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StellaVita Modelling Agency in Radnor, Wispera was hosting its annual End-Of-Summer Fashion Show in grand style at the Radnor Performing Arts Centre.

People from all across the realms were decked out in their best formal garb for the occasion, gathering in the largest hall within the centre which had been suitably arranged for the event about to occur.

There was an extremely large pearly white stage with a large catwalk protruding from it, partially hidden by shimmery silver curtains.

The seats were all covered in white cloth and tied back with a black bow.

It was in the midst of all this that the Keepers themselves arrived and were ushered to their seats on one side of the catwalk by a woman in a grey pantsuit- the standard uniform for all the ushers there.

"This is going to be so amazing!" Lindsay squealed. Her hair was in a curled ponytail over her shoulder and she wore a long-sleeved gold coloured knee-length dress which flared at the hem.

"Meh. A fashion show is a fashion show, no matter where you go…" Gwen shrugged, donning a high-necked thigh-length black dress and the Silver Star.

"I know you don't really care, but I for one would actually enjoy this, seeing how it differs from an Earth one…" Heather commented, her hair held back by a purple headband and wearing a purple form-fitting short-sleeved long dress that showed off her legs in the front.

Substituting her regular ponytail in favour of a bun tied with a light blue bow, Bridgette wore an ankle-length strapless light blue dress and the simple gold chain necklace with a crystal heart-shaped pendant that Magalie had given to her.

Izzy donned a backless white halter-top dress with dark green collar and sash around the waist and had her hair in a layered hairstyle with side-swept bangs.

"This is gonna be great! I can't wait to see all the special effects they're gonna use! I hope they make some things go BOOM! BOOM! HAHAHA!" Izzy cackled, making some of the people around them look nervous.

Glancing to the other side of the runway, Bridgette noticed Travis and Milah taking their seats with Talia close behind and she waved to them.

She also spotted a few other familiar faces in the crowd- Marissa and Paul, Aideen and William and even Alyssa, who was dressed in a pink, form-fitting flowing-sleeved salwar kameez with black trim and black stilettos.

Some of the officials of StellaVita sat directly in front of the stage- Savion among them, Zilla on his arm, Payne, Drake and Xavier close behind.

"Hello Keepers."

They looked behind them to see Rika smiling, wearing a black Greek-style dress with gold trim, gold low-heeled shoes and her hair straight, held back by a gold bow.

"Rika! What are you doing here? I didn't know you were into this sort of thing!" Bridgette exclaimed.

"I'm not really. Just came to support a friend!" Rika said, shrugging.

Just then, the lights around the stage dimmed and the room went silent.

"It's starting!" Lindsay squealed in excitement as the lights came back on and in puffs of silvery smoke, each model appeared, dressed in a white outfit until there were forty of them arranged in four rows of ten one behind the other with a break in the middle.

People began to cheer and clap as they performed a dance. Once that was over, they walked down the catwalk from the back rows to the front, each girl lining the break doing so together.

Kimberly, wearing a flowing-sleeved mini-dress with a sash around the waist, her hair rolled up into a bun with a white bow came down the catwalk accompanied by a platinum blonde, violet-eyed girl that was even taller than she was wearing a corset-style puffy-sleeved blouse and white pants that flared at the ankles, both wearing the same white eye-shadow and lipstick.

Kimberly saw her parents and beamed at them before she and the other girl turned back towards the stage.

"That was some show, Kim!" Rika smiled at her friend.

"Thanks." Kimberly said.

The models and guests mingled at the after-show cocktail party, having a good time.

Lindsay was firing question after question at Kimberly about the fashion show, how it was organized, what it was like being a model and of course, where she could get some of the outfits.

"Slow down, Lindsay! I can barely understand you!" Kimberly laughed.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Alyssa were seated at a table with drinks- Alyssa with a martini and Izzy with apple juice (Alyssa had to stop her from taking the alcohol).

"So, you see what a show my home world can put on now. What do you think?"

"I thought it was great- and I'm not even into this sort of thing normally!" Izzy exclaimed.

Alyssa chuckled. "Wisperan shows are like that. We are, after all, the best at what we do." She leaned back into her chair.

"How is Ethan?" Bridgette asked Travis.

Travis smiled for a moment before answering.

"He's fine, the little guy. Only four months old and he's grown so big already!" he chuckled.

"Noisy baby he is too. Even more than his sisters were…" Milah joined him, rolling her eyes.

Talia, who was just behind them, deadpanned at this.

Heather and Gwen walked around the room together in silence.

"So… Are you ready to deal with school next week?" Heather asked.

"No, not really…" Gwen answered

"None of us are really. And to think that months ago, we hated each other's guts. Now we can actually hold a civil conversation."`

"Never thought I'd see the day…" Gwen thought back.

"Who would?" Heather walked away but was soon cut off by Zilla and Savion.

"Good evening Miss Aoki." Savion smiled.

"Hello… Should I know you?" Heather raised an eyebrow.

"How rude of me. My name is Savion Amax and this is Zilla Jainukul. I work for StellaVita. I designed the special effects which you saw here tonight." He beamed.

"And a damn good job he did if I do say so myself." Zilla smiled.

"I agree. How did you do it?" Heather wondered aloud.

"The magic of technology." Savion snapped his fingers and a cell phone appeared in his hand.

"Do you mind if I call a few friends of mine who are here? I'm sure they would love to meet you." He asked.

"No need Sav. They're right over there…" Zilla nodded towards Xavier, Drake and Payne.

"What's going on you girls?" Izzy practically bounced over, followed by Bridgette and Lindsay.

"Hey! This is Savion and Zilla and their friends...?" Gwen trailed off.

"My name is Xavier Winsdor. I am the CEO of the Royal Bank of Nadir." He smiled.

"I'm Drake Vafer. I am a Power Training Supervisor at Erendor's Education Department. Shapeshifting isn't as easy as it seems, after all and the children do need a lot of help with it." He said.

"I can imagine…" Bridgette nodded.

"And the big guy?" Heather inclined her head towards him.

"Payne Fortis. Former athlete turned sports coach for a professional team." He said.

"And now that the matter of introductions has been taken care of…" Zilla clasped her hands together, fluttering the sleeves of her pale yellow chakri. "How are things on Earth for you?" She asked.

The Keepers all frowned.

"Oh. Not too good, huh?" Zilla nodded knowingly.

"Zilla here has the most knowledge of Earth of us all." Xavier said, flashing a charming smile- which most of the Keepers had to prevent themselves from swooning at.

"Why is that?" Gwen asked, unaffected by his smile.

"I have Thai ancestry, Gwen. My family on both sides fled to Spectra in 1941 after Japan invaded Thailand during World War 2." Zilla shrugged. "They've been there ever since. But you can look up all that history when you return home..."

"Back on topic… Is it really that bad to you? After all you have done for them?" Drake raised an eyebrow.

"Seeing as they think that it is us that brought the trouble to them in the first place, we'd have to say yes, it is pretty bad..." Izzy frowned.

"Ah. But we have people on our side that feel the reverse on all of that." Xavier said as he led them mover to some seats.

"What do you mean?" Bridgette raised an eyebrow.

"Well…" Zilla paused, a slight mischievous tone to her voice. "There are those who believe that the non-magicals don't deserve your help and protection whether from magical or non-magical threats."

"Figures." Heather muttered darkly.

"They tend to have a… dangerous belief that magical beings are a higher class of beings than the lowly ones without magic…" Savion said.

"Muddying the waters…" Drake nodded.

"Is it really bad here?" Lindsay asked, looking as if she hoped it wasn't true.

"Indeed it is, Lindsay. I am a journalist myself with the Caillin Tribune so I always have my inside sources and connections and I can tell you that some of the people in this very room hold such views. But my lips are sealed. For now…" Zilla made a zipping motion across her lips.

"That certainly was an… enlightening discussion." Gwen said.

"Do not let it get you down." Xavier smiled an encouraging smile at them and they brightened up.

"Shouldn't you lovely ladies be enjoying the party?" Savion gestured to the other guests, having a good time. Rika and Kimberly were dancing together, Talia and her parents were seated at a table eating and everyone else was mingling.

"You're right. Let's go ladies…" Gwen said, walking off.

As they did, Bridgette looked back at them, she noticed a grey aura surrounding them.

"There's something odd about these people, I can tell. They're certainly not… evil per se but I can't help but feel weary…" Bridgette tuned away from them and frowned.

"There's something off about that group…" Bridgette thought as the Keepers settled at their own table.

"Really? I thought they were pretty nice!" Lindsay exclaimed in thought.

"What makes you say that?" Izzy butted in.

"Their auras are all grey… Like they're not fully on the side of good- like they're leaning towards the side we do not want to be involved with…"

"Relax Bridgette. What does one expect with a bunch of businesspeople? They're naturally cut throat-like I can be!" Heather commented.

"Like you can be indeed Heather…" Gwen remarked dryly. "But seriously. It's high society- the way the world works in general. A lot of people we meet may probably be like that. The world isn't divided into black and white morality in case you haven't realised…" She pointed out.

"You're right." Bridgette relented. "Let's just go enjoy the party before we have to think about what senior year is going to be like for us when we restart school."

"Not a pleasant thought there at all…" Izzy shuddered.

Once they were alone at their table, Xavier and his group began talking.

"Judging by their reactions, I would say that they are rather conflicted about the situation themselves." Savion mused.

"Right, right. Is there a way we can convince them that our way is right though?" Xavier asked.

"I'm not sure of that." Savion twirled his glass of wine idly.

"And why is that?" Drake asked.

"They do not seem like the type that would ever subscribe to our way of thinking." He answered simply.

"Earth has its own set of… 'prejudices'. They divide the non-magicals in several rather stupid ways and they will apply the same ideology behind their abhorrence of those to this situation." Zilla added.

"Surely they can be made to see reason?" Payne asked.

"In time they will see what is best and follow the appropriate action. We just have to wait until they see for themselves how bad it will be for all of us if the non-magicals are allowed to continue like this." Xavier said confidently.

"You'd better hope so…" Zilla said dryly fiddling with the plate of finger food in front of her.