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The lights in the room were dimmed but were quickly turned on one-by one to reveal a large television studio decorated in a black and gold scheme.

The pale yellow-cushioned seats had shiny black handles and each and every seat was occupied by very eager-looking audience members.

The stage itself had a two-person black couch with gold-coloured cushions and five separate chairs decorated similarly. Drapery of the same colour was hung on each side.

As soon as all the flights came on, the people began to cheer as a brown-skinned young woman with straight shoulder-length black hair with highlights pulled into a low ponytail and dark brown eyes stepped out from one side of the stage and headed to the two-seater couch. She was wearing a green short-sleeved top, black skinny jeans, green wedge-heels with straw-coloured soles and gold dangly-earrings.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY EVERYBODY! Welcome to the Hayley Hinkson Show with yours truly, Hayley Hinkson!" She waved at the crowd grinning as she sunk into her seat and the crowd cheered even louder.

"We've got, like a very interesting show for you today!" She exclaimed.

The crowd cheered even more.

"As you know, a few weeks ago it was revealed to us all that magic exists in a very, very big way."

The audience went silent at her words.

"Yep, yep, yep, peoples! Magic exists all right! And guess who was a part of all that? Five of the female cast members of this very company's own reality series, Total Drama!" Hayley exclaimed.

The audience cheered again and whopped-whooped.

"There's so much to learn and we're still coming to terms with it all and here to help us do that are Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Bridgette and Izzy, the five girls with powers over the Elements who were at the centre of it all!" She exclaimed.

The lights at the other side of the stage dimmed and when they came back on fully, the five Keepers were all standing there in the spotlight.

The audience's noise level reached deafening proportions as each Keeper took a seat on the stage and some audience members even began donning Keeper memorabilia which had started to be sold as soon as the same week in which Radcliffe was defeated.

Heather's hair was curly and held back with a ruby red hairband and she wore a short-sleeved white ruffled blouse, a red knee-length skirt, matching heels and droplet ruby earrings that she had crafted herself.

Lindsay's hair was straight, held back with a white headband and she was wearing a high-necked pink halter top mini-dress with white leggings and pink ballet flats.

Izzy's hair was rolled into a bun and she wore an off-the shoulder dark green knee-length dress and black ankle boots.

Bridgette's hair was let down and held back by a wavy light blue headband and she wore a light brown tunic-style mini-dress over light blue jeans, light brown sandals, pearl earrings and the necklace that Magalie had given to her.

Gwen's hair was slicked back into a low ponytail and she wore a black buttoned-up vest over a dark grey shirt and black pants which were tucked into black knee-high boots with dark grey laces at the front. The Silver Star of course, remained present.

"Hey Keepers! Welcome to the show! How are you all doing?" Hayley said cheerfully.

"We're doing pretty well, all things considered…" Gwen answered.

"Yeah, I can see that fighting some evil, super powered bad guy could do that to you..." Hayley nodded. "So how are you coping with your newfound fame, huh? Tell us all about it!"

"Well it certainly has been quite the experience becoming even more famous than we were before, being a Keeper taking the fame we did have before up to a whole new level…" Heather said.

"I see. And we also discovered that Sierra and Cody were a part of the magic as well. In fact, Sierra wasn't even from Earth, but was Princess of a planet called Nadir and Cody was an Earthling wizard! Even Ezekiel, an ever unpopular contestant was involved in the whole adventure! How did you feel when you found out that they were magic as well?" Hayley slouched back into her seat.

"It was even more of a surprise than discovering we all had magic powers and were some of the most powerful magical beings in fact. I mean, who would've guessed that Ezekiel, of all people was not what we thought he was?" Bridgette shrugged.

"Yeah, Zekey to me was the biggest shock of all if we had to pick who else in the cast besides us would have powers…" Izzy said.

"True that. Would've never guessed it of Ezekiel…" Gwen shrugged.

"Neither would I!" Hayley exclaimed. "And now we move on to the darker side of things…"

The Keepers all glanced at one another worriedly.

"Villains and personal trials during this whole ordeal…" Hayley clasped her hands in front of her face, barely hiding a devious smile.

"Radcliffe: your thoughts on him. Let's start off simple in that regard, shall we? What are the first words that come to mind when you think of him?" Hayley asked.

"A foul excuse of a wizard!" Heather exclaimed.

"Pathetic." Gwen said.

"Genre blind." Bridgette said.

"Persistent!" Izzy exclaimed.

"A complete monster…" Lindsay said.

"Interesting choice of words, I think. Why would you say each of those?"

"Well I think he's pathetic because he was trying to take over all worlds for centuries and never once did he even succeed in having even temporary control of a single city…" Gwen explained.

"Well Gwen pretty much explained what I was thinking. Despite losing all the time, he still persisted!" Izzy exclaimed.

"I say he's a foul excuse of a wizard because he oftentimes sent out other people to do his dirty work for him. Many wizards could get what they want without killing or maiming people but him? Not so much!" Heather seethed.

"Radcliffe is genre blind because he made so many mistakes and he never learned from them, based on what we've seen ourselves and learnt since then…" Bridgette shrugged.

"Do I really need to explain why he's a complete monster from what you know of him?" Lindsay asked.

"Truer words have never been spoken…" Hayley shuddered at the thought of what she knew.

"And we have also learnt that two other fellow former contestants turned to the dark side- Alejandro and Courtney…" Hayley longed back in her chair.

Gwen and Heather looked at one another uneasily. The two aforementioned individuals were still sore spots for them.

Hayley looked at them and her expression changed. "Which we will talk about in a bonus clip that you'll be able to find later at this website: www. hayleyhinksonshow .ca!"

The audience moaned in disappointment.

After the show, the Keepers were hanging out with Hayley backstage.

Hayley poured a cup of coffee for herself at the coffee table and turned to the buffet to grab a slice of cake.

"So, when you were asking about… those two, why did you stop?" Heather asked suddenly.

The young television host turned slowly. "Well the way I saw it, judging by your expressions, I thought it best not to talk about it live. Besides, by putting that extra clip online, it's bound to produce extra traffic for the website!"

Gwen rolled her eyes at this.

"And I have something to tell you in confidence." Hayley's tone changed suddenly.

She led them to her dressing room and made sure to lock the door.

"That ignorant act that I put on for the show? It was all just that- an act. I very well know who Radcliffe is and what magic is like." Hayley said. "Because I am magic as well..."

The Keepers looked mildly surprised at this.

Ever since magic had been exposed to the world, "coming out" had been given a whole new meaning. Just as gay and bisexual people revealed their dating preferences, people revealed to their non-magical family and friends that they too, had powers.

And just like gay and bisexual people, not all of them took to it well…

"Oh…" Lindsay broke the silence.

"Mind you, I only found out there were others like me about five years ago. Fourteen years of being magic and I didn't know what I was until a witch that was living in the neighbourhood the whole time told me…" Hayley sighed.

"Does your family know?" Bridgette asked gently.

"My mother is dead as you might know, my younger brother and sister Calvin and Caitlin are only eight and I'm not sure how my father would react if I told him…" Hayley said simply.

"But enough of this topic. I have an online bonus clip to provide you know!" Hayley said, sitting in a nearby chair and grinning at them. "It's still my job and I have to get this done soon. I have to get ready for the show's Australia edition and I still haven't finished packing…"

They all sighed before leaving Hayley's dressing room and heading back to the studio, which had been cleared of people except for the production team.


The newspaper being read was thrown across the room and smacked into a wall.

The man who had been reading it had short, curly dark red hair and dark grey eyes which were now displaying annoyance.

The other four individuals in the room glanced up from what they were doing to look at him, all startled.

"What's up with Xavier?" A large, bulky man with messy dark green hair and black eyes asked.

"Who knows?" The lone woman, a beautiful Asian-looking woman with her light pink waist-length hair pulled back into a ponytail shrugged.

"What's up with you, Xavier?" A lanky figure with a platinum blond Mohawk and grey eyes asked.

"I suggest we read the paper that Xavier just threw away..." A man with messy light blue hair and brown eyes who wore goggles on top of his head walked across the room and gathered together the scattered paper.

He laid it out on the computer desk he had been working at and opened it to what Xavier had been apparently reading earlier.

"Oh, it's just the Alma Stock Market not doing so well. Big deal!" The big guy shrugged.

"That is bad, you dolt!" The woman lifted her hand which glowed black and slapped him around the head. It seemed to have no effect.

"Not that you idiots! This!" Blue Hair pointed at another article.

The headline of the newspaper read:

Magical-Earth Relations To Be Established

In the few weeks that have passed since Radcliffe being killed once and for all by the Total Drama Keepers or TDK as they are now commonly referred to, the magical planets have taken steps to establish friendly relations with the planet of Earth. Each of the magical planet's political leaders will be in attendance at the United Nations building on Earth which is located in a city called "New York" in a country called the United States of America.

"So what?" Mohawk asked, shrugging.

This time it was his turn to get a slap around the head courtesy of Blue Hair.

"Xavier does not like non-magicals, remember?"

"Great answer, Savion. I am not surprised to see that it would be you." Xavier spoke up from behind them suddenly, startling them again.

"We cannot let this happen. Did you not study History in your schools on your respective planets? When magic was openly displayed among the non-magical beings on Earth, they were persecuted for it!"

"Hm. I see your point…" The woman shrugged.

"So do I..." Big Guy shrugged too.

"I certainly do!" Mohawk said.

"Well then, we will just have to bide our time until it is the right time to strike. I don't care much for world domination. I just want to keep things the way they should be. No. Non. Magicals." Xavier breathed.

"Okay if you're done now, I've got a hair and nail appointment in Ovex…" The woman flicked her hair.

Xavier sighed. "Fine. Go then, Zilla. Payne, Drake-" He gestured to Big Guy and Mohawk respectively. "Go on home if you feel like it…"

"Hell yeah, I do feel like it!" Drake sped out the door while Payne lumbered behind.

"Savion, aren't you leaving?" Xavier raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh yeah, but I want to use your supercomputer first…" Savion held up a bunch of random tech gadgets.

"Go…" Xavier rolled his eyes and began to read a book, sinking into a nearby chair.

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