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The tiny girl fluttered her equally small wings quickly, looking around herself nervously as she hesitantly moved toward the tall dewy grass below. Her father had put her in timeout for flying by the mermen again. He had told her off, saying that the majestic sea creatures would do terrible things to her. That they simply were not safe. She didn't understand. They were always kind to her when she visited them. Just earlier that day a group of males had invited her to go down and play with them on the rocks that rose above the sea. She had been about to fly down when Angela, her older sister, had found her and whisked her away siwftly. The little girl had been upset at being taken from her new friends and threw a small fit, crying and squirming. Of course, as soon as her father left her to finish her timeout by herself, she had flown off from the beautiful white flower, flipping in the air and giggling happily. It wasn't long before she found herself in a field of long grasses right nest to the sea shore, staring down at a small sparkling object. She couldn't see what it was, but was slightly nervous. She knew that it must have belong to someone and although she couldn't see them, they could've been nearby. She weighed the possibilities in her mind, 'What if they were angry with me for touching their possession?'

Carefully, she fluttered closer and closer to the ground, finally reaching out a hand to scoop it up and fllew away as fast as her small wings could carry her. Finally, she found her way back to the white flower her father had told her to stay at, out of breath and filled with excitement. She opened up her tightly closed fist, revealing a beautiful necklace. She gasped in amazement, stroking the stunning stones with her little fingers. It was a silver chain, with lots of little pink crystal beads around it, a large clear diamond located in the very front, between the smaller pink beads. It was breathtaking, and she stared at it in wonder. A small movement of air startled her into closing her fist sharply, shoving it in the pocket of her little pink dress. The girl looked up to see her father flying toward her, golden crown proudly settled on his head. She didn't have to wear a crown, that was only for the King and Queen, her mother and father. She was thankful, having to worry about the expensive item all of the time would be quite a nuisance and she was sure she would lose it within a day. The elegant man finally stopped in front of her, looking down at his lovely daughter sternly.

"Isabella, you left, didn't you." His voice accused. She shook her head, giving him her best look of innocence. It was obvious she was lying, due to her ruffled hair and flushed cheeks, but with one look at her huge brown eyes he melted. He couldn't deny his youngest child anything. She was fifteen and still had two more years of growing before she would stop, remaining the same for the rest of eternity as an immortal. She was so innocent, oblivious to the dangers of her world which were plenty. All she wanted to do was play all day, she believed the entire world to be her playground, all the living things inside it her friends. His daughter was still too young to understand that not every soul was a good one. The Merpeople were vicious by nature, and known for luring young fairies into the sea where they would harm them for sport, in several cases going so far as to rape them or drown them. The vampires tended to leave them alone, but if a fairy bothered them, they would kill them without second thoughts. The king tried to keep his youngest safe, but she was the adventurous type, she always seemed to slip away from the watch of her siblings, finding trouble somewhere by herself.

"I'm sorry papa, I just couldn't help it!" Her small voice interrupted his thoughts and he nodded, ruffling her hair and leading her back to the small patch of flowers where the royal fairies slept. The flowers were roughly ten feet across, their stems strong and varying in height. The lower petals were strong enough to support the light weight fairies, but the inside petals soft enough to wrap around themselves for warmth. However warm the flowers were, it often got quite cold at night. While the rest of her large family was warm enough under the petals, Isabella was very small, even for a fairy, and tended to get cold much easier. So, she would sleep snuggled up to one of her brothers or sisters for body warmth. They didn't mind, she was the baby of the family and they all doted on her. Her parents had many children, like most of the fairy families. She had never counted how many siblings she had, but they filled up most of their flower patch. Tonight, she refused her mothers help in changing into her little slip for bed so she could hide the necklace in it's pocket. Still giddy from her discovery, she flew over to where Angela was already lying down and crawled under the petals next to her, retracting her wings back into her back for the night.

The next morning, Isabella was the first to wake up. Carefully, so as not to disturb her family, she quietly flew from the flower patch, singing to herself as she flew toward the sea and stopping to eat some fruit from the trees below. She hoped to see the mermen she had met the day before, and this time her sister wouldn't be there to pull her away. She moved slowly in the fresh morning air, soaking up the small sunshine coming from the horizon.

"Isabella!" came a call from below her. She startled at hearing her name, but looked down at the sea, confused. Finally, she saw Jacob, one of the mermen, sitting on a rock and looking up at her. Happily, she flitted down, landing delicately on her feet next to him on the rock, wings still out.

"Hi Jake!" She said happily, smiling shyly at him.

"Hello Isabella, you look lovely this morning." she giggled at the compliment before looking down she noticed she had forgotten to change into a day time dress and was still wearing her night shift. She didn't mind, but it was so boring, she preferred her colorful dresses.

"Thank you! where are the others?" She asked politely. He grinned at her, and she smiled back, oblivious to the cruel lust written on his face.

"Why don't you come with me sweet heart, I will take you to them." He said. She thanked him and he motioned for her to follow him. She did so, laughing as he did little tricks in the water for her amusement. They finally reached the shore, where, true to Jake's words, the mermen were.

"Hey guys, look who turned up!" Said Jake, and they shared a look she didn't understand. They were all in the shallow water so that she could be near them without them needing to leave the water or Isabella needing to enter it. From what she knew, they could leave the water but didn't like it very much because it made their tales go away. For whatever reason, they were all moving from the water, advancing toward her slowly. It made the little fairy scared, she didn't understand what they were doing. Isabella was shocked as she watched their tales disappear, legs appearing in the same spot. Embarrassed by their nakedness, she hid her eyes, wishing they would go back in the water. Suddenly, A freezing arm grabbed wrapped around her waist, causing a scream to burst from her mouth.

"You will return to the water. She is mine." Said a deep, soft voice. It was beautiful, like the softest petal, and yet dangerous at the same time. Her eyes opened to see the mermen swimming away quickly, for some reason terrified. Isabella wiggled, turning around so she could see who it was that scared the merpeople so badly. He was just as perfect as his voice, tall and muscular with striking features and bronze hair. A glance at his red eyes informed her that he was a vampire. She shrunk away, intimidated by the strong man in front of her. Opening her mouth she discovered her words seemed to refuse to come out. "hello darling. I believe you have something of mine.?" His smooth voice trailed of slightly and she stared at him, eyes wide, mouth gaping. The little fairy couldn't process his words but before she knew it, he was right in front of her once more, hand reaching into her pocket and pulling out the beautiful necklace she had found. It took her a moment to comprehend that the beautiful trinket belonged to him. Finally, Isabella found her voice.

"I'm very sorry sir, I didn't know it was yours. Honest!" she said cowering away from his penetrating gaze. she had never been so scared before, he just looked so... dangerous. He chuckled, the low sound scaring her even more and she felt her wings come out automatically, ready to carry her away. she flitted upward as fast as she could but the vampire was faster, grabbing her ankle which sent her crashing back to the ground. she cried out in pain as the place on her ankle he had gripped sent waves of pain through her. Tears rushed down her face and she sobbed, curling up on the ground and clutching at her ankle. Her vision was blurry, and she couldn't see what was going on around her, all she could feel was the pain. She had never experienced anything like it before. She felt the same cold arms picking her up gently, his voice cooing in her ear comfortingly. She sobbed into his hard chest, wishing unsuccessfully for the pain to stop. Finally, She felt her mind drift and she fell into a heavy sleep.