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Title: Dolls and Underwear

Rating: T

Summary: Bruce goes over to Wally's apartment expecting a hot date. But what he finds is something else entirely.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I don't necessarily own Annette but I did make her up so I claim partial credit for her.

Bruce walked up the stairs in Wally's apartment building. It'd been quite awhile since he was last here. Actually it'd been awhile since he and Wally had had any time alone. Between all the work for being Batman, and Bruce Wayne and the foster father/crime fighting mentor to yet another Robin, he just hadn't had any time to himself. And if he hadn't had any time to himself that he didn't have the time to call Wally up and try to get together for lunch or coffee to just see each other and talk. Not as the Flash and Batman but as Wally and Bruce.

But today there was a surprising lack of anything that Bruce had to do. So he'd decided to spend as much of today as possible with Wally. Wally regrettably had had work and couldn't take any more time off. So they hadn't been able to spend the whole day together but something was better than nothing.

He was approaching the door to Wally's apartment as he was thinking of how he was looking forward to just him and Wally with nowhere to go and nothing to do for however long they wanted with no one else around.

He got out the key that Wally had given him. It was really just a formality. Wally had even said as he put the tiny gold key in his hand, "Look, I know you can get in here without it but I just thought that maybe if you wanted to enter and exit buildings like a normal person then you might want this."

Bruce smiled at the memory. He put the key in the lock and turned it. He opened the door and found a rather strange sight.

Wally was sitting in the middle of the floor and staring wide-eyed up at him as if he had been caught red-handed taking cookies from the cookie jar. Which Bruce thought was a completely reasonable expression since he had caught Wally not only sitting in the middle of the floor but also sitting among a motley collection of dolls, brushes and doll clothes strewn around him. Also on closer inspection, Wally had in one hand a half naked doll while the other hand held a pair of what could be nothing else except… doll panties.

For a couple milliseconds they just stared at each other. Wally's face was getting steadily redder until he seemed to realize what this must've looked like. Then he immediately got up and started talking in rather rushed and agitated tones.

"Bruce! I… I was watching my coworker's little girl because something came up that they couldn't bring Annette along. Then she wanted to play dolls and she was having trouble putting the underwear on and she asked me to do it so I did and then you walked in."

Then he seemed to realize something else and he dug the heel of his hand into his forehead as he said, "And I completely forgot you were coming over and we were going to have a date. Shit. I'm sorry, Bruce. I– "

And to the surprise of both of them, Bruce started to laugh. Really laugh. He didn't remember the last time he laughed like this.

"Wally," Bruce said when he felt he could, "where is she now?"

Wally got redder as he looked around trying to find her. "She was just here a second ago."

Bruce couldn't help himself. He laughed some more. It felt good to laugh but his sides were starting to hurt. But it was a good kind of hurt.

"Bruce, stop laughing at me. What was I going to do? She wanted to play dolls and she couldn't get the underwear on…"

Bruce shook his head trying to cover the remainder of his laughing fit with his hand. "It's okay, Wally. I believe you. It's just that was the last thing I was expecting to walk in on."

Wally sighed and shook his head. "And this is like the most embarrassing thing that you could ever walk in on."

"Mr. Wally? Who's your friend?" said a high and slightly lispy voice asked.

Bruce turned and saw a girl of either four or five. She barely stood as tall as his waist and she had a big pony tail of brown hair coming out the top of her head. She was wearing a blue striped T-shirt and a pair of jean overalls.

"Annette! There you are. Oh, this is Bruce. I completely forgot that he was coming over…" Wally answered with a little embarrassment in his voice as he scratched the back of his head.

The little girl's eyes lit up. "Good! He's just in time."

She ran over to Bruce and took his hand leading him to the center of the room where Wally was.

"We were just about to do Mr. Wally's hair. I just got a whole bunch of new barrettes for my birthday, you see," she explained in what could only be her "grown up" voice. "I only had boring ones before so I asked Mommy and Daddy for newer prettier ones. I saw some before that had butterflies on them and I said, 'Mommy and Daddy that's what I want for my birthday' I said. And they got'em for me. And not only did they get me the butterfly ones but they got me ones with hearts on 'em and flowers on 'em too. So I told Mr. Wally about them and he said he wanted to see them and so I showed 'em to him. And he said that they were pretty. Then I told him that I wanted to be a hair stylist when I grows up and he said that he wanted to be my first customer."

Annette had led him over next to Wally and motioned for him to sit down. And with every word that Annette rambled, Wally seemed to be increasingly embarrassed. He kept up the smile so the kid wouldn't suspect anything but his face just got redder and redder.

Bruce did not think it was cute. It wasn't because Bruce would never use a word like cute. Ever. He just had a strange urge to reach out to Wally and bring him close and just hold him… that's all.

The girl kept talking. "So, I'm going to be the hair stylist and Mr. Wally's going to be the customer. Who do you want to be, Mr. Bruce?"

At that Wally felt he needed to step in. "Oh, sweetie, I'm- I'm sure Bruce is busy. Y'know he was only supposed to come over for a little bit anyway. And he probably has some important stuff to do…"

Wally looked between him and the little girl. Bruce knew he was only trying to give him an out if he didn't want to stay. This was supposed to be their time alone... but he could share Wally at least until the girl needed a nap.

He caught Wally's eye. "No. Nothing too important… I mean I have been neglecting to go to a hair stylist for some time now and I think now's as good a time as any. So, Miss Annette, I will be your customer as well."

The smile that he got from the little girl made him crack his own smile. And from the look that Wally gave him and from the touch of his hand on his shoulder, he could tell that Wally was grateful, ecstatic and had probably fallen for him a little more. Bruce could live with all of that.

The girl clapped her hands and bounced around excitedly. But then she seemed to remember that she was the professional here and toned her excitement down. She put her hands behind her back and adopted a toothy grin that was actually missing a tooth. She began to survey each one of their hair styles. She looked at Wally's hair and hummed, "Mhmm… Mhmmmmm," as if she was assessing something very interesting indeed.

She said, "Mr. Wally for your consternation may I suggest an up do with the tulip barrettes?"

Wally smiled and said, "Whatever you think is best. You are the expert here."

Annette nodded in agreement.

As she went to go retrieve the tulip barrettes, Bruce turned to Wally and asked in a whisper, "Consternation?"

The red head shrugged and said, "I think she meant consultation. Hair stylists do that, right?"

"What? Mix up words to sound smart? They sure do."

"No. I mean give consultations."

"I guess they do that too."

She came back and she held three little barrettes in her hand. One was yellow, one was pink and one was purple. And she immediately got to work.

Now while Wally's hair wasn't exactly long it wasn't too short either. The strands of red hair were just long enough for Annette to have something to work with. So first she took Wally's bangs and pinned them up on the top of his head with the purple barrette. Then she took the pink barrette and took some strands from the side of his head and pinned them up too. Lastly she took a few strands from the other side of his head and pinned them up with the yellow barrette.

Annette took a step back to assess her work. Then she turned to Bruce and asked, "What do you think, Mr. Bruce?"

He wanted to laugh again. He never ever in his wildest imaginations have ever thought he'd ever see Wally like this and it was quite a funny picture.

But for the girl's sake, he remained stoic and looked at the job she did critically as if assessing one of his own employee's work. He scratched his chin and leaned so he could see both sides of Wally's head. Wally even aided him and turned his head in display.

After making a thorough assessment he said, "Miss Annette, I must say you truly have a gift. Why, he looks at least ten times better than he had before. You did a truly amazing job of it."

He could tell by the twinkle in her eye and the smile she was trying to hold back that she was extremely proud of her work and was happy that he had appreciated it like she had.

Wally said, "I wanna see it now."

Annette's eyes lit up and said, "Let me get the mirror!" Then she wandered off to a different part of the apartment.

Wally watched her go and as soon as she was out of sight, Bruce caught a hold of the red head's chin and tilted it towards him. Then Bruce kissed him.

When they pulled apart, Wally smiled and asked, "What was that for?"

Bruce smiled back as he said, "For looking so damn good in those barrettes."

Wally laughed and said, "Maybe I should make these a part of my regular wardrobe then."

Bruce chuckled. He gave Wally one more kiss on the lips before pulling away and saying, "I think you should. It's a good look for you."

Wally winked at him just before Annette returned with a handheld mirror in her hand. It was plastic and had been painted to look like gold. It was adorned with an assortment of plastic jewels as well.

Annette offered it to Wally and he took it with smile. He looked at himself and gasped. "I'm gorgeous!" he exclaimed. He caught Annette in a hug and said, "You're going to be an amazing hairstylist, Annette."

The girl giggled and said, "Thank you."

Wally looked over at Bruce and said, "Okay, now I think it's Bruce's turn, isn't it?"


"I can't thank you enough, Wally, for looking after Annette on such short notice."

"No problem, Margie baby, anything for you."

"Well anyway, thanks again, Wally. Did you thank Wally, Annette?"

Annette held her mother's hand as she looked up at Wally with the biggest smile. "Thank you, Mr. Wally, for playing with me. You can borrow the barrettes if you want to wear them."

Wally and Margie laughed.

"Thank you, Annette," Wally said, "but if you don't take them now I might want them all for myself. Then you're never getting these back."

Wally offered the barrettes and Annette quickly snatched them from his hand.

Wally chuckled and leaned so he could whisper a little conspiratorially, "I'll make sure to get the bow from Bruce when he wakes up."

Annette giggled and nodded.

With a few more parting words from Annette and her mother, they left with a few more waves goodbye and more thank you's.

After the two had disappeared down the hallway, Wally quickly went back into his apartment to check on his sleeping beauty.

He looked at the couch and found him exactly as he'd left him. Bruce's tall and broad frame looked almost comedic as he was sprawled across the seemingly tiny couch. And what the best part of the whole picture was that Bruce still had the tiny Hello Kitty bow in his hair. Annette had suggested that Bruce go with pink because it was more his color. Wally had told Annette that he couldn't agree more.

Bruce had scoffed but let Annette do as she pleased with his hair. And that was exactly what she had done.

Well, Wally thought presently, if Bruce sleeping on my couch with a bow on his hair isn't a Kodak moment, I don't know what is.

In no time at all he had gotten his camera, snapped a few pictures, saved it in a locked file on his computer then deleted the readily available evidence. Wally knew he wouldn't be able hide it from Bruce if the man really wanted to find it but it would be better if he kept it out of plain sight.

Wally then made his way over to the couch and considered waking Bruce up so that they could have some… quality time together that may or may not involve clothing. But Wally couldn't bring himself to awaken his sleeping prince because he couldn't imagine how much Bruce really slept these days. So he let Bruce sleep while he rummaged around the kitchen looking for something to eat while trying not to make too much noise.

He was in the middle of making a sandwich when he heard Bruce yawn and shift on the couch. He looked and saw that Bruce was awake and sitting up on the couch.

He trotted up behind Bruce and planted a kiss on the top of Bruce's head and said, "Mornin', sunshine. How's my favorite detective?"

Bruce rubbed at his eyes and after a few beats asked, "When did I fall asleep?"

Wally laughed and said, "Well after Annette was finished with your hair we decided to watch Little Miss Sally's Mermaid Adventure… I think you probably fell asleep between the time Little Miss Sally talked with those charming underwater creatures and when Mr. Evil-Sea-Urchin stole the magical emerald of happiness."

Bruce nodded then stopped. He turned and looked incredulously at Wally and asked, "Was his name actually Mr. Evil-Sea-Urchin?"

Wally laughed. "Nope, I forget his name but it was something evil… like… Cobalt… isn't that a color?"


"And it could still totally be a bad guy's name for a four-year-old's TV show."

Bruce chuckled. "Maybe you should be a children's TV show script writer."

Wally laughed and said, "You know, I think I should."

There were few beats of silence until Wally said, "I'm… sorry about today, Bruce. You kind of got roped into babysitting with me while thoughts of my deliciously hot bod probably danced in your head and I know we don't get a lot of time off where both of us are free and I'm a complete dumbass for not remembering about our date and-"

"Wally," Bruce interrupted. "It's fine. Today was actually nice."

Wally smiled and leaned on the back of the couch with his arms folded over the back. "It was, wasn't it? You know in a completely domestic sort of way…"

There was a bit of a pause until without looking at Bruce and blushing all the way up to his ears, Wally mumbled something with a wide grin on his face.

Bruce looked at Wally quizzically and asked him to repeat himself.

A tiny bit more flustered, Wally said, "I would totally let you be the father of my children."

Bruce turned and trained a hard stare at Wally causing the red head to duck his head and scratch his neck. "Too much?" he asked.

Bruce just sighed and smiled. He murmured a no then he twisted and reached for Wally and threaded his hands through the hair on the back of Wally's neck.

He pulled Wally in and kissed him long and lovingly. It was slow and relaxing… for most of their bodies.

When they pulled back, Wally looked at him with half-lidded eyes and said, "If we go over to the bedroom right now, we can totally make some babies."

Bruce rolled his eyes fondly and said, "Your powers of seduction never cease to amaze me."

Wally tried to glare at him but he couldn't through his smile. "Well, I must be doing something right for you to come back to me all the time."

Bruce chuckled. "I suppose there's something besides your dashing good looks."

Wally blushed and said, "Must be my magnetic personality, huh?"

Bruce pulled Wally in for another kiss but not without first saying, "Something like that."

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