It was Sally who told me. I didn't believe her. Lately, I'd been having a tough time taking anything she was saying seriously at all. It wasn't that I blamed her for everything- she was just doing her job- but did she really have to go over my head like that? Couldn't she give me the time to figure things out for myself? But when she told me... Well, I thought that was a lie too cruel even for her standards where Sherlock was concerned.

I phoned John, but he didn't answer. Desperate, I rang Mycroft. After a few rings, he picked up. "I suppose you've heard about my brother?" There was no emotion in his voice. I think I replied, "Yes," before hanging up on him and turning away from Sally. How could Sherlock do something so stupid? He's always been reckless, but this made absolutely no sense to me.

I've known Sherlock for a little over six years now. He's rude, arrogant, opinionated, and utterly brilliant. The only reason he ever helped me was because he was bored. But that's not entirely true. He also helped with cases which he deemed easy, inconsequential, uninteresting... Complaining the entire time, but, nonetheless, solving them. Because, deep down, he cared.

I considered him a friend. I mean, we didn't hang around the pub together or anything like that, but he was always there when I needed him. When he needed me, though, when everyone was against him, it was I who let him down, never the other way around.

I think that the key to our relationship was that I was probably the first person in a long time that ever gave him any consideration. I listened to him. We were mutually beneficial to each other; it felt comfortable. But now everything seems foreign to me. Sherlock Holmes is gone, and I'm in danger of losing my job because the people I trusted the most didn't know how to reciprocate. God, it feels just like my marriage. I'm beginning to think it's me...

Sherlock had helped with a lot of cases of the years. I was never jealous of him like many of the others for so easily solving the mysteries that we, who were trained to do so and had dedicated our lives to it, couldn't wrap our heads around. No. I was proud of him. All of the people he's helped- they never would have had their justice if not for him. Sherlock Holmes was a great man, but, even more so, he was a good one. And if I had the chance to see him one last time, I wouldn't waste an instant to shake him by the hand and tell him so.

-DI Greg Lestrade