Hi all! I've recently come to love this pairing and decided to add my own writing to the fandom. So this will be a series of one-shots or drabbles that will mainly be about Flash and Batman and their relationship with each other. I'll probably slip in other characters too when I feel like it so that everybody gets some love. I have a few more ideas I want to write out but for the most part I'll just be updating when I have the time and when I have ideas which will probably be on a not regular basis. But anyway a little bit about this one-shot.

Title: Attire

Summary: Wally shows up at Bruce's door for a date but is sadly under dressed.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: don't own a thing and don't want any money for it.

Bruce stared at Wally.

Wally stared at Bruce.

Wally seemed a little ticked off at the kind of attention Bruce was giving him. It wasn't the fun, flirty, let's get naked right now attention he wanted either. It was kind of like a blank, surprised, why the hell would you do that attention.

Wally rarely wore civvies outside of work since anytime off of work was normally spent being the Flash. So normally while wearing civvies he liked to be comfortable. Being comfortable was the first priority to civvies since Flash's costume wasn't comfortable. But Bats seemed to have a different idea. He was wearing a suit and tie. The man looked stunning, really. It accentuated his broad shoulders and perfect waist and the trousers made his legs look longer if that was even possible. But he had to be sweating in it. Although Wally reminded himself if he could run around in a full spandex suit all year round and not mind it then the same thing could probably be said about Batman.

So anyway point being Wally liked to be comfortable first. Second priority was to look good. Can't have your one and only boyfriend leaving you for some sweet young thing at the drop of a dime, could you? So you can understand Wally's irritation at how that same boyfriend he dressed up nice for (just especially for him) was giving him a blank stare instead of telling him how hot he looked.

"What?" Wally finally asked.

Bruce gave him a once over for like the third time since Wally had arrived at his ritzy rich-boy doorstep at his ritzy rich-boy house.

"We're going to dinner." Bruce stated in that condescending tone of his. Sometimes Wally thought it was hot but not right now.

"I know. That's why I'm here," Wally said trying to match Bruce's condescending tone but just the tiniest bits of annoyance seeped out too. What's he getting at? he thought.

"You do realize that normal people dress a little nicer for dinner?"

Now, Wally didn't want to touch that "normal" comment with a ten foot pole. He remembered telling the world's greatest detective when he had made a similar comment that "normal" people don't dress up like flying rodents and take down baddies with really expensive high-tech toys. That had resulted in a week of rather reluctant abstinence on his part from his favorite activity and during that time a certain part of his body had turned an astonishing shade of blue.

But he could address the "dress a little nicer" part.

"I am dressed nicer! This is a nice shirt and on top of that it's clean."

Ha! Let's see what the great detective has to say to that!

For a few beats, he didn't say anything. It was like Wally's superior logic had disarmed him. But then he opened his mouth and he pointed out obvious things that anyone could see.

"You're wearing jeans, high tops, and a plaid button down shirt…" As if that explained everything.

"Yeah? So what? I wear this to work all the time. People actually tell me I look nice when I wear this."

"Because it's a step up from your normal wardrobe," was the Bats' snarky reply.

"Hey! Not all of us can afford to buy a suit for every day of the week, okay? And more than that even if I did have enough money there's no way I'd ever have time to actually go out and buy one. Plus it's totally not my style. I mean, sure I could rock a suit but I look good in practically everything. So why spring an extra couple bucks for the same effect?"

For the first time that night, Wally watched Bruce crack a smile. Wally wanted to stay pissed at him but when the man smiled he just couldn't.

"Well, regardless, the place we're going won't let you in without a suit."

Wally knew what that meant. It meant over-the-top prices for a dinner that only took up barely a quarter of your plate and didn't even taste that good. It also meant unfriendly eyes on him at all times. It was like those million-dollar people were programmed to search for a-buck-and-a-quarter outsiders like him and purposefully make them feel uncomfortable for the rest of the night.

Wally certainly didn't want that.

"Then let's not go there. Let's go somewhere else. There's a nice place on Madison and 3rd." Bruce had raised an eyebrow at the words "nice place" and Wally decided to up the incentive to go. "They have the best milkshakes." Even the Batman shouldn't be able to say no to milkshakes.

Bruce shook his head. Wally didn't know if it was to refuse milkshakes or if it was a sign of disbelief. He settled on disbelief.

"You picked last time and besides if I'm paying I get to decide where we eat."

It wasn't like Wally couldn't refuse free food. He just couldn't refuse Bruce… and free food.

"Fine. You win. But like you said they won't let me in if I'm not in a suit so-"

Bruce cut him off. "So we just need to get you a suit, then."

"But aren't we going to dinner like now? You said, 'I'm taking you to dinner at 5 so don't be late.'" Wally prided himself in his Bruce impression. It always seemed to make Shayera laugh. "It's like 5:10 now."

But after he said that Bruce got that strange glint in his eye. The glint that said, "I'm super smart and now I'm going to tell you just how smart I am by explaining my logic to you but you might not get it seeing as how you're so dumb."

Wally hated that glint.

"I thought you'd show up without the proper attire so I told you to come earlier just in case we needed to go shopping. I actually made the reservation for 7."

"You-you knew?"

Wally was shocked even though somewhere in the back of his head he knew he shouldn't be. World's greatest detective… yeah…

"Yes, I did. Now let's go."

Bruce made to walk passed him toward the door but Wally still had questions. The red head caught Bruce on his forearm and made him turn around so they were facing each other.

"And what if I had come here in the proper attire? Dinner wouldn't have been for two hours. What then, hot shot?"

The only warning Wally got was a smirk and that same glint in his eye before Bruce wrapped an arm around his waist and brought him closer for a long leisurely kiss on the mouth. Sometimes Wally forgot just how much this man could do to him with a single touch much less a kiss.

When he pulled away, Bruce had that same smug smirk on his face as he said, "I'm sure we would've thought of something."

All Wally could do was smirk back and say, "You're an incorrigible bastard."

World's greatest detective and world's most infamous playboy… how could you not fall in love?

So? Tell me what you think. Also I'm open for any suggestions for one-shots. *kisses*