Why, oh why, oh why, oh why is it so much fun to torture Lucas?

"Pugsley really does feel bad…"
"Oh, I'm sure." Came the slightly indignant huff from the hospital bed.

Wednesday placed a hand on her husband's arm, "You'll be fine." She said, leaning down from her perch on the side of his bed to kiss his cheek.

Lucas sighed, looking down at the brace around his abdomen. The incident that had sent him to the emergency room had involved Pugsley, a dare –male pride-, various explosives, and a temporary lack of judgment on his part. And all he had to show for it was two broken ribs, and a plethora of cuts and bruises.

"Do you need anything?" Wednesday asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"No. I'm good." Lucas said, pushing a strand of hair out of his wife's face.

The pastel white door swung open- making both jump- to reveal a woman of about 30 years of age, dressed in blue scrubs. She smiled cheerily, "Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Bieneke! How are we today?"

"Alright." Lucas said.

"Good!" The nurse chirped, "And, I have a little treat for you." She smiled. The couple had noted very quickly that the nurse treated them like children even though they weren't that much younger than her.

The nurse pulled a tray out and placed it on Lucas' lap, "An afternoon banana split for a good patient."

"Thanks." Lucas said, starting to sit up, before wincing slightly in pain.

Wednesday pushed the button on the bedside remote to lean the bed up. She then spoke, "So how long until he's, um, up and running?"

"Six to eight weeks, depending on how well he rests." The nurse replied. "And you'll probably be able to go home tomorrow morning, but we're going to keep you overnight, just to make sure everything is okay." She checked on the pain medication being pumped directly into Lucas' system, and wrote a few things down on her clipboard before leaving the room.

"I can't wait to get home." The injured man stated, before turning to his wife with a smirk, "Then you get to be my nurse."

The glare Wednesday sent him could make every predatory animal on planet earth run for dear life.

"Kidding." Lucas said quickly with an uneasy laugh.

"I'll go easy on you until you're healed." She said, dipping a finger into his ice cream and licking it. She scrunched her face in distaste, "Ugh, needs kerosene."

That took far longer than expected….

And sorry for any accuracy issues. I've never broken a bone, and haven't been to an emergency room in like, nine years or something.