Unfortunately politics is a dirty business. Besides he has 'human rights'." Tamaki replied dryly.

"Oh God. We cops walk a fine line don't we?" Throttle asked annoyed. "We have to preserve the rights of everyone, including those that don't deserve rights."

"We can't say anything like that Toni, you know that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

"This man has been proven guilty and yet he is still a free man." Throttle retorted. "Still, there is no law saying that I can't warn the woman Miss Fisher to stay away from him."

"Of course not, we can warn her to stay away from him but we can't tell her about his crimes. He is under protection."

"Disgusting. So there is very little we can actually do to protect these women?"

"No we can't do a thing." Tamaki answered, he leaned forward. "We have to answer for our actions and most importantly we have to enforce the law, the law states all are equal. There are very, very few individuals that can take the law into their own hands." Throttle smiled as he caught Tamaki's whispered hint. "Now I will type the letter out and we can send it off. Rex and Carlos are in interrogation with Mr Galloway, unfortunately all they can do is warn the man away from Miss Fisher and her daughters."

"This is so frustrating. We supposed to be protecting innocents and instead we're covering up for a criminal."

"Politics." Tamaki retorted with a tired sigh. "That and a campaign for criminals to have rights, prisons are becoming more and more like B and B's."

"Yes I know. I personally think that those who commit crimes forfeit those rights. But I know my personal opinions can't interfere with my duty. We will have to pay a personal visit to Miss Fisher and instruct her not to contact Mr Galloway and to stay as far away from him as possible." Throttle replied.

"Yes, we'll hand deliver the letter I'm writing." Tamaki agreed.

"Problem is, I don't think the woman will listen."

"Why not?"

"Let's just say the attitude I witnessed was too uncaring. The woman seemed to be laughing the whole thing off, only her daughter was distraught. And the oldest daughter who had come to fetch her sister was glaring at the mother with so much hate it was unbelievable." And familiar. Throttle added quietly.

"I'll guess I'll be seeing what you saw when we pay them a visit."

"Most likely." Throttle agreed.

"Well give me ten minutes and I'll have the letter printed and in an envelope."

Throttle spent the short time remembering his own family life. He remembered being beaten and judged by his fathers and brothers friends, he remembered the hatred his own blood seemed to have for him. By the end he too had stared at his father with the rage that the girl 'Tracy' had when she stared at her mother. Fortunately those girls had not been as abused as he was, but he still felt a connection with the child. And just like back home the people with the power to stop the abuse never did. Throttle's father never did so because he didn't care and now Throttle couldn't protect the two girls because of politics.


Throttle could help, only he could not make it obvious. All he had to do was let it slip to Modo and Vinnie, his bros wouldn't kill the bloke but they would give a lesson he would not forget. Modo in particular hated women and child beaters, once he heard that the man had threatened to punch the girl his red eye would be glowing and he would be unstoppable.


By doing so Throttle would be taking the law into his own hands, he would be defying the humans' legal system. The man did deserve to be beaten and frightened but by getting revenge Throttle would be no better than the criminal.


As long as the man wasn't physically harmed there would be no breaking of the legal system. In fact it would not be legal at all if some 'concerned' friends of the injured party heard about it and confronted the man. As long as they didn't harm or threaten the man they could not be bought up on charges, only warned. And John Galloway did indeed deserve to have the fear of God put in him. Throttle would just have to remind his bros about the human legal system.

A smile played on his lips as he thought this, Tamaki seemed to understand his thought process because the human smiled in response as he finished sealing the letter. Throttle smirked and stood with one thought in mind, once he'd finished with the visit to Miss Fisher, he would be visiting the Last Chance Garage.

Second Author Note:

I repeat this is purely fictional and is not a reflection of the law, what is written is purely fictional. This chapter is a reflection of Throttle's suffering on Mars, although it paints a bad light on some of humanity it was not intentional (although humanity can be pretty…bad…but let's not go there… ).