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This story takes place in New York, where Klaine, Brittana, and Mercedes have been living for a year. In my mind, everyone graduated from McKinley in the same year.

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"Yeah, Britt?"

"Where's your dolphin?"

Kurt smiled as he turned to face Brittany. "He's at work Britt. Remember, I told you that he's working part-time at the coffee house around the corner."

Brittany's face brightened. "Oh yeah!" She went back to looking through the rack of jeans sitting in front of her. Kurt shook his head imperceptibly and went back to looking at a particular shirt that had caught his eye.

Kurt had been surprised at first when Brittany had demanded that he help her find an outfit for her first official date with Santana. He had eagerly agreed, desperate to know the details of how the two had finally gotten together. Which led them to where they currently were: browsing through multiple racks of clothes at the nearby mall.

How could anyone possibly wear this? It's hideous. Kurt was rifling through the rack of tunics before him and paused as his fingers touched one made of bright pink polyester. Polyester was definitely not Kurt's style. And to make it even worse, the shirt was covered in garish silver sequins.

"Ooh!" Brittany took the shirt right out of his hands. "I like this. Pink is the color of love and passion." Kurt watched on, amused, as Brittany proceeded to rub the fabric against her face. "Can I get it?"

Kurt was torn. He wanted to explain to her how absolutely revolting the shirt was, but he couldn't say no to her childish innocence. "I don't know Britt…"

"You don't like it?" Brittany's voice dripped with tangible disappointment. Her eyes seemed near tears.

"No, it's not that." Kurt couldn't snub Brittany's purity after all. "If you like it, then you should get it."

Brittany's face immediately lit up. "Thank you!" She hugged Kurt tightly and Kurt returned the hug. He smiled as Brittany skipped over to the register. Now if only he could find something for his date with Blaine later…


Kurt turned toward the voice. He knew that voice anywhere.



Mercedes dropped her bags by the door of the store and ran to Kurt. They embraced each other tightly.

Mercedes released him. "Hey. What are you doing here?"

"I was helping Brittany find something for her date with Santana tonight." Kurt pointed to Brittany at the register. She was babbling excitedly and if the look on the cashier's face was anything to go by, she was most likely going into intricate detail of what she and Santana usually got up to.

Mercedes turned in the direction Kurt pointed to. "Aw, she's so adorable. I'm happy for them."

Mercedes and Kurt caught up for a few minutes. Brittany skipped up to them.

"Hi Mercedes. What are you doing here?" Brittany asked curiously with a tilt of her head.

"Just some retail therapy. What about you, Britt?"

"I'm getting clothes for my date with Sanny!" Brittany grinned at the mention of Santana. "And Kurtie was helping me." She leaned over and whispered into Mercedes' ear, "He has dolphin powers."

Mercedes giggled. "Yeah, he does."

"I what?" Kurt asked suspiciously, looking both of the girls over as they giggled.



"Hey, Kurt? I have to go, but we definitely need to talk when you get back from your date tonight."

Kurt grinned at the mention of his date with Blaine. "Right. Don't worry, I will. Well, it was good seeing you, Merce." The two divas shared a quick hug. "Talk to you soon?"

"Definitely." Mercedes said goodbye to Brittany and then walked to the front of the store to grab her bags she had dropped earlier. She turned back and waved one last time as she left.

"I have to go too," Brittany stated sadly.

"That's alright, Britt."

"But," Brittany grabbed Kurt's hands in her own, "then you'll be all alone. And your dolphin isn't here."

Kurt laughed. "It's fine Britt, really. I'm going to go meet him in a few minutes anyway."

"Okay… but remember to watch out for people who don't like unicorns."

"I'll be careful. I promise."

With one more hug and a wave, Brittany went in one direction and Kurt in the other. Kurt left the mall and headed out to the parking lot, searching for where he had parked his Navigator. Once he located it, her opened the back door and threw in his bags of purchases. He needed to get home so he could have time to freshen up for his date with Blaine.

It had been one year since Kurt had graduated from McKinley and two years that he and Blaine had been in a happy relationship. Mercedes was constantly asking when he thought Blaine would be proposing. 'Isn't one year the usual amount of time?' she had asked during their last catch-up session. Kurt diverted her from the subject as often as possible. He knew Blaine would propose when he was ready, and Kurt didn't mind waiting.

Tonight Kurt and Blaine had plans to hang out. Kurt had no idea what was going to happen, since Blaine had adamantly pertained that it was to be a surprise. All Kurt was told was to dress comfortably and to bring a jacket in case the temperature dropped later during the night. So Kurt rushed home, said a quick hello to his parents, ran into his room, dumped his purchases gently on his bed, and quickly began deciding on what he would wear. His date with Blaine was set up a few hours from now, at 5 o'clock, which left Kurt with plenty of time to get ready if he planned it out correctly.

Shuffling through his closet, Kurt pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, a midnight blue sweater, a black vest, and his favorite black scarf. He carefully laid the clothes out on his bed and walked into his bathroom, making sure he had a clean towel to shower with. He organized his clothing one last time before hopping into the shower.

Once the water was at the perfect temperature, Kurt stepped into the shower. He sighed as the warm water cascaded soothingly down his back. After enjoying the massage from the jets of water, Kurt quickly shampooed and conditioned his hair. He left the conditioner to sit as he washed the rest of his body and his face. He then rinsed off completely and enjoyed the steam surrounding him for a few more minutes before turning off the water and stepping out onto his beige bath mat.

He grabbed the black towel hanging from its towel rack and dried off. He wiped the mirror now covered with condensation and looked at his reflection. Even after all this time, he didn't really see what Blaine saw. Yes, Kurt had eyes that changed color depending on his mood and his body was toned from his time on the Cheerios and also the football team, but when Kurt looked in the mirror what he saw was the baby fat he used to have. He saw a boy that had been teased and bullied.

The sight of Blaine's curls in the corner of his vision brought Kurt out of his morose thoughts. He reached out and picked the picture up from its place in the corner of Kurt's mirror. In the picture was a grinning Blaine, curls actually flying freely for once. The sight of his smiling boyfriend made Kurt smile fondly. Blaine had been the one who saved him. Blaine was there, talking to Kurt at every possible opportunity. He was the one who made sure Kurt ate while he was at Dalton. Blaine was unconsciously becoming Kurt's world.

And then Blaine had finally asked Kurt out and everything only got better from there. Kurt was happy again, truly happy. Happier than he had ever been since his mother's death. He had had a rough time when Mercedes had left to join the Trouble Tones his senior year, but it had all worked out in the end. It had also been tough when Rachel had caused him to lose the student presidency, and consequentially his last hope for NYADA. But then Rachel had apologized and went along with the 'Klaine Christmas Special' so he had grudgingly forgiven her. He was glad to have all of his friends back.

Kurt shook himself from his thoughts and wrapped his towel securely around himself. He then stepped back into his bedroom and walked toward his bed, looking over his outfit choice one more time. He nodded in approval and quickly got dressed. He walked back into his bathroom and began working on his hair. Feeling like trying something new, instead of coiffing his hair as he normally would Kurt instead expertly used some gel to give his locks a wind-blown look. After trying a few different ways, Kurt was pleased with the results and began to brush his teeth.

Once his appearance was finally taken care of, Kurt looked at his phone to check the time. It was already 4:30, which meant that Kurt had been getting ready for nearly three hours! He unlocked his phone to see one unread text message. He smiled as he saw that it was from Blaine.

From: Blaine; 3:25 pm

Hello beautiful. I know you're probably getting ready for our date at this moment, but I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to say that I love you and I can't wait for our date tonight. ;)

Kurt smiled as he finished reading the text. Blaine was so sweet; Kurt still couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found someone like Blaine Anderson.

"Blaine, dude! Relax!"

Blaine paused in his frantic inspection of the scenery to turn and glare at one of his best friends, Wes. "And how exactly am I supposed to relax? This has to be perfect for when Kurt arrives!"

Wes sighed for the tenth time that day. "It is perfect. Now stop your pacing and calm down. Everything is going to go perfectly."

Blaine acquiesced and sat down next to Wes on the bench. He rubbed his forehead tiredly and released a long sigh. "I know. I'm just so nervous."

"I've noticed," David commented wryly as he approached. He took a seat on the other side of Blaine. "Don't worry. All the Warblers are in place and there is no way Kurt would even dream of rejecting you."

"I know that," Blaine replied. "But I still want everything to be perfect. Kurt deserves nothing less."

"You are so whipped it's pathetic," Wes grumbled.

"Oh my God!"

Wes nearly fell out of his seat at the sudden shout. He looked around and, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, turned to Blaine. "What was that about?"

"Look what time it is!"

"4:45," David supplied. "So?"

"I have to go pick up Kurt! I told him I'd be there by 5!"

"Then why don't you get in your car and drive to his house so that you can pick him up and bring him back here?" Wes suggested dryly.

Blaine sat motionlessly for a second before leaping from his seat and bounding into action. "Thanks guys," he shouted over his shoulder as he made a mad rush to his car. As he drove away, Wes and David shared a look.

"Kill me if I ever get that bad," Wes said seriously.

"Don't worry," David replied equally as sincere, "I will."

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