A/N: Here is it folks. The last and final chapter.


Mystic Falls, One year later

"This music is terrible," moaned Elena as Matt brought them over their drinks. Stefan laughed, his arm slung casually over the back of the chair.

Matt shrugged apologetically, though a smile on his face. "Manager's choice sorry."

"Hello children." Damon slipped into the chair opposite Elena and plucked Stefan's drink from his fingers.

"Hey!" said Stefan. Damon smirked and took a swig.

"So, what are you kids up to tonight?" he asked disinterestedly, throwing a glance around the crowded bar.

"We," said Stefan in an annoyed voice, reaching across and claiming his drink back, "are on a date."

Damon's eyes flashed and a sly grin spread across his face. "Ooh cosy."

Elena sighed and leant across the table, clasping her hands on the table before her. Damon leant in to meet her halfway.

"Damon," she whispered, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Yeess?" he drawled, the cocky smile still in place.

"What Stefan means to say is...bugger off."

She tapped him sharply on the nose and leant back into Stefan, feeling his arm wrap around her shoulders. She smiled smugly at him.

"Fine," he sighed, pulling himself out of the chair. "But I know you secretly want me."

It was such a familiar conversation that no one even bothered replying to him.

"Stefan!" called an excited voice as a brunette bounced over to the table. Damon frowned, his eyes flicking up and down the newcomer.

"Playing the field are we brother?"

Stefan ignored him. "What's up Claire?" he asked the girl from his chem class.

"I've got a message for you," she said breathlessly, throwing a nervous sideways glance at Damon, who was leering at her alarmingly.

Stefan frowned. "What is it?"

Claire focused her attention back on Stefan, ignoring Damon's continued creepiness. "The message is 'Watch your backs. There's a new vampire in town."

Elena inhaled sharply and Damon and Stefan instantly snapped to attention. Damon instinctively looked around them, making sure there was no one near enough to have caught the word.

"Who sent the message Claire?" Stefan hissed quietly, jumping to his feet. The girl looked alarmed at their reactions and took a frightened step backwards.

"I-I don't know," she stuttered, her eyes wide as Damon's blue eyes bored into her.

"She's been compelled," Damon muttered. Suddenly their relaxed evening was filled with tension. Couldn't all the evil things just leave them alone for while?

"Come on, we'll go back to the house," Stefan ordered, gently pulling Elena to her feet. The two brothers walked protectively on either side of her, looking around them as they went, as they marched from the grill.

"What is all the noise about?" exclaimed Katherine in annoyance as she stalked into the living room of the boarding house. Damon, Stefan and Elena all turned to look at her, serious expressions on their faces. "Well?" she placed a hand on her hip and looked at them expectantly.

"We've got trouble," Damon said, marching over to the table and pouring himself a drink. He raised an empty glass in question to Katherine. She smiled an acceptance.

"And is this witch, vampire or werewolf shaped trouble?" she sighed, taking the offered glass from Damon's hand. She threw a contemptuous look at Elena. "Or human shaped?"

"Vampire," replied Stefan, ignoring her rudeness to Elena.

Katherine slammed the empty glass down on a side table. "I'll go get my stake then," she said, smiling sweetly.

"Katherine this could be serious," scolded Stefan, frowning at her.

"Oh always so serious Stefan!" teased Katherine. Her joking smile disappeared at the sound of a loud crash from the front of the house. Everyone turned in unison towards the sound.

"The front door," grunted Damon, grimacing.

"How can they get in?" demanded Elena in a panicked voice, looking frantically at Stefan.

"Oh who knows!" growled Damon in an exasperated voice. "It could be any number of vampires we befriended who turned out to be demons!" Stefan gave him a look that made it clear his sarcastic humour wasn't appreciated. Katherine smirked.

A pile of papers suddenly exploded next to them as a blur whirled around the room. The pages of white papers drifted down slowly around them, settling on the floor and furniture. Angrily Damon brushed one off as it landed on his head.

Katherine continued to grin in amusement, apparently completely nonchalant about the possibility of a threat. "Well you can wipe that smile off your face," muttered Damon grumpily as he kicked a few pages of paper, sending them whooshing back up into the air."It is most likely your trouble that is coming back to bite us."

"You bet your ass it is," said a different voice. They all spun around again towards the voice. They were met with the sight of Nadia, flanked by Eleanor and Henry on either side, one hand on her hip and a wicked grin on her face.

Slowly, a matching smile spread across Katherine's face. The anger faded from Damon's expression and he rolled his eyes and turned away, picking up his glass and plonking himself back down in his seat.

The three intruders clattered down the few steps and into the room. Eleanor took a cosy seat next to Damon, tinkling a bright laugh at his annoyed grunt.

Nadia stepped up to Katherine.

"Hello sister."