"Why is there a police box in the garden?" I looked in awe.

That was not there this morning. I would know, my room has a view of the garden. No one was answering me. They just stared out the window smiling. I moved to my mums side for a closer view. The box was royal blue and looked like it had been through hell and back. Fogged windows glowed orange from whatever was inside.

As I was examining the box, the door swung open and a man walked out. We was wearing a tan suit with a bow tie. His unkept hair flopped around as he walked out of the box. He looked strangely familiar.

"Orianna," mum looked at me. "may I introduce to you, the raggedy doctor and an old friend."

The raggedy doctor stood by the door of the box and waved. Mum waved back and opened the doors, running toward the man. Dad followed quickly, leaving me standing in the door way wondering. When mum got to the raggedy doctor she lept into his embrace for a hug. I could hear them laughing when dad went in for an awkward hug. The raggedy doctor looked distracted talking to dad. Mum turned around and looked over at me, beckoning me over.

Who is he? I thought to myself. I knew he was the raggedy doctor, but how could he arrive in a blue police box.

I slipped on my converse that lyed on the floor and slowly made my way over to the laughing group. It was like a big reunion. Mum put her arm around me as I came up to her. I looked at her confused, but she just smiled.

"Doctor," mum said interrupting dad and the raggedy doctor, "I'd like you to meet someone." she gestured to me, pushing me forward a bit. "Orianna, Doctor. Doctor, Orianna."

The doctor turned from dad and looked at me. He looked surprised. His jaw dropped and he smiled. He paused for a moment but then embraced me for a hug. I was stunned. This odd man I've never met before embraces me. He let me go and looked me over on more time.

"My oh my! Look at how much you've grown. It's been forever." he rustled my curly red hair and laughed looking at mum and dad.

"Erm ... not to be rude, but who exactly are you?" I stepped back from him a bit.

"Oh, yes. Sorry. I, Orianna, am The Doctor." he said proudly.

"Doctor who?" I asked confused. No one can just be called The Doctor.

"Exactly." he chuckled. "Now, it's quite chilly out here. Who's for some tea and catching up?" he asked as he walked to the house.


She looked at me and smiled. "Just wait. You'll find out soon."

"Come along pond!" The Doctor beckoned halfway to the house.

She smiled at dad and they walked to the house, me following.