Don't Touch!

E/O Challenge: Sore - 100 words on the dot! Sorry for posting a bit early this week, thought I better do it before the cold medication kicks in to high gear ;)

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

A special shout out to the lovely creators of this community. It's great to be involved with such a wonderful and diverse group of people who happen to share a similar passion. I've met a lot of amazing folks on here that I never would have otherwise, many whom live on the opposite side of the globe from me. And that is pretty cool!

And, it is rather fun to open my email each week and see what word has been chosen. :)

So, Enkidu and Onyx, a heartfelt thank you for creating this challenge, and I hope it will continue for a long time to come.

"Don't touch him!"


"I mean it! Come here, sit your ass down and help me figure out whatever the hell this is."

"I can't leave him like that."

"We don't know what we're dealing with Einstein. It won't help if you get infected too."


"Check this one."

"And what should I look under? Open, inflamed sores?

"Not helping."

"Maybe there's a 'How to stop the ooze' chapter?"


"Yahtzee! Here..."

"One touch and all traces are transferred from… shit… stop!"

"S'okay Sammy, I gotcha..."




"Don't ask Sam, just read. And don't touch your idjit brother!"

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