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Ouji-Sama! Fight for Your Man!

Chapter 1

The sky was a clear indication of the spring season: warm with humorous heat, the clouds a pillow fluff white, and a crystal blue spanned the globe. The grasslands and jungles and cities hummed alive after a long winter freeze. New life and old life across the world began to embrace the beauty of newly sprouted vegetation in their homelands.

This is what Bulma Briefs encountered as she sailed through the skies in her small Capsule plane. She hummed along with the song playing loudly on her radio. A package wrapped in a green cloth napkin and tied with string occupied the passenger seat.

As the ocean came into view, Bulma focused on the bright blue water, "Now where is that little pervert's house?" After only moments of searching, she spotted the "Kame House" sitting upon a tiny island. "Ah ha!" she shouted gleefully. She tapped at the controls to prepare her landing gear and slow her plane down.

Bulma gently pulled her steering handle back as the plane hovered. With a breath of air pushing the sand back, it finally touched the ground. Dashing at buttons and pulling a lever, she killed the power to her craft. She hopped out the plane with her parcel and headed towards the screen door. "Yoo-hoo!" Bulma called out opening the door, "Anyone home?"

Kuririn turned his head from the T.V. screen and gave a happy greeting, "Bulma! Good to see you!"

"Oh!" called out a voice from the kitchen, "Is that Bulma?"

"Yeah," Kuririn replied.

The Turtle Hermit came to greet the blue-haired woman as she started to remove her shoes. "Bulma! You're so cold, ain'tcha? Don't ever visit unless you're called?"

Bulma smiled at him, "Well, I'm here now aren't I? And bearing cakes too!" She handed him the small green parcel.

"Well, you didn't have to do that!" the old man grinned as he took her gift, "I would have been perfectly happy just taking a peek at your hoo-


Roshi rubbed sore spot on his head, "Still no sense of humor, I see?'

"Still as perverted as ever, I see," Bulma huffed back at him, putting her fist back to her hip.

Kuririn found this to be the perfect time to change the subject, "So Bulma, how's Yamcha doing?"

She blinked, "Yamcha? …. YAMCHA?" The short man immediately regretted his decision. "I don't care about Yamcha!" Bulma said as her voice began to rise, "I'm better off without him! AND SO ARE YOU!"

"Getting along as well as ever, I see," Kuririn retorted.

"Anyway," said Bulma as her anger dissipated, "Where's that Launch chick?"

The two men shrugged. "She went after Tenshinhan years ago," Kuririn explained, "Haven't seen her since."

Unknown to the friends inside, a puffy yellow cloud carrying two dark-haired occupants swerved to turn to the island. One of the occupants was the great hero of Earth, Son Goku.

"Look!" shouted Goku against the wind to his passenger, "That's Kame-Sen'nen's house!"

As the cloud rushed close to the island, Goku began to time his jump and held his passenger close. Kinto'un rushed over the island and Goku hopped off with his little passenger, landing on the beach on his feet and two light thuds.

"Thanks!" Goku shouted out to his cloud with a wave as it flew into the blue sky.

The three friends inside turned their heads to the commotion outside and looked back to each other confusion.

"HEY!" said Goku, "Is anyone in there?"

The small group came out to find their old friend giving them a short wave on the beach with one hand and carrying a child with his other arm.

"SON-KUN!" they shouted happily. Bulma tempted herself to a hug from the muscular man while Kuririn and the old master stood by.

"Gosh, Goku," said Kuririn, "it's been what? Five years since we've seen each other."

Goku rubbed the back of his head with his free hand, "Yeah, it has. Time sure does fly."

"By the way, Son," said Muten Roshi, "what's with the child?"

"Yeah," laughed Kuririn, "are you babysitting for someone?"

Goku chuckled, "What? No way! He's mine!"

Silence engulfed the friends as they gave sideway glances to each other.

"Your's…," said Kuririn slowly, "as in he's…your kid?"

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?" Goku said lowering his new child to the beach; the little one stood proudly before them.

"That can't be Gohan," Roshi said slowly, "Gohan would be much older than he is."

Goku shook his head, "It isn't Gohan. This is my new son, Kalez!"

The sideway glances returned. "So," Bulma coughed, "did things not work out with Vegeta?"

Goku gave her an incredulous look, "Whadda you talking about? Things are great with me and Vegeta!"

"Oh," said Kuririn suddenly, "You guys got a surrogate or something?"

"No," Goku said in response to the confusion, "He's ours. He's a full blood Saiyian-jinn."

"WHAT!" they shouted in shock.

Bulma leaned over and whispered into Kuririn's ear, "Hey, I didn't think this fanfic was gonna go down the m-preg road, did you?"

The short fighter huffed, "I really don't wanna know where this fic is heading…"

The large Saiyian-jinn nudged his little one, "Say hi, Squirt!"

The tiny Saiyian-jinn greeted the group with a small bow and lightly grumbled, "Nice… to meetcha."

Bulma knelt down to get a closer look at him, "Wow." She ruffled his hair a bit, "He has your hairstyle, Son-kun." She was a bit taken back when looking at his face. Looking back at her were the glaring eyes that once took residence at her home. "He seems to have inherited Vegeta's face however."

"Yeah," said Goku, "He's a lot like Vegeta in a few ways. Not much of a talker and he doesn't really socialize with other kids, except for Gohan."

Bulma smiled at the little Saiyian-jinn, "How old are you, Sweetie?"

Kalez raised up four fingers, "This much…"

The woman blinked, "I'm quite surprised: I figured the son of Goku and Vegeta would be trying to blast me."

The warrior father chuckled, "Gohan passes the manners Chichi taught him on to his little brother."

A small movement behind the boy caught Bulma's eyes, "Oh, a tail. I guess he's a Saiyian-jinn alright."

"We decided to let him keep it since there's no moon," said Goku, "We don't have to worry about him transforming."

"Is he strong like you guys or um… I mean?" Kuririn said patting the child's head.

Goku's face darken in response as he rested his fists on his hips, "I should say he is! The insanity Vegeta puts him through!"

The three swallowed their fears while the other man continued, "Up at the crack of dawn to start training ever since Kalez knew how to walk!"

"…Bit early to start training the boy, ain't it?" asked Roshi.

"That's what I tell him! He's a kid! Kids need to have fun! But according to Vegeta, 'If he's old enough to walk, he's old enough to train!' Then he goes on this tangent about how his father train starting training him at that age and how grateful he was for it!" Goku inhaled and slowly exhaled after his angry rant, "I'd be more upset if I knew Kalez didn't like it, but he is a Saiyian-jinn and he likes all the fighting."

Bulma shivered after she just realized all the déjà vu weighing down on her. Roshi tapped his cane on the sand lightly and laughed, "Trying to bring glory back to the old Saiyian-jinn race, huh?"

"I'll say!" huffed Goku, "And I got a sneaky suspicion that he wants more kids! But I'm not gonna let him talk me into resurrecting a new Saiyian-jinn army while we're in bed!"

"So …um…" Kuririn began as he decided to finally throw the question out there, "How did this happen?"

Goku looked at him, "You wanna know how he was um…?"

"How two men made a baby? Yes," the short fighter nodded.

Goku rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "I really don't think you guys will believe me if I tell you buuuut…"

Roshi interrupted him briefly, "Let's step inside and you can tell us about it." His sunglass lens suddenly flashed, "Unless, …"

"Unless what?" Bulma inquired.

The old man began to sweat, "Last time Goku introduced his child to us, Raditz showed up."

Bulma's face contorted to fear while Goku and Kuririn scanned the nearby area for strong ki's. Sensing nothing, the pair of fighters relaxed and nodded. Sure of their safety, the group of friends went inside.

After Goku received a soda and Kalez a can of fruit juice, they rested easily on the couch. The other three in the room shifted nervously in their chairs as they waited for large hero to began his story.

"Well," said Goku, "I'm sure I don't have to explain to anyone about the birds and the bees, right?" He glanced over to his son, "Uh, not yet anyway…" He shook his head, "Of course, it happened four years ago…."

Fours years ago, the Son home hidden in the mountains found itself in yet another harsh winter. Snow snuffed out the gayness in the household and the television had lost it's reception again.

Vegeta hated it more than anything else in the universe.

More than Frieza.

More than slimy creatures.

Not more than Kakarrot, however.

He hated Kakarrot the most.

Mostly for the sheer fact that the fool had talked him in to living in the boonies where he could freeze for months at a time. "Kaaaakaaaarrrrooot…." hissed the angry voice underneath the tower of blankets lying on the couch.

Goku walked up the blanket tower with a cup of coffee in each hand, "What's up, Vegeta?"

"I want you to set these blankets that are on top of me on fire."

The younger Saiyian-jinn gave the tower an uneasy look, "Why?"

"Because I'm freezing my ass off, goddamn it!"

Goku shoved his arm into the tower and handed off a cup to the man buried beneath, "Here's some coffee, maybe that will warm you up."

A satisfied sigh was heard moments later, "Ah… it warms my soul."

A cheeky grin ran across the hero's face, "I know another way that will warm you up, Vegeta." He set his own mug on the coffee table and dove into the blankets. The tower shifted as a brief fight underneath rose then rested as the Saiyian-jinns found comfortable positions.

"You bastard!" Vegeta growled, "Who said you could come in?"

"I said," Goku grinned, "Plus you have to admit, it's a good idea."

The prince blushed, not wanting to admit how much the temperature had jumped up since the younger had hopped in. He soon found himself being pulled toward the other in a spooning position. "Hmmm…" Goku moaned, "It's really toasty now."

"Shut up…" mumbled Vegeta.


At the sound of Gohan's voice, Goku freed his head out of the cotton mass to attend to his first born. He found the boy dressed warmly from head to toe, "What's up, Gohan?"

"I'm heading off for school now," he said, "I'll be on Winter Break after today."

"Oh, good!" Goku said, "We'll be able to spend more time together!"

Gohan looked back at the bizarre scene before him, "Maybe I should join an after school club." He gave his father a gentle wave and promised to be back.

Once the front door was closed, Goku snuck back in with his prince and snuggled close. The cheeky grin returned, "You wanna get really hot, Vegeta?"

"No," the prince said sternly.

Goku pouted, "Aw! Why not?"

Vegeta turned to look him in the eye, "I'm not gonna do anything with you while the Namek is still in the house."

With that statement, the elder caught a rare glimpse of an angry Goku. "Piccolo!" the younger yelled out from under the blankets, "Go away! We're gonna do stuff to each other!"

"…Eww…" was the meek reply as footsteps quickly made their way to the out the door.

With the slam of the door, Goku relaxed and pulled his wife into a kiss. A moan escaped from Vegeta's mouth as Goku's hands began to pull up his lover's shirt and he moved away from the kiss.

"You know, Vegeta," he said seductively, "You'll get warmer with skin to skin contact."

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Stop making excuses and just take off my clothes."

The Super Saiyian-jinn was more than happy to oblige as he pulled the shirt up higher. He licked his lips as he got three-quarters of the way up and caught glimpses of Vegeta's pectorals. He had pushed the shirt up to his lover's shoulders and dipped his head to-


"GGrrraaah!" Goku snarled, shoving the mass of blankets off of himself and Vegeta, "Seriously!"

The prince fixed his shirt and slipped out from under his husband. Goku whined when he saw him head to the door, but was ignored. Vegeta twisted the doorknob to reveal the culprit who had interrupted their alone time.

It was a bird.

It was a big bird.

It was a very big bird.

Or Vegeta was just small.

Either way, they were eye to eye in the height category.


Vegeta blinked, rubbed his eyes, and shook his head. "The fuck…?"

The white bird with black-tipped wings stood at the doorway and carrying a large white sack in his dark orange beak, with his only means of protection from the harsh weather was a brightly colored scarf around his neck. "Squawk," he repeated again.

This time Vegeta growled, "Kakarrot! It's another one of your little 'woodland pals' at the door!"

Goku hopped off the couch with a grunt and stood next to Vegeta. A chuckle escaped his lips when he saw how the two were the exact same height. He gave the mystery bird a quizzed look, "What's up, buddy?"

The bird rolled his eyes before sticking his hands in his feathered body and producing a clipboard holding a document and pen. "Squawk."

The two fighters stared at the bird and then back at each other. The bird gave a frustrated grunt and shoved the items into Goku's hands. He tapped the lowest part of the paper with his wing, "Squawk."

Goku glanced back at Vegeta, "I think he wants me to sign for something." He clicked the pen and took aim to sign his name at the bottom until Vegeta grabbed his hand to stop him.

"You idiot! You don't even know what you're signing for! Give me that!" he snatched the clipboard and gave the paper a suspicious glare.

The entire paper was filled with a great deal of words: all of them being "Squawk."

"We're not signing this!" Vegeta snapped at the bird, "We can't even read what's on there!"

The bird's answer was to point to his white sack with his wing. Goku nudged his wife, "I think we're signing for a package."

Vegeta hissed at him, "What the hell kinda delivery company uses birds to deliver people's packages?"

Goku shrugged, "Trying to go green, I suppose. Planes and cars do emit a lot of pollution."

Vegeta smacked his hand against his forehead while Goku signed the piece of paper. The younger Saiyian-jinn handed to the items back to the bird. However, he pointed to Vegeta with his wing, "Squawk."

Goku offered the clipboard and pen to his Prince, "You need to sign too, Vegeta."

In a rush of anger, Vegeta snatched the clipboard and pen away then scribbled his name on the paper below Goku's signature. He roughly handed them back to the bird with a frustrated growl, "There!"

The large bird calmly took them from Vegeta and stuffed them back into his feathers. With cautious care, he handed Goku the sack from his mouth. With tears welling up in his eyes, the bird gave a small sad "Squawk" as he looked at the two Saiyian-jinns. He covered his beak with his wing and sniffed as he tried to hold back his tears. "S-squawk…"

Quickly shaking his head, he then turned away and spread his long wings. Giving the sack in Goku's arms one last sad look before sending a blast of cold air the Saiyian-jinns as he flew off.

The fighters stood in stunned silence as they watched him go into the winter clouds above. "Well…," Goku said breaking the silence, "That was … interesting."

Vegeta crossed his arms and scoffed, "Interesting…. Ha! You Earthlings and your obsession to keep your planet 'clean.' Don't ruin it in the first place you wouldn't have to go through such ridiculous lengths to protect it." He began to stride back to the couch as Goku closed the front door.

"Hey, Vegeta," said Goku, "You wanna finish what we started earlier?"

"Aren't you going to open your package? It must be important considering what it went through," the Prince sneered.

A husky chuckle was the response from the younger fighter, "It can wait a little longer." He tossed the sack to the couch as he melted his mouth to Vegeta's. Goku had begun to coax his Prince's mouth open with his tongue when he found himself interrupted yet again.


Their eyes flew open and met each other's stunned glaze. Their lips never parting but their pupils simultaneously shifted to the sack on the couch. The noise began again, followed by the sack shifting angrily. Goku released Vegeta from the kiss and took a cautious step toward it.

"Meh ahh…," the sack mumbled. Goku hovered his hand over the curious bag for a few slow seconds. He finally summoned enough courage after a moment and began to untie the sack. He caught a glimpse of what was inside and quickly shut it closed before Vegeta could see.

"Kakarrot…," Vegeta asked, "What is it?"

Goku stood for a moment, breathing in slowly as he tried to find the words to describe what he saw. "I…," he began, "don't rightly know…"

"Let me see!" Vegeta demanded as he shoved Goku aside.

"Wait! Vegeta!"

Vegeta opened the sack to see a pair of gleaming black eyes looking back at him.

And a ruffle of unruly hair.

And a fluffy brown tail.

"Ahh…," it said to him.

Vegeta quickly covered the odd presence back up and turned to face Goku in a painstakingly slow manner. "Is that a ….?"

Goku nodded, "A baby? Yeah."

Vegeta swallowed, "It sorta looks a like a Saiyian-jinn, Kakarrot…"

"Yeah… yeah it does…"

"It sorta looks like me but it also kinda looks like you…."

"He's got your eyes… but my hair…," Goku said biting his lip.

To say that the Great Prince of all Saiyian-jinns was shocked was a prime example of an understatement. "Are we…," his breath hitched, "parents?"

Goku mused on his wife's words, "I … I think so."


Goku gingerly picked up the newborn in his arms and began to gently rock it. "I don't know, Vegeta. I think it'll be pretty fun! Gohan does just fine and I'm sure he'll like having a little…" He lifted up the baby's diaper and peered inside, "Brother!"

Still in his extreme state of shock, Vegeta could only mumbled the words, "…got a son…"

The squirming babe began to thump his fists against Goku's chest after losing the rocking the motion he was enjoying. The taller man lifted him to meet nose to nose, "Hey little guy! What do you think about living with us?"


The new father gave a shout from the pain of the surprise attack from the newborn's fist meeting his nose, and almost dropped him. Seeing the punch broke Vegeta out of his shock and into a fit of mocking laughter. The prince wandered over and swept up the baby from his lover's arms. "Aw!" he cooed proudly, "Look at you! You just broke your first nose, didn't you? Yes, you did! Yes, you did!"

Goku rubbed his nose gently to see if it had truly been broken and gave a sigh of relief when he found that it was not. A flash of print near the sack took Goku out of his disappointment and he directed his attention to it. Investigating further, he found an khaki envelope with the two Saiyian-jinns names written on it in an expression black handwriting. Turning it over, Goku found a wax seal with the imprint of "S." He popped it off and removed the letter inside. "Hey, Vegeta," he called over to his wife.

Vegeta stopped praising the violence of his new son and turned his head to look at Goku, "What?"

The taller waved the letter, "This came with the baby."

Vegeta snorted, "Well, read it."

Goku cleared his throat before beginning, "Let's see… 'Dear Son Goku and Son Vegeta, Congratulations! You two are the proud parents of a new Saiyian-jinn boy! He is 6 lbs, 4oz and 20 inches long and his tail is 7 inches long. He is also 100% healthy! He's quite a handful but we're sure you'll have a lot of fun raising him! Included with your new baby is his birth certificate and some baby supplies to help get you through the first day. Remember that your child is a precious gift and needs to be taken care of! Until we meet again!' then it's signed, 'The Stork.'"

"Who the hells is the 'Stork?'" Vegeta grunted.

"You're the mom," Goku stated flatly.

A flash of anger grazed Vegeta's eyes, "Like Hell I'm the mom! First I'm the wife! Now I'm supposed to be the mom? What do you think-

He was abruptly cut off by a document in his face. "It says on his birth certificate," Goku explained as he pointed to the appropriate areas on the paper, "'Father: Son Goku. Mother: Son Vegeta.' You're the mom. I'm the dad." An ear-reaching smug grin followed his explanation.

Vegeta had pulled back his fist to strike Goku, when the click of the door was heard as it opened and Gohan emerged. "Hey Dad, hey Uncle Vegeta," he said, "School got canceled cause of all the snow and-

The boy locked eyes with the new baby.

"Gohan!" Goku exclaimed excitedly, "Look you got a new baby brother!" He proudly displayed the child to him, "And I know what you're thinking… Well, Vegeta and I have an explanation-

Gohan raised his hand to stop him, "I don't even want to know."

Four years later, Kuririn was choking on his beer. "Hak! You're telling us the Stork delivered Kalez!"

"That's impossible," Bulma said crossing her arms, "The Stork doesn't actually exist! We just told you that because we thought you wouldn't understand about sex."

Goku's eye twitched in anger with her words, "Yeah, thanks for informing lecture the day I married Chichi. Even after I told you six times that I knew about sex."

Roshi chuckled, "How did Vegeta take his new parenthood?"

Goku took a sip of his soda before answering, "Quite well until he realized there was dirty work to be done."

"Eh heh heh!" the old man let out, "I can just image him changing diapers! Eh heh heh!"

"It was freaking hilarious!" Goku burst into laughter. His laughter became contagious to the rest of the adults as the mental image of Vegeta with a dirty diaper burst into their heads. The mirth died down after a moment and left them mildly chuckling and wiping tears from their eyes.

"So Goku," said Bulma holding her chuckles back, "How did the name Kalez come up?"

"It sounds like a Saiyian-jinn name," Kuririn said.

"Yeah, Vegeta named him," Goku explained, "I asked him what it meant but he just gave me this diabolical look."

The old master smiled, "Well, congrats to you and Vegeta both. And to Gohan too. A child is a great gift to receive." Goku only grinned as he looked at his new son as the boy rode about the room on the back of Sea Turtle's shell. There was peace as the warm air of spring swept the planet, Goku mused.

Hundreds of kilometers from the Kame House location, deep within a jungle thick with vines and the screech of wild animals; a heavy man shuffled his way through. In his large pack, six orange dragon balls called out for their seventh brother. A ringing growing louder the deeper the man barreled through. The sweat on his brow only drawing out more of his determination to find the last ball and grant his deepest desire.

MTB: Chapter 1 ends and I will hopefully bring you the second chapter soon. That will have some actual plot in it. So see you soon! BTW: the name Kalez is a play on the word kale: which is a type of cabbage that was very common and popular back in the Middle Ages. It has a lot of nutrients and different types can bloom with flowers while there are others that cannot. You could probably find it still in your local grocery store. I won't make any grantees on taste however. I wanted to keep with the play on Saiyian-jinns names being puns of vegetables. Hilarious.