Spoilers: The Reichenbach Fall

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If you were to ask Dr. John Watson whom he blames for everything that has happened, he would say it was me, and I cannot help but agree with him. With all the speculations and half-truths circulating in the news, I know it is difficult to believe the word of anyone with the last name Holmes, but I write this for my own benefit, as I can no longer help the person who needed it the most.

James Moriarty was very real, and I am glad that he is dead. I met him long before my brother had even heard his name. He was constantly under surveillance by the British Government, though I am forbidden from revealing any examples of his misconduct. I can say, however, that within the past few months, Moriarty had become obsessed with Sherlock, particularly in destroying him. And I supplied the fodder.

It had come to the government's attention that Moriarty was in possession of some vital information, that, in the wrong hands, would be dire. We had brought him in for questioning, but he would not talk. That is, until I stepped in. "The Ice Man Cometh," he said that first time (his little nickname for me), the only thing he had said in days. I was the only one who could get him to speak, but only in exchange for what he wanted. I was left with a choice: defend my brother against a psychopath, or save Britain from terror? I chose the latter; though I regret many things in my life, doing my duty for the benefit of my country will never be one of them.

Richard Brook was the figment of a madman's imagination, and it astounds me that so many could be fooled, though I know I should not be so surprised. A hero makes for a good story, but a fallen hero becomes a legend, a tragedy upon which Shakespeare himself could not improve. "Rich Brook"- German for Reichenbach; the case which made my brother famous now denotes his downfall. Sherlock was a flawed man, are not we all? He alienated almost everyone he had ever met until there was no one left to stand by his side when he needed the support. I myself was too ashamed of my earlier betrayal to come to his aid.

I cannot say what led to my brother's decision to end his life, but with the death of Moriarty, I suspect he saw no other choice. People call my brother uncaring, but those are the ones who do not know him. It is I, the Ice Man, who should really be the one despised for his empty heart.

Despite our endless rivalry, I do miss my brother. Sherlock had the brain to do anything he wanted in this world, but he chose to help people who did not have the ability to help themselves. So many people have depended on his sense of justice over the years, and now the world is at a loss. The only person who ever depended on me is dead, and it is too late to ask his forgiveness.

All I can say now is that I have finally let down the one person who always expected I would someday.

-Mycroft Holmes