Wow! Its been slow for TAF fandom… Here's a nice little remedy.

Doctor Who fans will know who my little OC is named after ;)

"I'm just saying. If you wear gloves, and use a weapon that leaves little to no residue, blunt force trauma is the best choice in getting away with it." Wednesday argued, poking at the bowl of sugarplums on the table in-between her and her husband.

"True, but if you use a gun, then destroy it, its almost completely untraceable, as well as less complicated." Lucas countered.

Wednesday thought for a moment, "I'll admit, you learn well."

"Thank you. I've been studying my NCIS." He replied in a playfully smug manner.

"What's 'NCIS', uncle Lucas?" a small voice asked from the doorway in the kitchen. Both parties turned to find Lucas' niece, Rose, looking at them quizzically.

Rose was eight-years old, and the daughter of Lucas' older brother, Ben. Her blonde hair was tied up in a red ribbon and she was missing a few teeth. Wednesday had to admit that the little girl was probably her favorite of Lucas' extended family that she had been forced to spend time with while her and her husband were in Ohio for Christmas.

Lucas' smiled at Rose, "It's a TV show that you're not quite old enough for."

The blonde crossed her arms indignantly, "Why am I not old enough for anything? I'm eight years old! That's two hands!" She demonstrated by holding up eight digits. Both adults laughed as she put her hands down and came closer.

Lucas picked her up, setting her on his lap, "So Rosie, what do you think Santa's gonna bring you tonight?" he asked.

Wednesday cocked an eyebrow, "Santa? Please Lucas, I didn't think you would be one to fill children's heads with lies."

Lucas blinked at his wife, "She's a kid. She believes in Santa."

"And I can hear you!" Rose exclaimed, before turning to Lucas, "But she's right. Santa's for little kids, and I'm a big girl now. Besides, I saw mommy putting presents under the tree last year." She added as an after-thought. "You should listen to Wednesday. She's really smart."

Wednesday smirked at her husband, "You really should, love."

Rose ruffled her uncle's hair, "Silly uncle Lucas!"

Alice decided that this would be a good moment to enter the kitchen. "Rose, sweetie, we're about to open presents, come on!"

Rose immediately jumped off of Lucas' lap, "Coming, grandma!" she ran out of the room.

Lucas took in Wednesday's amused expression. "Don't start."

She rolled her eyes, "Fine."

"You and Rose get along really well. Lucas observed. His wife only nodded, "Maybe we could have a baby…"

His suggestion was met with Wednesday's wide eyes snapping towards his. "Lucas, we've talked about this. I'm not ready. I'm sorry."

Lucas sighed, "I know. We should probably get in there. They're probably waiting on us." He stood and offered his hand.

The young woman took it, standing, and looked him in the eye, "Don't you like it with just you and me?"

Lucas felt the corners of his lips turning up, "Yeah." He leaned down slightly and kissed his wife.

"Come on." She said as they walked to the living room.

But as she watched Rose and the other few children open their packages, and saw their faces light up, one thought went through Wednesday's mind. 'One day.'

Sheesh! Its been a long time! Its hard to write Christmas-y stuff in May/June. I already have a pretty good idea of how the next one will go, so I'll try to write it within the next week or two.