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Edway Away

Wizard Harry James Potter, age twenty-seven (though he still looked eternally seventeen) stared at the strange devise sitting before him with a mixture of tired curiosity and wariness. When his long-time-but-not-immortal friend Hermione Granger had brought the miniature gargoyle to him, she had explained its properties in multiple large, confusing, abstract words, which he seriously doubted anyone ever used in day-to-day conversation any more. After listening to her fifteen-minute lecture on the devise, though (and still marveling on her ability to talk so much without seeming to pause for breath at all), he had stared at her blankly for a minute of two, then sighed.

"So… It's a trans-dimensional Portkey," he summed it up. "With some weird spell on it that will change the user to better fit whatever dimension he/she has landed in?" Hermione scowled, huffed, and nodded at him, before straightening her Unspeakable robes.

"I was rather hoping you'd test it out for us," she said hesitantly. "You need a break, a vacation, and bloody hell Harry, you're anxiety is getting on all of our nerves!" She declared, making the young immortal blink at her, confused. "You've been twitching for a chance to do something dangerous and particularly frowned upon for months! So, push the gargoyle's tongue down, let it bite you, and go off on another adventure." She smiled softly, suddenly, with a sadness twisted in as she laid a hand on his shoulder. "You deserve to have some fun, to get away, even if it's only to get away from that bitch," she said, scowling at the mention of Ginny, who had turned out to only see Harry as 'The Savior' and for his money. He'd ended their engagement when he'd found her slipping love-potions into his morning coffee. Hermione had taken his side, while Ron and his mother had taken Ginny's. The rift between them had never been fixed, though Ginny still stalked him and threw herself at him as often as possible. Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and George were all on Harry's side, though, so he still had some friends in the Weasley family.

Sighing, he picked up the small gargoyle. It was about four-inches tall, and six-inches long, and looked like a scaled, horned, mutated-dog of some sort. Harry smiled slightly. It was ugly yet cute, to his slightly skewed, eccentric views, now.

"I think I'll call you Edway," he murmured, then shook his head with another sigh. "Take me away, Edway," he murmured, and pressed the gargoyles forked tongue down against its lower jaw inside its open mouth. Instantly, its eyes flashed green, and those jaws snapped shut on his finger, sharp teeth drawing blood and making Harry grimace in pain. After a few seconds, the small bat-wings on Edway's back lifted and flapped once, with all the fluidity of a living beings, before settling again.

"You Pass," a voice whispered into Harry's mind and, a second later, the world blurred, skewed, and wrenched harshly out of rights. His head and chest ached abruptly, and he groaned, clutching the small gargoyle to him as the world began to spin, and closed his eyes tightly. When the tingling in his body began, he assumed it was either the gargoyles spell, or he was going to pass out.

Finally, everything stopped. The spinning, the tingling, the gargoyle biting his finger (which he'd only just realized it had still been doing…). His feet had never left solid ground, so he didn't hurt anywhere or anything… Carefully, he opened his infamous green eyes, looking around warily… and frowned in confusion. He was standing in someone's backyard. Someone's rather nice backyard. Shaking his head, he looked down at himself and decided to take stalk… And stared bemusedly at his hands, still cradling Edway.

He was a child, probably around five or six, judging by his hand size. He could tell, because his hands were small and chubby-looking against the gray-green of Edway's stone-scale-body. He was wearing ratty and stained jeans and an old-looking t-shirt that was too-big for him (but not nearly his cousin Dudley's size big) and no shoes. Sighing, he sat down, and petted Edway's head, trying to think of what he needed to do.

"Mommy, there's a boy!" a little girl's voice cried from the nice-looking house that the nice-looking yard he was in belonged to. Harry looked over, stilling carefully, to see a dirty-blond-haired, blue-eyed three-year-old girl bouncing on the back-porch, staring at him and pointing, gawping. Her mother came out, holding a boy who looked around two, with reddish-brown hair. Harry got to his feet warily, watching them and clutching Edway close, and felt oddly soothed with the gargoyle vibrated, like a silent cat's purr.

"Oh my," the woman said, alarmed, before turning her head and calling back into the house, "George! There's a little boy in the backyard! He's too old to be the neighbors, too!" She moved forward after that, the little girl at her side, and came towards Harry, who held his ground in silence, watching her with narrowed, sharp eyes and a blank expression. She had a pretty face, with the same dirty-blond hair as her daughter, and warm gray-blue eyes. She knelt down in front of Harry, who took a single step back and pet Edway silently.

"Hello there," she said gently, smiling, and Harry finally placed her accent. So I'm in America? He wondered; Edway pulsed silently. "My name's Kate Sorenson, what's your name, sweetie?" Harry stared at her, tilting his head.

"Harry Potter," he said simply, and pet Edway some more. "Edway," He added, pointing at the gargoyle, and continued petting it. This was a different dimension, he reasoned. No point in making up a fake name or anything. Kate smiled as a man, who must have been the George from earlier, came out of the house.

"Well, Harry, do you know where your parents are?" She asked kindly; Harry blinked.

"Heaven," he replied immediately, before silently adding or wherever Magic sent them when they died… "They died in a car-crash when I was like him," he told her, pointing at the little boy in her arms. It was the same story he'd been raised on when he was a child, and, though he knew better now, it didn't stop him from having it memorized.

"Oh," Kate said, her eyes softening and saddening, "oh you poor thing." She set the baby gently on his feet next to his sister, reached forward, and pulled Harry into a hug. Harry kept stiff, feeling awkward, before patting the woman on the head.

"S'alright, missus," he muttered, wiggling slightly until she let him go. He stepped back and thought about what to do next. He had to play this carefully. He was a child here, after all, and though he could feel his magic, he didn't dare use it. Kate smiled painfully at him, and gestured to the man standing, now, at her side.

"This is my husband, George Sorenson," she told him softly, tenderly; Harry nodded politely. "George, this is Harry."

"Hullo, sir," Harry said politely; George nodded solemnly.

"Hello there, Harry," he replied. Kate gestured to her children.

"These are our children, Kendra and Seth. Say hello to Harry," she told them; Kendra eyed him, and then smiled shyly.

"Hi," she said with a small wave; Seth giggled and toddled straight up to him, grabbing his free arm to keep his balance. Harry watched him silently, but moved his arm carefully so Seth could hold it better. He'd always had a soft-spot for kids…

"Hi," he said to Kendra, giving her a nod that was almost a bow. The little girl giggled and moved towards him.

"Do you wanna play?" She asked hopefully. Harry cocked his head to the side.

"Play what?" he asked curiously; she smiled.

"House!" She announced happily. "I'm mommy, you're daddy, and Seth can be baby, 'cause he's baby." She promptly grabbed his shirt-sleeve and pulled him away towards a play-house that was set-up, and Harry quickly-but-gently grabbed Seth's hand to lead him after her. "And toy can be doggy!" Kendra declared, pointing at Edway; Harry held back a sigh, and prepared himself to follow the whims of a three-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, Kate and George were talking quietly, before George went inside to make some phone calls. Kate watched the little orphan boy who they'd found in their backyard in silence, as he gently played with her children, treating them both like treasures that could be broken at any second, and needed protecting. It was endearing and, if everything worked out, he would be the perfect older brother…

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