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Figures emerged out of the forest all around them. Damon spun in a quick circle and counted them. Eight. He narrowed his eyes and tensed his body for a fight.

"Who's the leader here?" he called out to the tall statues in the darkness. A ninth figure stepped towards him, one he hadn't previously noticed. It was smaller, probably younger than the others. Stepping out of the pitch black revealed the figure to be a young, teenage girl.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" exclaimed Damon with exasperation. He glared at the girl who gave him a cool smile. Her eyes were black in the darkness. "What are you, like seven?" he spat sarcastically at her.

"Five hundred and thirty two actually."

He raised his eyebrows in mock wonder. "Well done you."

"We don't want to cause any trouble," she called to him. There was a murmur of agreement from the circle around him. Damon glanced at them warily.

"Well your feeding habits indicate differently."

She shrugged apologetically. "We didn't realise any of us lived here. I'm sorry." He frowned suspiciously at the sincerity in her words.

Distantly he picked up the sounds of Stefan and Caroline following his trail through the woods. The girl had also heard their advancement. She turned her head slightly in their direction.

As the other vampires in the circle picked up on the sounds there was a wave of discomfort.

"Nadia," the nearest figure whispered urgently. He, like the others shifted anxiously but the girl, Nadia, stayed perfectly still.

She turned cool eyes on Damon. "How many are there?"

He shrugged casually. "Too many for my peace and quiet."

She laughed at that. It was still the laugh of a child. "We shall leave you then." Without waiting for his reply and with a wordless command to her circle, she dissolved back into the shadows, the group slowly following, until Damon was left once again standing alone in the forest. Standing alone and utterly confused by the encounter with a pack of vampires led by a child. She couldn't have been more than 15 surely.

"What is the undead world coming to?" he muttered to himself just as Stefan and Caroline burst into the clearing. They stared at him questioningly.

"We've had visitors," he muttered. Stefan glanced around them but the forest was still and silent once more.

"Do they mean harm?"

Damon shook his head thoughtfully. "No. No I think they're alright."

Stefan and Caroline looked unconvinced but Damon couldn't explain why he had faith in the word of the child leader. Perhaps it was a remaining human instinct to trust a child, though he really should know better, but he did not feel that the girl, or her pack whom she clearly had strict control over, were a threat to them.

Stefan questioned Damon all the way back to the house but grumpily he deflected each question with monosyllable answers. He felt Stefan's frustration and he felt slightly stung at Stefan's distrust for his own judgement on the group. After all, he was the one who had encountered them not Stefan.

On return he was surprised to see Elena and Katherine sharing the living room, albeit as far from each other as possible. They each kept a suspicious eye on the other but seemed in relative peace, reading their respective books. Elena jumped up at Stefan's return.

"What was it?" she asked eagerly. Katherine didn't move but watched them all through lowered lashes.

"Just some travelling vampires. Damon says they mean us no harm." He hooked an arm around her waist and Damon watched it with a sullen expression. He took the seat that Elena had vacated.

"I offered them coffee but they declined," he joked.

Elena gave him a dubious look but Katherine smiled.

"Well we could use some entertainment around here," she said. "I'm getting rather tired of looking at all your faces."

Damon rolled his eyes. "Well feel free to leave at any time," he smiled sarcastically at her. She gave him a withering look. "Actually they were quite interesting. Their leader was practically a child."

Stefan took a seat opposite him looking interested. "What do you mean?"

"Yeah couldn't have been more than 15 I think," Damon replied, feeling everyone's eyes upon him; it was unusual to encounter a vampire so young, let alone one in control of a pack. "Didn't catch their plans, or anyone's names, except one. One of the others called the girl Nadia."

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Katherine shiver. His eyes snapped to her but, as usual, she was hiding her thoughts well. She looked back at him with blank eyes. "Do you know a vampire called Nadia?" he demanded.

She tilted her head to the side as if thinking. He knew she was mocking him. "No...no I don't think so," he said seriously, before smiling.

He didn't rise to her teasing. "Katherine," he warned, his expression serious. Stefan was looking at her in the same way.

She sighed with irritation but turned serious. "No Damon. I do not know a vampire called Nadia."

He studied her for a few seconds. She seemed genuine, honest, but he knew better than to believe that.

"Katherine if you know something," Stefan began in a low voice, but she cut him off, rising angrily to her feet.

"I said I don't know a vampire called Nadia," she spat and marched from the room.

Damon looked at Stefan who shrugged. They were used to it.

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