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"Are their any further changes necessary for the document?" the first councilman's reedy voice asked.

"I still think simply ordering the girl here would be far more... appropriate, let us not forget her first visit involved explosives." Hans, the second seat remarked harshly.

"A rather brutish stance." Joel, the fourth countered. "We are not barbarians, and the royal seal is more then enough weight to bring miss Ashtear to our door."

Various nods, or mumbled agreements floated through the room as the first councilor finally dripped hot, red wax onto the document before him. Pressing the ring-like seal on his middle finger into the puddle he waited for a moment before lifting his thin hand from the paper. Guardia's crest now proudly standing above the seven signatures of the council.

"Our offer is now written. Who shall we send to deliver it?" called the fifth council member.

"I say we send the mute." not bothering to watch his words with none of the royal family about Hans rolled the insult lovingly along his lips.

"Unusual for us to agree on the bearer. His former friendship with the inventor will surely be a helpful tool in insuring her arrival and whole-hearted efforts." smirking the fourth councilman enjoyed his higher placed rivals uncomfortable squirm.

"I also agree, the future-prince-consort will be a fine choice. I will leave the task of informing him to you, Hans." the leader stated before his two subordinates tried to murder each other with glares.

"I'll tell the daft bastard." grudgingly the heavy councilor rose to his feet and accepted the slender roll of parchment from his lone superior. Document secured he whisked his robes of office and stalked from the room.

Once outside the office the hulking man smiled widely. His ladies choice had been perfect. Hans Rotblute, second councilor of Guardia, was a simple part to play. His position on the council had been secured by his success in dealing with the many bandits who infested the western edge of Guardia twenty years ago. His campaign of blood and brutality had flushed the rogues from any hole they tried to hid in, though many innocent civilians had suffered as well. The dying king at the time, Guardia the thirty-second, had rewarded him despite the somewhat needless bloodshed.

As a council member Hans had maintained his blunt tactics, securing the second seat within seven years by cowing all resistance and forcing several of his superiors to retire through threats and blackmail. His stances were easy to mimic, anything that brought him more power was agreed too, anything that threatened that power was ruthlessly attacked. Over the years he had switched to slightly less overt tactics, but the premise remained the same. Hans only cared about his own, and though the kingdom often gained as well, the true spoils would always belong to the Rotblute's. Now all that painstakingly gathered power was firmly planted in their hands, and his lady had promised it would be more then sufficient for their purpose.

Stalking down the halls, maintaining Han's slightly wobbling walk instead of the smooth gait he was capable of the mimic made his way slowly to the prince-consort's office. Knocking heavily on the door he waited impatiently for the reply. His better then average hearing tracked the young man's progress through the door and he had already adopted a looming position before the portal opened.

'You... yes I see the lady was correct.' he thought, feeling the strength of the man before him. Red hair like fire, muscles that indicated years of training, and green eyes that had seen far more bloodshed then any other living being in this time. His unusual senses also screamed in warning that the man was far more then his already battle-hardened appearance suggested. His supernatural powers, unnoticed by the petty humans, swirled around him like a titanic storm.

'He is indeed dangerous.' the fake, once certain that no mere human could compare to his own powers, was insulted to find his blood trembled before this mortal who had not yet seen his twenty-second year. Yet it was not only fear, deep down he felt his beast stir, the sent of an opponent slowly waking it's bloodthirst. Catching himself lost in thought Hans quickly brought his powers back under control, no good would come from trying to match himself against this man... yet.

"Crono Waise, future prince-consort, you are ordered to handle a matter of the up-most importance. Lucca Ashtear has been considered for possible renovations to the mighty castle Guardia. The council demands you deliver our words to the girl and escort her to the castle." the fake saw understanding in the man's eyes, yet his act required he pretend not too.

"I trust you understand me? Perhaps I should send a few of my retainers to... escort you?" he added, quivering as he saw a flash of anger flare up in the green eyes, but it was dampened quickly.

The man shook his head, extending his hand for the paper Hans held in his heavy hand. Almost having forgotten the paper in his rising excitement the imitator quickly handed the document over. Crono unrolled it with practiced motions and scanned the contents for a moment. Scowling he raised an eyebrow at the fake, but rolled the scroll with the same ease.

"Your escort will arrive shortly." he added imperiously, turning he hid a smirk, then a steel-like grip landed on his shoulder.

Barely restraining himself the councilor turned back to the human. The man pointed to himself, then held up several fingers, cocking his head to the side in a questioning pose.

"You want three guards?" the larger man asked. Shaking his head Crono slowly lowered his fingers one by one until only a clenched fist remained.

"Don't toy with me boy! Surely your presence will only be enhanced by fine soldiers standing at your side." the older man shouted. Unmoved his counterpart merely raised his clenched fist again.

"Fine! I will not be held responsible for your safety then, insolent whelp!" mitigating his tone somewhat the fake barely contained his smile as the boy carelessly waved his words aside.

'Of course he doesn't need them. This one is stronger then any squad of men combined.' appearances taken care of Hans made sure to add extra emphasis to his stomping retreat. Reaching the end of the hall he turned and felt his blood run cold as the red-head continued to eye him.

'Did I give myself away?' checking his control Hans felt certain he had managed to hide his powers from the boys own, and he had never dropped a disguise for even a second. The predatory gaze he was pinned under eroded that confidence with each agonizing second that went by. He felt his stolen body tense, gathering power for the impending explosion. A single drop of sweat slowly dripped down the far side of his face, it's trickling sensation of progress clear in the fakes sharpened state of mind.

Just before he lost control of himself Hans felt the gaze soften as Crono disregarded whatever thoughts had piqued his interest. His tension drained away as the man returned to his office and he quickly wiped away the sweat with the back of his meaty hand. He knew the boy had almost been able to instinctively recognize him as a threat. Almost.

'Very dangerous.' he amended before returning to his act.

"I heard the council agreed to my request, and even choose you to go pick her up!" the beaming blonde cheered as she launched herself through the doorway and into Crono's chest.

Caught mid-turn with a stack of papers in his hands Crono couldn't help a short, strangled yelp from burning through his throat as the princess's sudden impact sent them sprawling. Papers scattered into the air and slowly drifted back down as the girl tried to squeeze her soon-to-be husband. Wincing at the dwindling fingers of pain that his outburst had sparked Crono lightly returned the embrace even as he lamented the extra time he would have to waste now re-organizing the papers.

"I really want to go too!" Marle squealed, clenching even tighter.

Crono felt a small twinge of surprise as he realized he didn't feel the same way. Sure it would be good for Marle to get out of the castle, or to spend time with her outside the grey walls. Yet bringing her to pick up Lucca made him hesitate. He shrugged it off as simply his protective nature towards his best friend and the still lingering doubts that she was upset about something but wouldn't tell him. If he was going to find out bringing Marle would only make that job harder.

Tiring of the pressure along his ribs from Marle's grasp he briefly flexed, returning her tight embrace two-fold. Smirking at the squeak and quickly relaxing grip from her Crono released the majority of his tension and sighed at the now much more acceptable hug.

"That was mean." the girl whined, though her protests stopped the second he pressed his lips lightly to her own.

"Still mean." she muttered after a few more chaste pecks, though her voice lacked any tone of anger or indignity.

Patting his companion on the back Crono worked his way from her grip and started gathering the scattered papers. After a moment Marle joined in and shortly the slightly teetering stack was balanced on Crono's desk.

"You should stay. I be very fast." the boy stated once the organizing was finished, gritting his teeth for the explosion.

"What! But darling, I wanna go out!" wincing again at the piercing note Crono shook his head, pointing to himself with the letter and then drawing a crown over his head, pointing at her afterward, followed by making a stern disproving look they both would recognize anywhere.

"That's low, you know I'm still mad at daddy. Maybe we should do it just to get back at him." panicking slightly as the princesses eyes lit up deviously Crono scrambled for a new approach.

"I'm in trouble already, and your dad might not look so favorably on Lucca's project if you run off right before it starts." he reasoned, then slapped his forehead as Marle's face took a blank expression half-way through.

"I know daddy wasn't happy with you yesterday, I'm sure your forgiven though." she replied.

"Dad not like you run away." he worked the baby words slowly, giving her time to follow each movement.

"Of course, that's why we're gonna do it!" she shouted, lighting up thinking he was weakening to her demand.

"Maybe dad stop... hot water when angry." Crono finished, taking on a pleading stance, eyes wide as he could force them.

"Is that... Puppy dog eyes?" Marle inquired, flabberghasted that not only had Crono attempted it, but that it was working. Crono simply thought of sad things to make his act even more adorable with slightly damp eyes.

"Stop that." glaring Marle couldn't force any heat into her tone, not with his eyes so big and filling with tears. Defiant to the end Marle rallied herself for one last attempt.

"Th-those won't work on me mister." his response was to creep just a little bit closer, his green eyes drawing her complete attention.

"Fine! I'll be a good girl... this time." she finally shouted, throwing her arms in the air. Green eyes lost their moistness and Crono stepped forward to lay a light kiss on Marle's lips.

"Don't think your getting away with this." Marle warned, but he simply kissed her harder and felt her resolve pour out into the ground.

"Be back soon." he signed, pointing to the clock and making running motions.

"You better, cause it's gonna take a lot more kissing to make me happy." Shuddering for dramatic effect Crono smirked a second later as he scooped up his sword and escorted Marle from the room.

Walking arm-in-arm to the castles main door Crono groaned as he spotted three men-at-arms with the Rotblute crest, a bleeding rose on a red shield, standing stiffly at attention just past the portal. Looking them over Crono couldn't help but compare them to the rest of the castle guard. More rigid training and discipline were obvious at first glance, little things like their pristine uniforms and equipment or the way the held their bodies perfectly still yet balanced lightly on the balls of their feet for the quickest reaction time.

'They might be a challenge.' he thought, the three of them would press him. Probably using their superior numbers at first in acknowledgment of his ability with the sword, hemming him in, forcing him to try and watch all three till one of them managed to land a solid blow. After that they would collapse like sharks at the sent of blood.

He would counter their strategy by retreating, forcing all three to stay before him where he was confident he could keep their swords at bay, then he would pick out the weakest. Quickly glancing at their palms Crono guessed it would be the one farthest from him at the moment. Target acquired he would press that individual harder, just barely keep the other two from hitting him with small shifts in his position. The first man to slip up would decide the battle.

His itching palm and racing heartbeat drew Crono's attention back from his mental battle. He could feel his body waking up, much as it had done earlier when the second councilor had delivered the letter and his instructions, a hunger for action sharpening his senses. Realizing this Crono quickly grasped control of his imagination and sternly reminded himself these men weren't here to fight. They were there to make sure he stayed safe.

'Like I need any help for that.' it wasn't arrogance, at least not entirely, Crono knew his skill and was confident that no rank-and-file soldiers in Guardia or any other country would be a real threat to him in a sword-fight. If he was wrong there was his slumbering powers that would easily sway the odds back in his favor. His experience was deeper and more ingrained then anything these men could gain in a world of relative peace.

"Your highness." the sergeant in charge stated, saluting the princess with his two companions following suit.

"Good afternoon." she replied, glancing at Crono with a raised brow. Holding up two fingers he saw her nod in understanding.

"I suppose it wouldn't really be any fun out there right now anyway." she muttered, "I trust you will keep my betrothed safe sergeant?"

"He couldn't be in better hands ma'am" the soldier replied.

"Be back soon." Crono mentioned again as he released Marle and began to descend the stairs to the exit, the soldiers falling in behind him with practiced ease.

'So much for talking with Lucca...' Crono glumly thought as he emerged from the shadow of the castle, his three escorts a few steps behind.

The pile of cushions was still there.

"I really should have cleaned up..." Lucca murmured, though she made no indication of following through with her statement.

"Maybe I'm finally going insane?" strange that it didn't seem any different then normal, did that mean she was fine? Or that she had never been sane to begin with.

"No use worrying about it now I guess. I'm either crazy or just..."

'Lonely.' a quiet voice finished for her.

"Yeah... that." suddenly frustrated Lucca grabbed her pencil and scribbled harshly all over the floor plan she had been working on. Wickedly sharp changes of direction, meaningless lines that covered all the effort she had put in so far with disfiguring scratches. Still not finished she tossed the pencil over her shoulder and crumpled the paper in her hands, finally tearing the unprotesting ball of pulp into tiny pieces that scattered around her workspace like fresh snow. Grumpily she sniffed, then again when she noticed the bitter source was coming from her own body.

"Shower." stated in a monotone she felt her body take over while her mind drifted into auto-pilot.

She rose, walked the short distance to her room for a fresh change of clothing, then continued to the bathroom. Once there she stripped, rolled the handles and waited for the initial surge of cold water to pass. When the water was a suitable temperature she set her glasses aside and slipped into the stall, going through the motions of her daily, usually at least, ritual. After cleaning herself Lucca felt the warm water slowly draw her mind back from where it dallied, randomly piecing old experiments together or counting by prime numbers.

"Back to work." because there simply wasn't anything else to do.

Toweling off and throwing on her clothes carelessly Lucca wrapped the water-logged fabric around her shoulders and walked back to her workstation. On the way she let one hand lift a portion of the towel to rub the rest of the water from her hair. Sitting down in the chair she had vacated Lucca picked up a fresh sheet of gridded paper and prepared to try again. Lifting her pencil Lucca slammed her head into the desk as the door-bell rang, startling her.

"Ouch!" squeaking in protest she rubbed her nose and glared at the doorway. "Not taking visitors!" she snapped.

There was a pause, then a series of rapid taps and thumps. Out of her seat and halfway across the room Lucca felt her irritation dissolve as the beat began to make sense.

'No way. No way I get too see him so soon.' scarcely believing it Lucca leaped to the door and yanked it open. A tall red-head on the far side lowered his hands and gave a large smile as the door swung open.

"Crono!" uncharacteristic as it was the girl found herself hugging Crono like he was a life-line. Irritation was gone, her fears pushed away, and any hesitance she normally felt drowned in the pleasant surprise of his arrival.

'I knew you'd come.' she mentally whispered, smiling at how some things never changed.

A moment later she finally noticed they weren't alone. Instantly releasing the soon-to-be prince-consort Lucca hid a blush from the soldiers, using Crono's body to block their view. Looking up she saw an apology in Crono's eyes, for bringing strangers no doubt.

"Sorry, it's just... been so long since we got to see each other." Lucca said, trying to save what little face she might have left with the guards. Throwing herself at the boy was probably not the best move in hindsight.

"No problem, sorry I couldn't manage to sneak out by myself." he replied, seeming unworried about 'talking' with the guards right there.

"That happens, what brings you all out here?" she inquired, glancing at the guards pointedly.

"Marle got the council on board, you've been invited to the castle for a while to get a better idea of what you'll be working on and the price you'll ask." Crono stated, Lucca noticing the guards staring at Crono's hands questioningly.

"I see... Well why don't you all come... wait." looking over her shoulder at the wreck her house was in Lucca changed her mind and stepped outside, shutting the door behind her. "Lets talk on the porch."

Crono nodded and led the way, intimately familiar with the area and their destination. The sergeant raised an eyebrow but refrained from making any comments as they continued to follow the red-head. Stretching her stride Lucca walked on Crono's left as they curved around the side of the house. Her porch was a large wooden construct built off the side of the house. One of the first joint "Father/Daughter" Ashtear projects. Simple, with smooth planks and basic railings, it was sturdy and had a table large enough for all of them to sit at. Suppressing her irritation at the three intruders Lucca sat down in the chair Crono pulled out for her upon reaching the table. His arms surrounded her for a moment as he placed both along the seat of the chair, the smoothly lifted it and its occupant enough to smoothly slid up to the table.

Lucca couldn't help but see the small frown the sergeant showed at his escorts actions.

"So you were saying the council approves of my idea?" she asked, turning towards Crono and doing her best to ignore the other three men.

"Approved enough to let you come stay at the castle for a while." Crono replied before handing her a scroll.

Unfurling the parchment Lucca scanned the contents. Blah blah blah, 'the Guardia council humbly requests that miss Lucca Ashtear make all haste'. Misspelled word, 'For the purpose of modernizing our great castle Guardia'. Political gibberish, 'Room and board shall be provided for the duration', some meaningless additions about her entitlements as a guest. 'The final draft of miss Ashtear's request shall be given the full attention of the council and royal family upon it's completion', followed by a flowery ending and outrageously overdone signatures underneath a Guardian seal. Summarizing the paper in less time then it took the writers to plant the seal Lucca tossed it back to Crono and planted her elbows on the table, chin cupped by her hands as she considered.

"So they just want me to show up, look around, then give them a quote and blueprints?" Lucca inquired.

"Pretty much, though I think there was something about not trying to blow the whole castle up before getting the OK in there a couple times." he joked back.

"That takes all the fun out of it though." she fake-whined, hiding a smile behind one hand.

"Are you alright, miss Ashtear?" the sergeant asked hesitantly.

"What? Of course I am. Do I not look alright?" she replied back, trying hard not to snap.

"Your just... I can't follow your... conversation." he returned, "All I see is sir Crono wiggling his hands and you talking."

Sighing Lucca fixed Crono with a glare. "Haven't you explained by now?"

"How?" smirking Crono leaned back in his chair.

"Marle then?" she pressed.

"Miss Ashtear?"

"She likes being the only one I 'talk' too, and hasn't bothered making it common knowledge." he wasn't smirking this time, and Lucca found herself suddenly upset that Marle had been... quiet, about Crono's ability to 'talk'.

"I'm talking with him." Lucca said, directing it towards the three guards. "He forms words with his hands."

"I don't understand, the motions he makes are nothing like words or letters." the man replied firmly.

"Your right on one point. He can't make the letters or words we write with his hands, so we made our own ones." lifting her hands Lucca made sure the guards were watching before moving them.

"Hello, how does it feel to be acknowledged by a truly 'superior' being? How about I set you all on fire for interrupting my talk?." smiling sweetly Lucca giggled as Crono almost fell out of his chair laughing.

"What did..."

"I said hello." Lucca stated firmly, giving Crono a glare, daring him to challenge her statement.

"Like they would even understand if I did. I suppose I could shake my head?" Crono replied after gaining control of his laughter.

"Seriously though, haven't you trained a few of the castles personnel to be able to 'talk'? Even a little?" she was deadly serious now. If this were true...

"No. This is something... precious. Besides, most of the people I need to talk to wouldn't bother learning anyway." he said dismissively.

"Crono..." she could see how lonely her friend had become. Almost like her, the difference being she chose to hide from people, while he was unable to communicate with them unless he acted like a trained monkey.

"I need to talk with Marle." she didn't care if the girl was the princess, didn't care that she could order the whole kingdom to tear Lucca apart. Marle had crossed the one line that Lucca had. She had hurt Crono, even if he didn't understand how bad.

"We're headed that way soon as your ready. You need help packing? Or should I come back later to pick you up?" he seemed to have purposely ignored her angry sign, or assumed she was joking.

'I'll fix this for you. I can do that. You'll never be alone in that castle again, you'll have someone who can 'talk' back.' she promised him silently in her head.

"I suppose I'll get started, give me a half-hour or so. Enjoy the weather and I'll be out in a minute." pushing back from the table Lucca made her way back into the house.

She had no doubt, or hesitation in her actions. Crono had asked her to come, he needed her to come. Regardless of her resurfacing feelings for the boy he would always be her best friend, so not going was never an option. Her parents had been trying to get her out of the house for a few months anyway.

Penning a quick note explaining the situation and leaving some instructions for her father if he had time after the trip to start fabricating some examples of the piping she would use Lucca left it on the kitchen table before quickly stepping down the hall to her room. Reaching under the bed she fumbled around for a bit before her fingers finally found the familiar fabric she was searching for. Dragging the old rucksack out Lucca shook some of the dust that had collected off and opened the clasps holding the bag shut.

Old smells, barely lingering after so long, rose from the interior as it opened. The smell of adventure, danger, laughter, and companionship. Sharp hints of sulfur from the bomb-making materials that had been exhausted far too early in their journey through time, and an indescribable sent of magic. Leaning back Lucca opened her mind fully for the first time since Lavos' defeat.

For a moment she was almost scared when the powerful presence of her magic wasn't there, but that faded quickly when she felt something begin to stir, like a dragon waking from a thousand year slumber. First there were only slightly lighter shadows dancing, slowly progressing into a gentle current with wisps of brilliant red flickering. The presence soothed and simultaneously excited her further as it continued to swirl and grow. It was there, her inner fire would never be extinguished by the smothering blanket of time and disuse. These tiny flickers would sprout and dance higher and wildly, consuming anything and everything.

Lifting her left hand Lucca let the beginnings of the power race down to her palm and gather there. At first it was difficult, actually having to focus to move so little of her previous power was a refreshing challenge for the girl as she continued to coax the stream along. Finally a flame flared to life in her palm. Small and fragile, yet with so much potential.

'Do you want to play with fire?' she wondered. She was weak now, compared to the strength she use to wield, but she would need every bit of confidence for the inevitable confrontation with the princess. Marle probably hadn't kept sharp either, but Lucca couldn't risk losing the opportunity to beat some sense into the girl if her attempts to persuade her failed.

Crono was too important for Lucca to just stand by and watch him be treated as a second-class citizen. Which was exactly what seemed to be going on, and Lucca hoped it was just Marle's oblivious nature that had kept her from stopping it.

'If not...' the tiny flame in her hand suddenly spiked, almost reaching the ceiling as Lucca quickly disbanded that train of thought to both avoid burning her parents house down or color her observations before she arrived at the castle.

Releasing the dregs of her magic Lucca quickly packed a fair portion of her wardrobe into the sturdy bag, leaving a few inches at the top for a small pile of reference books she hurriedly retrieved from the living room. Cramming in a few extra pens, pencils, rulers, and note-pads in the pockets Lucca glanced around for anything she might have forgotten.

"It's only a days walk anyway." she admitted, tying the bag shut and dragging it onto her shoulders. Staggering slightly under the surprisingly heavy burden Lucca made her way towards the door. A small green and black object almost hidden in the still present tangle of blankets and cushions made her stop right before leaving.

Biting her lip Lucca struggled for a minute, then gave in and dropped the rucksack. Tearing it open again she then darted across the room and retrieved the book from the pile. Running a finger along the spine before packing it away as well.

"That's it then." once again struggling to find a comfortable position to carry the bag in Lucca tottered out the door, locking it behind her.

"Lets go boys!" she yelled, already making her way towards the castle as Crono and his escort scrambled to catch up.

"You sure you got everything you need?" the red-head asked after catching up to her, the guards stayed a few paces back.

"If not I'll just swing by and get it later." Lucca replied, shrugging.

"If your sure." the boy replied.

"Of course I'm sure. Did you forget already that I'm 'Lucca the-' HEY!" cutting off mid-sentence Lucca leveled a glare at Crono as she felt her burden start to lift away. He replied with an innocent grin as he pulled the pack away from her despite her half-hearted struggling.

"I'm not one of those dainty, dolled up castle girls!" she growled as Crono easily settled her rucksack on his shoulders.

"Course not. Your 'Lucca the Great', my best friend. I need the exercise anyway." he replied easily.

Grumbling Lucca didn't continue her protests, she hadn't been looking forward to carrying the rucksack all the way to the castle anyway. Instead she tried to let her eyes adjust to the brightness of the early afternoon light. By the time she no longer felt the urge to squint her parents house was no longer in sight and the party was surrounded by golden fields of wheat.

"Pretty..." she mumbled, watching a breeze blow through the stalks causing them to wink and glow as the sunlight reflected differently. Unsurprisingly Crono had nothing to say, but his presence alone was enough to enhance the moment.

A thousand questions ran through Lucca's mind as they walked, leaving her usual place of comfort behind and growing ever closer to the castle she had stormed all alone years ago. Part of her wanted them too stop, to just avoid that place for the rest of their lives. The bigger part was prepping for their inevitable arrival at the massive gates.

Her family had always been considered eccentrics, even before she had even been born. Taban was radical in his engineering, chemical, and mathematical thinking. His successes were almost as impressive as the firework displays his failures often dissolved into. He had been applauded, hated, and ignored all at the same time but still managed to create enough profit to settle on a small island that he could call his own. Lucca had been born shortly after and grew up surrounded by the ocean and the craziest inventions her father could think of.

Eccentrics of her caliber were a rarity in high-class society. Revolutionary thinking was not well received as the ideas were often more beneficial to the citizens of the kingdom then those few who ruled it. The nobles would much rather maintain the status quo then risk losing any of the wealth and power they were born into. Her status as something of a 'Hero/Terrorist' marked her as a serious potential threat to the stability of the kingdom, just as Crono's undoubtedly did as well. However, unlike her friend Lucca was not madly in love with the next heir to the throne and therefore considered far more 'unstable'.

"This will be fun. The three of us all under one roof again." Crono mentioned, eyes latching onto her for a moment before darting back to the horizon.

"Yeah... Just like old times." She mumbled, knowing that it couldn't ever be the same no matter how much she would have preferred them.


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