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Edward was awoken by a small whimpering coming from the other side of the bed. Sitting up quickly he moved to look at the other occupant. She was curled up, her arms gripping the pillow tightly and her legs kicking slightly. Her new lamb was snuggled under the blankets by her head.

"Isabella" spoke the vampire softly, rubbing her smooth shoulder. The fairy let out another heartbreaking whimper and he shook her gently. "Isabella, wake up darling!" He said a bit louder. She slowly blinked awake and her eyes met Edward's for a moment before she scrunched up her face and began to cry. Shocked, the vampire pulled her to him tightly, but the sobs only increased.

"Honey, you have to tell me what's wrong! Do you hurt?" He asked hesitantly. Her small head nodded against his chest. "Is it your wing?" There was a pause before she nodded once more. He quickly pulled away and pushed her gently onto her stomach. She struggled for a moment but stilled after he hushed her soothingly. Her beautiful little wigs were limp against her back, rather than tucked in or spread and he carefully ran a cold finger down her bad wing. She whimpered again and flinched away from his hand. Her tears had lessened, but after his touch they started up once more.

"It's okay darling, you're okay. Just let me get you some medicine, yeah?" He moved swiftly to the door, and called a servant over, requesting a glass of water before moving back to his bedside table and measuring out her pain medication. As soon as the water arrived a moment later, he moved Isabella so she was sitting up and instructed her to drink first the medicine then the water. She did so without complaint and when it was all gone she remained sitting against his chest, her legs dangling to the sides and her head resting on his shoulder. Her tears had tried and she was quiet, but judging by the faint quivering of her body, Edward knew she was still awake. He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his messy hair. Slowly, he moved her back into a laying position on her side, nearly smiling when her new pet snuggled back up to her. Isabella's breath had become steady but it still retained a slight rasp from all of her crying. The vampire watched the closed eyes for a moment, concern and guilt wracking thru his body.

The beautiful chocolate brown curls he so loved were stuck to the drying tears on the fairy's face, and with one last barely-there swipe of his hand Edward pushed them away from her face. "I'm so sorry love, go back to sleep. I'll have Carlisle check up on you in the morning." She didn't respond and the vampire realized she had already fallen asleep once more.

The next morning found very tired Isabella and a somewhat nervous Edward. Carlisle was on his way, and Edward had been sure to give Isabella more pain medication. The little fairy was unusually quiet and the vampire could only assume it was due to fatigue from her episode the night before.

Edward looked on from the other side of the grand dining room table as she pushed her oatmeal around with a spoon.

"Something wrong Isabella?" he asked carefully, "Does your wing hurt again? Do you want more medicine?" She looked up at him before returning her eyes to the bowl in front of her.

"I don't think I like oatmeal." she responded after a moment. Edward frowned. She rarely complained about the taste of her food. She either ate it or refused to do so.

"Would you like something else? You only have to ask, they can make whatever you'd like." He stated, nodding toward server in the corner. The fairy's eyes flickered to the server then to Edward.

"Where's my lamb?" She asked suddenly, seeming to have forgotten about the tiny animal.

"Still sleeping I believe."

"Can we go get him?" she asked, and the vampire ran a hand thru his already messy hair. After catching those begging brown orbs he caved and nodded.

"Yes, but you have to eat something first." She smiled slightly at him and he couldn't help but smile in return.

Isabella turned to the server and asked, "Excuse me sir, may I please have an apple?" Her politeness made Edward laugh but the servant simply nodded and left the room swiftly thru a door and returned a moment later, a fresh red apple in his outstretched hand. She took it, thanked him and stood up pulling Edward out of the main. She knew mostly how to walk from the Dining hall to Edward's bedroom, but she knew he didn't like for her to wander alone.

"Edward?" Isabella questioned between big bites of the apple.

"What is it darling?" responded the vampire.

"What do you suppose my lamb would like to eat?" Edward resisted the urge to laugh, and answered her.

"Just grass I believe. When Carlisle leaves perhaps we can take him outside for some fresh air and food. Does that sound okay?" She nodded.

"Is Alice coming today?" she asked, remembering his words the previous day,

"I'm afraid I completely forgot to ask her. We'll see if she can come later, but you might have to wait until tomorrow." The girl frowned slightly but nodded again.

"She'll love my new pet, don't you think?" Edward smiled and agreed, glad that her talkative nature seemed to have returned.

Several hours later, Carlisle had come and gone after informing them that the problem was simply that Isabella had slept on her back, and with her injured wing, it was essential that she lay on her stomach. Relieved to find out that it wasn't anything more serious than that, Edward thanked him and the blonde haired man left. Isabella had been shy around Edward's father, but livened up when he let her go outside with the lamb for a bit. However, the young King had a large amount of work to finish, and after discovering that Alive was indeed unavailable, he brought Isabella up to his office with him along with a pile of books, some markers and her lamb.

Edward sat at his desk going thru e-mail after e-mail and a large pile of papers while Isabella lay on her stomach on the hardwood floor, kicking her feet up and drawing on a piece of paper. His mind wandered slightly, and the vampire wondered why she hadn't so much as glanced at the books when a thought occurred to him.

"Isabella, can you read?" His velvety voice questioned. She looked up from whatever she was drawing and shook her head before turning back to her paper, seemingly uninterested. Glancing at her paper Edward was surprised to see she had beautifully drawn one of the giant flowers from the garden. He had no idea she could draw so well.

"That's beautiful love, you have a talent." Isabella blushed under his praise but smiled brightly at him. After returning it, he moved back to his work with a sigh.

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