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"Talking with occasional emphasis, or emphasis"

"Unusual forms of talking with emphasis"


He didn't remember when his habits had changed, though he remembered a time when waking up with the rising sun was something that required his mother, or perhaps a close friend, dragging him from the comforts of his blankets. Yet now, as the first rays began to peek through his window Crono was rolling free from the warm embrace of his bed and getting dressed. Finely woven cloth pants and shirt, an embroidered vest, and his best pair of boots. They would be watching him now, for a time, to insure he didn't run off again. Resisting the urge to hunch slightly at the thought of all the eyes that would be following him, judging him, Crono swept a hand through his hair.

"Time for a haircut." he signed to no-one in particular, the only other eyes in the room retaining their penetrating gaze into the fabricated distance. Tossing the stoic Cyrus a wave Crono laid his hand on the door before noting a blue bandanna that had fallen from his pocket last night. Grabbing the thin, well-worn item he smiled at the lingering sent of machinery and oil.

'Lucca's.' he recalled, though it had been his before. He had used it to tie up one of her cut knees back when they use to go gallivanting about the woods playing make-believe. She would call out a variety of machinery or monsters that they faced and he would pretend to fight them off as she directed him to their weaknesses. He had never grown tired of the game, though Lucca had started killing the imaginary monsters off before him with bombs, or gunshots, or just telling them to leave before she finally stopped playing altogether.

"I don't want you to get hurt." she said after what he would later see as their final game.

"I can't get hurt, the monsters aren't real. Even you said so!" he had challenged.

"But... I'd just rather not pretend that we're heroes. Heroes have short lives, and I don't want us to miss anything." was her response, though he had never dragged more out of her. He had grabbed it yesterday while starting breakfast to help keep his hair from drooping any further into his eyes. Tying the item around his throat Crono let his fingers linger slightly on the fabric before resuming his interrupted morning schedule.

First he made a round along the wall, simply observing and clapping a few of the sentries on the shoulder or back. The first rule of leadership: Be seen, as explained by the king and from his own unique experiences demanded the boy to give the men he would someday command the comfort of his presence. Regardless of their personal thoughts of his former station, or judicial situations, he would give them ever reason to see him as a hard worker and someone who cared for his subordinates.

Ignoring the sharper looks then usual Crono managed to make his way through the ordeal with little trouble before proceeding down to the kitchen. Taking a seat closer to the middle of a table then the head or foot he both left others the opportunity to sit with him, and did not appear to assume his station was higher then that of a simple knight. As usual his meal was quickly delivered and eaten alone. Leaning back after finishing his entire plate of scrambled eggs and sausage, the best compliment he could give a cook, Crono glanced around and saw a few other groups of individuals littering the benches. Mostly soldiers coming off or going onto guard duty, a small bundle of councilors continuing their endless plotting and maneuvering for position, and two maids taking a quick break from the laundry room.

Seeing nowhere to fit in and pass a few moments just being with his future subjects Crono pushed back from the table and proceeded back upstairs. Food and appearances covered he was free to sink himself back into the endless quagmire of paperwork that clogged the nations capital. Deciding to put the start to that horrid project off as long as possible he reversed his path and began to ascend towards Marle's room. It was unlikely that she would be awake already after doubtlessly remaining up longer conversing with her father it was worth the walk to delay his fate for a few more minutes.

Reaching the hallway to her chamber Crono raised an eye at the increased security that had sprung up overnight. Considering Marle's tone last night the king must be expecting her to try and escape the walls for a while herself shortly. Smirking Crono tried not to laugh, these measures could be circumvented and Marle was cunning enough to slip by them just as easily as she had in the past. Waving lightly to the guards Crono made his way to the door and knocked politely. Making a show of waiting a few moments before giving a dramatic sigh Crono turned to leave.

The door swinging open just as he turned to leave almost made the boy jump out of his skin. Caught flat-footed he was helpless as Marle, dressed in a flowing, white sleeping gown, grabbed him and dragged him inside. Finding his balance for just a moment Crono was about to resist the man-handling when he was roughly pushed into one of the princesses chairs. Cautiously he shifted into a slightly more comfortable position as he let his eyes met his future wife's.

She hadn't slept well, the barely perceptible signs of bags and redness of her eyes were apparent to him, a quick glance also revealed that her bed looked like it hadn't been disturbed. Or Marle had taken an interest in making her own bed recently.

"We need to talk." his whole body tightened up subconsciously as he detected the 'Ruler of Guardia' tone. Nodding he met her gaze again calmly and motioned for her to continue.

"My dad is thinking about getting married." she revealed after a few moments of half-starts and fidgeting. Pre-warned Crono let himself feign surprise before Marle continued.

"He's asked the ruler of Porre permission to court his cousin Janis. Of course Porre will be more then happy to send the little harlot here to wheedle her way into daddy's heart, though I think she'll start with the non-thinking appendages first. Daddy is such an idiot why can't he just tumble some commoner serving girl like everyone else? No he has to get married, he's to 'noble' for anything else." the princess had begun pacing half-way through, clearly frustrated.

Blinking Crono pondered the aggressive feelings pouring from the woman in front of him. He felt a slight sting from Marle's callous reference to the working class, however he waved it off as a mere by-product of her irritation at her father and the somewhat promiscuous behavior of a few of the castle maids. Deciding to try and walk a median Crono carefully planned out his 'words' before drawing Marle's attention.

"Your father, the king, has been a fair and just ruler for the realm his whole life. I don't think we can blame him for trying to find someone to share the prosperity he enforces with. I don't think he'll ever forget your mother, but memories can't change or grow." already kicking himself for using too many words Crono started planning how to state his thoughts in simpler words that Marle already understood instead of having to teach the signs.

"Daddy? I know he's the king, I am the princess." Crono clamped down on his budding irritation, 'talking' with Lucca the other day made him want to use many of the 'words' Marle hadn't been able to grasp yet, and on this particular subject he sorely needed them.

Taking a deep breath he spent a moment recalling the terms Marle could understand and focused on trying to rephrase the statement so she could understand.

"Your dad. Good man." he started, forming the words slowly and adding in a thumbs up.

"Good..." he drew a crown over his head, hoping she connected the dots before he rushed ahead as Marle's eyes narrowed.

"Wants friend. To share. Mom still there in head." hiding a grimace at the crude statement his thoughts were forced into Crono crossed his fingers.

"He can have a friend! But why does he need a new wife! Why aren't the memories of mom enough for him! At least he has them." she retorted after a few more repetitions of some of the trickier signs.

Words had never been his preferred method of communication with most people anyway. Rising Crono simply stalked forward and enveloped Marle in a tight hug, one hand around her back, the other lightly pressing her head down onto his shoulder. She resisted for a moment, then let the tension drain out of her body as he lightly ran his hand through her hair. Crono held her gently once she relaxed, letting the heat from his body slowly seep into her. Cradling her head in the crook of his neck Crono rocked the princess slowly back and forth. He knew she had never met her mother, the Queen had died shortly after the complicated birth, and as he thought of his own mother Crono felt a little more of his heart go out to Marle.

"It's so dumb." she said after a few more minutes. Snorting Crono tickled her side briefly before pulling back and smiling.

"I'm so glad your here with me, I don't know how I would handle this otherwise." she continued. Snapping his fingers Crono made a few gestures at the two of them and then smirked triumphantly.

"What are you so pleased about?" Marle grumbled, a sleepy note beginning to form.

"Dad wants this. Person to hold." he replied, sighing as a flash of realization crossed the princesses face.

"Well... I still don't like it." she muttered stubbornly.

"Lucca, make hot water in castle." trying to redirect Marle to happier thoughts Crono grinned as Marle pieced together his statement.

"Hot water? Like her house?" the princess inquired after a minute. Nodding Crono motioned to the room around them, and the whole castle by extension, and saw her face start to light up as the idea fermented in her mind.

"That would be wonderful! Just think, I wouldn't have to wait for the maids to draw bathwater, and could just add more hot water when it starts to cool!" stars were dancing in her eyes now, and Crono couldn't help a slight feeling of satisfaction. Lucca would have a job to focus on, and Marle would insure that the project kicked off. Not to mention the hundreds of servants who would benefit greatly from running water through the majority of the castle.

"I can't wait! Can she start today? Oh, I should go talk to daddy. No, I'll just get all the councilors on-board and then daddy can't say no!" an evil smirk made its way across Marle's face and Crono quickly decided damage-control was in order.

"Sleep on it, just a couple hours." he signed, pointing the woman towards the forgotten furnishing.

"But, but..." she started to protest, only to be silenced by Crono's hands lightly running across her shoulders.

"You know that makes me sleepy." she accused quietly as Crono continued his ministrations.

Shaking his head Crono escorted Marle to her bed, then oversaw the process of inserting the barely resisting woman between the soft layers. Ignoring her protests he lightly brushed his lips over hers, the room instantly going quiet. Once again running his fingers through the luscious curls of gold spilling from Marle's head Crono felt her tremble slightly. Sensing that he should escape now if he wanted to keep rumors from spreading, he broke the chaste kiss and smiled while climbing to his feet.

"Give Dad a chance." he motioned, "Maybe good things."

"Maybe..." she said, long put off sleep dragging her eyes down. Satisfied that his wife-to-be was placated Crono bid a hasty retreat.

Closing the heavy door behind him Crono nodded to the guards and made a sleeping gesture, followed by five fingers. Nodding the guard glanced at a nearby clock before returning his gaze to it's roving pattern.

'Five hours should be more then enough.' the young man thought as he headed back towards his office. Marle would be up in time for lunch and all of her afternoon classes and meetings. Perhaps today would turn out well despite his increased security. Or the constant reminder that his minds workings were almost impossible to express fully to those around him. Feeling like he had already managed to accomplish something today, despite the frustrating language barriers, Crono resolved to tear through his projects today with fresh enthusiasm.

"Mom and Dad will be home soon." Lucca commented to no-one. The empty house merely diffusing her words throughout it's mass. The pile of pillows and cushions still lay in a pile on the floor, for some reason Lucca just couldn't bring herself to pack it all away. Perhaps she was just that desperate for a reminder that Crono hadn't forgotten her.

"Stop that." she chided herself. 'Lucca the great' was not one of those flighty, needy women who needed a boy around to make her feel important.

'Crono's not just a boy though.' her clever mind retaliated.

Tossing her pencil down in frustration Lucca decided the house had been a disaster long enough. Grabbing up a stack of teetering books she wandered over to the book-shelf along the wall and started jamming the hard-covered texts into the already packed shelves. After somehow managing that she admired her handi-work for a moment before turning to resume her interrupted planning. A twisted length of piping lashed out at her toe the minute she started to move.

Yelping in protest Lucca clamped her hands around the bruised appendage and leveled several death-threats at the offending metal protrusion. Unperturbed the cool copper tube ignored her.

"Smug little..." letting go of her foot Lucca fixed her grip over the pipe and yanked it free from the pile of books, metal, and fabric that had propped it up just enough to catch her foot. Several crashes and bangs later the former pile of rubbish had been sent flying to the four corners of the room. 'Effectively dead' as her father, Taban, would put it. Feeling better, despite the dull ache in her toe, Lucca took an extra minute to fluff her seat and curled up at the desk like a pleased house-cat.

"Now where was I?" even as the words left her mouth Lucca was somewhat surprised. She had never been one to talk to herself, and the habit had only really kicked in over the last year.

'He use to be right there.' her insidious mind reminded, drawing her attention to a small chair. Now covered completely in books the battered item didn't seem like it had ever been big enough for Crono to lounge in, despite some keen memories of just that. Caught up in the moment Lucca dug through the pile of books, ignoring the plans she had been reviewing.

The top layers were reference books, several for piping material and different methods for rigging a structure with internal plumbing. Underneath those were a handful of encyclopedia's and some of Lucca's drafts for her thoughts on time and inter-dimensional travel, first hand experience with both had almost forced the girl to put her thoughts down for her successors. Shoving the rest of the pile of material over Lucca finally found what she had been looking for.

Lovingly her hands ran down the rough green-black cover, the cool texture sending pleasing tingles up her arm. This was his favorite book, right where he always left it. Truly a childish book, though it had been written by two children in the spur of the moment. A tale of picturesque battles with dark beasts that could never stand against true heroes.

She could almost visualize his tanned hands wrapping around the pages as he leaned back, reading while she tinkered or doodled. Whenever she had been overly stressed with a project Crono seemed to know. He'd always show up, take his seat just inside her peripheral vision, and proceed to slowly flip through the pages. Often his showing up was enough to make her relax, and if it wasn't his quiet company would soon drive whatever pressure she was feeling away.

'Don't you miss me too?' she asked wordlessly. Hating the way her mind warped everything to remind her of him.

He probably did, rationally Lucca knew this, but he couldn't miss her like she wished. Crono was too wrapped up in his new life to reminisce much. Grimacing she clutched the book to her chest. Marle would consume his every thought soon anyway, if she didn't already. The blonde's stunning good looks and bubbly personality insured that. Who would ever remember the small, mousey girl buried in books more often then not with the kingdoms future ruler nearby.

"Don't you ever be sad." she whispered into the hard cover. "You earned everything. Skill, daring, a kingdom, and even the princess."

She was doing it again, talking to the clutter that covered her house from wall to wall. He shouldn't have let that happen, should have kept her emerging madness at bay with his careless smirks and friendly touches. She was going to cry soon, pressure building inside her head and spilling in hot waves from her eyes. Stumbling across the room she buried herself in the tangled pile of cushions and blankets they had shared so recently. Curling tight around the book she berated herself again for being so weak, so certain that things would always be the same, that he would be there for her every time.

'It's your fault.' she whimpered, his fault for acting the same even as everything else changed. Their boundaries, already engraved in stone from years of friendship, were too close now. To close too something... impossible. Lucca didn't want to be led-on, to see a possibility no matter how small, that he would still be there as always. His touch burned her, no matter how innocently it brushed her skin.

Even as she finally felt the pressure tear through her and the waterworks arrive Lucca knew it wasn't him. He didn't know, couldn't know just how he affected her. He was doing everything he could to keep being her friend as his life was uprooted and thrown about. She was the one who couldn't let go, who let herself be tortured by that tiny 'maybe'.

'Why can't it be your fault. Just this once.' but he was just being himself, the boy who made her smile and forget that there was more to life then chemistry and robotics. The boy she had thrown, unintentionally, into the arms of disaster and quietly she let one finger trace the embossed title of the book held tightly to her.

"Our Adventure's" written by the two of them, ten years earlier.

A heroic group of unlikely individuals. An evil beast capable of incinerating the world. A horde of evil minions and misguided pawns. Inspiring places visited, and mysterious powers granted. Bonds forged by people who were so different to begin with, first united by personal vendettas, then finally by their intertwined hopes. A world saved, a heart-breaking farewell between friends separated now by centuries, and the commoner being granted a kingdom and it's gorgeous princess for his titanic efforts and sacrifices. But in life the princess was blonde and beautiful, not darkish-purple and awkward.

"Was this really the ending?" laughing bitterly Lucca let herself curl tighter, closer to a different dream and farther from her depressing reality.

"I have something to present." Marle announced towards the end of one of the councils meetings.

The aged men, most preparing to leave after the seventh and last councilor had presented his papers and thoughts, seemed stunned for a moment before reclaiming their seats and gesturing for her to continue. Marle noticed a few uncomfortable glares leveled her way, a warning not to waste their time with petty thoughts or ideas. Certainty of her victory let the princess maintain an smooth, cool presence.

"It has recently come to my attention that our home, the great castle of Guardia, has become somewhat... outdated." she felt the glares intensify, the second councilor already half-rising from his seat.

"Therefore-" stalling for time she quickly continued, "I was quite pleased to hear that a certain inventor has expressed an interest in... modernizing, or perhaps even adding a futuristic touch to our home."

"Please don't tell me this plan is coming from... the young miss Ashtear." the third councilor, a shrewd and rat-like man, stated and Marle felt her position lose much of what shaky footing it had.

"Indeed. However, in light of her more... spectacular works, I insisted she provide documentation, safety measures, plans, and understandable controls for her suggestion. I have witnessed a small version of the system she is hoping to implement, and will approve of it's worth." she hid a smile as she saw a few of the councilor's begin to at least consider hearing her out.

"Imagine rising from your beds, early in the morning, and having hot water a mere turn of a knob away." she had to appeal to them, make them see it as a luxury that would set them further apart from the commoners they ruled over.

"I can have hot water within minutes regardless." the second councilor, seemingly out of place with his brutish features, sneered. "We have this thing called 'maids'."

"Indeed, but is shouting for water, or for more when it begins to cool, truly necessary?" she continued, matching her exposed opponent's gaze. "And the system will do more then simply provide hot water for bathing." that comment got the attention of the lower ranked councilors.

"What exactly are we considering building, your highness?" the fourth councilor, the youngest though he still had a fair smattering of white through his long beard and long lines across his plain features, queried.

"A metal box, perhaps several because of the shear size of our home, in which water will be heated. A series of pipes will connect to these containers and run behind the walls, delivering the heated water to any location in our castle. However, these pipes will also heat the castle. Run one along your bedroom floor and never suffer freezing stone or cold carpet again. In the winter have no need for heavy coats or thick boots while we reside in a truly revolutionary building." cards played Marle silently hoped she had understood Crono's explanations, he had come and spent some time before this meeting answering her questions to the best of his ability.

For a few moments the men around her considered, a few whispered debates rising and falling just as quickly. Listening in Marle figured she had split the council in half. Unfortunately the second councilor seemed against it, and he often stopped at nothing to get his way. She noticed the fourth councilors stare and turned to meet his eyes. For a brief moment his eyes pinned her, before he nodded slowly and rose to his feet.

"I suggest we invite the young miss Ashtear to the castle. Her inventions are occasionally useful, and it would indeed be a fine thing to have such a grand and elaborate system to boast of. We shall present her the opportunity to convince us, as well as prepare a quote for her price after truly experiencing the size of our grand home. Perhaps the task will prove to difficult and we will simply go on as normal with our lives. Or she may grant us a unique asset to call our own." he stated his argument quietly, though loud enough to insure everyone in the room heard him.

"Or she may blow us all sky-high." the second councilor shot back, running a hand along his smooth chin, thinning black and white hair stirring slightly.

"Which is why she will follow up on her promise to provide plans and blueprints for us. Which we will then ask a third, or even fourth party to investigate and report on. If the idea is feasible and safe I see no reason not to make our kingdom that much more impressive." maintaining his cool, despite the heavy glare of the second councilman and piercing looks from the rest of his colleges, the fourth councilman ran a hand through his brown hair and smiled.

"How can we possibly lose in this situation?" that comment finally seemed to sway the rest of the room and Marle felt herself release a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Perhaps you are correct." the second councilman replied, scowling.

"If there is nothing else?" the first councilman asked, as was his right as the leader of the council.

When no-one spoke up the wizened old man nodded and dismissed them, suggesting they meet in the morning to discuss and draft their letter to the young Ashtear. As the room emptied Marle caught sight of the fourth councilor and subtly hurried to catch him. Once free of the council chambers she followed him as he took a few turns.

"You wish something of me, your highness?" he inquired, startling Marle as she rounded a corner and found him standing there relaxed.

"To thank you. I truly do appreciate the assistance you gave me during the meeting." she replied with a smile.

"Such is my duty. I am here to both shield and encourage the royal family. Your idea holds merit, even if I am skeptical I can see the possibility for greatness here. Your highness, I will admit I am somewhat... apprehensive about miss Ashtear visiting the castle, but you seem set on it so I will merely do my best to insure we all benefit from this experiment." he bowed slightly at the end of the speech.

"Your words only make me more sure, councilor. Thank you for your guidance and support." Marle stated, "I hear that the seals of the lower councilmen have been... removed."

Blinking the greying man eyed her before replying. "Indeed, the seal has been approved only for the first through third seats. A rather petty display of arrogance I am afraid."

"I see no reason the fourth seat should not have one as well. I will speak with my father on this subject tonight." she smiled as the man suddenly became thoughtful.

A Guardian council seal, unlike the personal seals many of the castles inhabitants used for letters, was a physical indication of the royal families approval. It could be added to give further weight to the owners words or writings. In essence Marle was offering the councilor her full support in his endeavors, for to blatantly disregard a Guardian seal was to ignore the very heart of Guardia itself. Stroking his beard the councilman pondered for a moment, Marle waiting patiently for his response.

"The honor you offer me is truly great, princess. I shall insure that your trust has not been misplaced." he finally remarked, bowing low before bidding farewell and resuming his walk.

'One on my side.' Marle couldn't help but squeal inside, even as she maintained her calm demeanor.

Turning she caught sight of a large shadow slipping around another corner from the corner of her eye. Perplexed the princess quickly moved to the hallway and peered down it's length. Seeing and hearing nothing Marle dismissed the occurrence as a trick of the torch-light.

"Maybe Lucca could put up those lights she has... the ones that can turn off and on at the push of a button!" happy at the thought Marle made her way towards Crono's office to share the good news and fresh idea.

"It must be quick." a twisting, unnatural voice quietly disturbed the dark corridor.

"I will be swift." the commonly dressed guard whispered to his companion, a few wisps of red hair peeking out from under his helmet.

"It must be." the other replied, his vaguely human features twisting and churning, like a thick pink soup stirred slowly.

Glancing down the hall the guard felt his tension rise, almost wishing something unexpected would occur, just to release the tension that had begun to build. They had one chance, their target would be here soon and if they missed this golden opportunity it would be days before another attempt could be made. If they lived after drawing their masters attention for failure. Shivering the man fingered his sword, wishing he could use a more fitting weapon for his purpose.

"He comes." the creature hissed, slipping soundlessly behind a trophy set of armor, his form seeming to curve and bend to join the flickering shadows there.

Peeking around the corner again the guard sneered as his companions senses proved correct. Practically dripping with authority and arrogance the aging second councilor strode down the hall as if he owned the whole castle, his hand-picked guard a step behind and to his left. Licking his lips the guard slipped back a half-step and silently drew the long length of steel from its scabbard. One last look behind him insured that his shadow was completely hidden, ready to either leap to its task after the deed was done, or to slip away unnoticed if things did not go as planned.

"He must be alive, and neither can scream." a harsh voice whispered in warning.

"I know." muscles screamed in protest at his lack of motion despite their incredible tension, but the soldier held himself perfectly still. One chance, he would only have one chance to grab at riches and power few ever dreamed of holding.

'Perfection.' he intoned, mind already playing out his actions. He would crush the councilor's throat, cutting off the man's screams before they had even begun and still leaving him alive... for a time. The guard he would run through along the diaphragm, before he had a chance to realize what was happening. For another warrior this would be an almost impossible task. For him it was child's play.

He could hear the clicking boot-falls approaching, and his already taunt body drew tighter with each echo, closer and closer to the moment of his lightning-like release. Urging the man to move faster, their confrontation was inevitable and he could barely restrain his desire for action any longer.

"I will require a new seal, one befitting my station. If that whelp of a fourth seat can have a personal seal I will need a far more elaborate device. The fourth seat having a seal! How ridicules, what was our princess thinking. I shall bring this matter before her fath-" the rest of his sentence would never be heard as an iron-like fist crushed his larynx, the shock of impact sending the heavy-set, balding man off his feet into the wall.

Wordlessly snarling at the sound of his prey's body impacting the wall the killer refused to let the tiny imperfection ruin his next action. As the councilors guard realized his situation the double-sided sword in his attackers hand was already through his ribs and a second crushingly powerful hand clamped over his throat, stifling any sound of air moving, despite the mans sudden inability to draw or expel air.

"Ruined." the murderer ground out quietly. He had been sloppy on the first blow, using far more power then needed in his unholy joy.

"Acceptable." the dark shadow remarked as it slithered from it's concealing darkness and crouched at the dying councilor's side.

Grunting the soldier let his dead foe slide smoothly off the sword onto the ground. Crimson droplets leading to a steadily growing pool of rich, deep red that expanded around the slain man. Admiring the image for a moment the killer then turned to watch his companion finish their task.

Shifting features began to slowly condense, even as their body expanded in height and width. White streaked, stringy hair began to take shape as the creature stared into the dying councilor's eyes. Those eyes, even as death began to creep into them, expanded in horror as they saw features finally take shape and solidify before them. Chuckling the spectator grinned as the reality settled over the former second councilor of Guardia.

Rising to his feet with grace his predecessor sorely lacked the creature examined his new features in the polished breastplate of another hollow suit of armor a few feet away. Piggish, dark eyes greeted him, a large forehead and thick bones giving the man an almost neanderthal-like appearance. Intelligence and cunning glittered as wide lips grinned. Running a heavy hand through thinning, raggedly salted hair the councilors twin turned and nodded to his companion. Tilting his head the fake guard examined both the look-a-likes for a moment, then nodded as well.

"Success. I will handle the clean-up. Changing my appearance leaves me rather... famished." the fake councilor stated, his blunt hands lifting the dying twin effortlessly.

"I'll leave you to it then." his companion replied, turning and walking swiftly down the hall they had recently been waiting in.

"The dark masters will be done." the intimidation stated.

"For the master sees all." the killer replied as he turned down another passage.

"Indeed. She does." a moment later a swirling vortex of hunger and sick pleasure permeated the area, as a few quiet cracks and slurps echoed through the empty halls.

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