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The beginning of the weekend came and Nene decided to tell her father about the good news since she didn't get the chance to when she stepped inside. He was actually on his way out that night, saying that someone made a mistake when sending some documents, which was a good thing for her, the two sometimes never have an agreement with each other, and good old' mom would always be there to help. He had been gone for the rest of the weekday, and without waiting for him to come home, she decided to take a trip to his workplace.

Standing in front of the door, she breathed in deep and stepped into his office, full of courage and confidence.

Aside from Nene, Kiriha has been having problems coping up with the news. He hasn't slept well, ate less than he usually does, and is suddenly having trouble focusing in school. His group mates were worried about him and asked him a couple times if he was okay, and he would reply, "I'm fine, just sleepy," usually just mumbling it. It's almost eleven, noon time, and Kiriha has spent his whole morning under the covers of his bed. He told himself a couple times that he was going to come out, get dressed, and maybe take a walk somewhere, and it took the whole morning just to slowly set foot on his own carpet. Within a few more minutes he was out and about in his condo. Deciding to put the news and Nene aside in his mind, he made himself some breakfast and ate more than he did a couple days ago. He was actually starting to feel a little bit better, that's what I need, a break from Nene, he thought, and he certainly needed a break from thinking about her. He stretched and decided to take a long walk.

Back at Mr. Amano's workplace, things weren't going too well for Nene and her father. She ran out of his office and Mr. Amano tried calling for her to come back, but his attempt failed. Running out of the building, Nene stopped to catch her breath in the middle of the steps, I knew I shouldn't have told him, it was too soon. Her breathing calmed and she slowly stepped the rest of the way down. Her ride was waiting for her, but he told the driver to go off without her, I'd rather take the bus home today.

Nearing the bus stop Nene looked up to find a familiar face in the small crowd, "Yuu!" she yelled and the blonde boy responded, "Nene!"

The bus moved and made its way down the busy streets. Afterwards, it's a smooth ride home. Nene, who sat beside Yuu, glanced out the window, seeing the reflection of the water from far away. Moments came back to her and suddenly found herself thinking of him. She shook her head then chatted with Yuu, "What were you doing there? Are you going home early?"

"Well, I went to the bookstore to see if my book came in, but not yet. And I don't know, maybe I'll just go to the basketball court and practice. Maybe I'll bring Taiki along and have him show me some tricks," said Yuu happily. Nene nodded, "that's great!" she hasn't told Yuu about the good news yet and knowing that he would understand, she faces him directly and spoke, "Yuu, there's something I have to tell you. I've told mother and some of my friends about this already but I really wanted to surprise you. For my career, I'll be headed off to-"

"Hong Kong," interrupted Yuu which surprised Nene. She looked questionably at him, "um… Taiki and I…" he paused, but continued, "You see, when you were going out with Kiriha, we sort of followed you everywhere that whole day,"

"You were following us the whole day," she repeated, she was about to yell at him and ask who sent him but her thoughts disrupted her, which means… Nene looked away shamefully, "oh… even to the restaurant?"


"So you heard everything I said to Kiriha?"

"… Yeah. But it's ok Nee-san, I understand. You didn't want to worry us," Yuu chuckled, "we would have understood anyways,"

Nene smiled, Yuu was always good at inspiring her and cheering her up after some argument with her father, "thanks Yuu."

"No problem. Also, your singing was amazing Nee-san. So was his, I didn't even know he could sing,"

Nene giggled, "You know what? Me neither." She shifted her position.

Yuu looked out of the window behind him, "you know, when we were following you, I couldn't help but notice that you two looked like an actual couple,"

Nene turned slightly red and looked away, "w-we do?"

Yuu nodded.

When they were finally dropped off, Nene and Yuu walked along chatting for awhile, "ahh, I'm going to go to Taiki's and see if he wants to practice with me, I'll see you later Nee-san,"

"You be careful," said Nene and waved her little brother. She looked up at the sky, watching the clouds move slowly, "so blue," she whispered, "oh! I know!" suddenly thinking of something, or perhaps someone, she dashed away towards her new destination, will he be there?

She had been going to the park during those days after their little hang out around the city. However, she hasn't exactly seen him there lately. She would walk around the park secretly looking for him, and her heart would sink every time he wasn't there. But nonetheless, she wasn't about to give up just yet, her time in Japan is limited and Nene wants to spend all her time with her friends as much as possible, even Kiriha. She made a turn and stopped to look at the half empty park. She scanned around looking for him, but he didn't appear to be around the play area. She walked in, still scanning, and then she headed for the other side of the park where she got lost during the storm. Nene kept walking on, until she came across the place where she bumped into him. She stopped there and looked around. Then she sighed and took another path, Kiriha… I wish you were here, she thought.

The cherry blossom petals flew around, gently landing on the ground all around her. One of the flowers fell from the branch and smoothly made its way towards Nene's head. She felt it land and blinked looking up, and right in front of her was the man she was searching for, for what felt like a long time. The same could be said for Kiriha, except it was half and half, he wanted to see her, but then again he didn't want to either.

"Kiriha!" Nene said, extremely happy to see him. Kiriha held his hand up and reached for the middle of her head where the flower landed. He grabbed it and instead of taking it off, he placed it to the side of her head, tucking the little stem behind the upper part of her ear. Nene looked shyly at him, blushing as he fixed it above her right ear, "there, it looks better now," Kiriha said. He smiled at her but looked away sadly. He shrugged it off quickly and acted like he was ok, but Nene, who took a closer look at him, could tell that something rather odd was going on, "Kiriha, you look sleepy," she said to him. he rubbed his face, "well I am…. But not really, just a little," afterwards he ran his hand through his hair and continued, "but, what about you? You looked sad again,"

"o-oh well that's because…. That's because I thought you weren't here," she finally said which surprised Kiriha, she's been looking for me?


They walked towards the path that Nene was taking, Kiriha listened to her about her practicing her singing and that she felt she was improving a lot. he liked hearing about that and was glad that he could help, then she brought up the conversation with her father, "ugh, I can't believe that he's not supporting me in my decision to go to Hong Kong, It's my dream to be an idol, and all he ever talked to me about when I was little, is to follow my dreams. I hope he doesn't think that my dreams are just going to school and finding work here," Nene pouted. Kiriha was silent for a while. Wanting to be at least a little bit honest, Kiriha spoke to her, knowing that she wouldn't like what he said, "… you know… he may just be right about that…"

Slightly surprised that she heard that from him, Nene suddenly became confused and a little curious, "… you think he's right?"

"Maybe; But what he said to you does make sense, doesn't it? Just think about it,"

"…So what…. You're…. you're agreeing with him?" clearly Nene didn't like where this was going, but she kept her calm as she's still confused about what he was talking about.

Kiriha stopped and turned around to look at her, "Nene," he said quietly.

Maybe she was just thinking too much on it, but one thing is for certain, he was agreeing with her father. She spoke with a little bit of hurt in her tone, "so I'm guessing, it's better if I stay here and focus on my schooling and other things that all girls my age should be doing…. Is that it Kiriha?"

"I… I'd say that's the best plan. I mean, come on Nene, going to a different country to become an idol? That's just absurd-"

"Absurd…" Nene shakes her head and chuckles a little, "I can't believe this,"

He took a step forward and tried to make her understand, "Nene, believe me when I say I want you to follow your dream and become an idol. But look at what you're doing,"

"What I'm doing? Kiriha I know exactly what I'm doing, I am following my dream, and this is the one chance that I have to achieve that,"

"Look around, you have plenty of chances,"

"Do I? Do I really have more than one chance?"

"I….." Kiriha stopped before he could say anymore. He really didn't know if she would have another chance as this kind of career is extremely competitive and usually only one is chosen.

"You don't know do you," said Nene. Kiriha shook his head from the idea, "the point is, I think you should re-think this whole, going to Hong Kong thing. You're too young to be living by yourself,"

"Is that so," she said crossing her arms, "you're living by yourself and you're doing just fine,"

"that's different," Kiriha said, "my parents died but you still have yours. You're just way too young and inexperienced for any of this,"

"You're starting sound like my father,"

"Good, someone has too."

They suddenly became quiet. The blossoms fell more as the wind breezed by, "whatever, support from you or not, I'm going and nothings going to stop me,"

Kiriha sighed uneasily, "Nene,"

"Understand?" she said shortly after

"What about your friends? Don't you care about them? And what about your family? You have everything you've ever wanted, right here," he paused for a bit, "d-don't you feel like you're leaving something behind?" Kiriha said in almost a sad tone.

Nene looked down and thought for a minute, "I do care about my friends and family, I know they would want me to do this. Kiriha, they mean everything to me and no matter what, they'll always be in my heart, always. So just what am I leaving behind?"

Kiriha stood there, trying to hold himself together. He scoffed and turned his back to her, "fine, go follow your silly dream then," he told Nene then walked away from her. Nene had no idea what was going on with him, but she felt the urge to stop him, wanting an honest answer to why Kiriha is acting the way he is. She reached out for him, "Kiriha, wait,"

"Don't think that I'll miss you, because I won't," he said as he kept walking on. Nene watched him, hoping that he would turn around and look at her again. But he didn't. Unaware of the others feelings for each other, they both went home, broken, angry, and sad.

The days passed and none of them have seen or heard from each other since then. Nene had mixed feelings, she's excited to go, mad that Kiriha said those things, and also sad. Why? Because she's going to miss him, a lot. She couldn't shake the feeling that what she's doing hurt him in some way. She tried to forget about it by singing, but every time she tried to sing, nothing came out. Same thing went for Kiriha. How could they sing, knowing that the person that makes them happy, makes them sad?

One day when Nene was coming home from school, she noticed three other students from the other side of the sidewalk, talking and laughing loudly. Luckily nobody was driving by; she could hear perfectly clear what they were saying. The three students happened to be Kiriha's classmates. Kamil was the loudest of the three, "I'm pretty amazed how Kiriha got his task done pretty fast. He must have worked all night long on it,"

"yes, a dedicated person he is, we should be acting like him so that we can get our project done faster," said Tori as he ran in front of the gang and walked backwards, "although, I'm assuming that he got it done fast because he's moving out of Japan,"

"ahh, lucky guy," sighed Kamil, "he gets to go to America and all of us have to stay here,"

Nene completely stopped walking, she couldn't believe what she just heard, he's moving? She thought. Then, as if her body had a mind of its own, she started running, faster and faster. She wanted to got to the park and find him, either that, or go to his condo and talk to him about this, is that true? Kiriha, are you really moving away from here? Wait… hold on; she slowed her pace, breathing heavily. She hesitated for a bit before she turned away and slowly walked towards home, why does it matter? I'm leaving too, and he's probably still mad at me. Leaving… This important place that I call home… but is it home without you?

Those very few days have passed until the day came that Nene had to leave. That morning she said good bye to her family and friends who wanted to watch her go. However, Taiki and the others took a ride with her to the train station.

At the condo, Kiriha turned off all of the lights in the now empty living room. He looked around only remembering the time when Nene slept over. Japan just brought too many memories of her. If she wasn't going to be around anymore, why should he stay? It just wasn't home without her.

He packed his bags and made sure that they were ready for tomorrow. The living room is empty, the dinner table next to the kitchen wasn't there anymore, and most of the stuff in the kitchen that belonged to him have been packed and shipped already. Even the bedroom was empty except for the drawers.

Feeling like he needed some fresh air, he decided to make a final visit to the city again. He headed out of the condo and walked at a good pace towards the bus, where a crowd of people gathered. He walked slowly thinking about Nene, wondering if she's thinking about him too, that's stupid, of course she isn't thinking about me. She has her dumb career to think about. Kiriha sighed, no… It's not stupid at all, I should be happy for her. Why is it so impossible for me to do that? He walked slower and slower until he fully stopped. He looked up at the crowd of people entering the bus, two taxis in front and behind it. He saw people holding hands and couples kissing before entering the bus, "promise you'll never leave me," said the girl to the boy. They walked together towards the entrance, "I'll always be with you, as long as you have me in your heart," said the boy. Kiriha stood there as the crowd shortened, in my heart… he thought, not moving from his spot until the last person got on the bus. Blinking and snapping himself back to reality, he looked at the two taxis; one was already taking somebody somewhere while the other is still vacant. His heart beats faster, and he ran towards it, it's impossible because, I love her.

It was a long ride to the train station, a ride that some of her friends slept through, well all except Taiki. Nene looked out the window; her face was emotionless throughout the whole journey. Taiki cleared his throat to get her attention, but she didn't make a move. He did this a couple times but still no movement. He sighed and called her name, finally grabbing her attention, "hmm? Are you okay Taiki?" she said. Taiki shifted, "you sure don't seem as excited about this as you did days before,"

"I'm sorry, I just have a lot on my mind,"

"Oh? It's about Kiriha isn't it?" said Taiki. Nene looked up at him with a surprised expression. He crossed his arms, smirked, and winked at her. She sighed and looked out the window, but this time, with a small smile on her face. Taiki always knew what his friends were thinking.

The car stopped and everyone got out, helping Nene with her bags. The train was just down the grassy hill where people crowded under the shade, hopping on or saying their final good byes to their loved ones.

Having all the bags already, they headed down and passed through the rather large mob of people. They showed their tickets and were accepted inside. The agents brought her bags in and her manager went in as well. Holding a small bag, she turned around, "well, it looks like this is farewell,"

"Nene, you'll do great out there," said Akari as she went up to give Nene a hug.

"We'll be here supporting you all the way," said Zenjirou, Taiki nodded to her agreeing with Zen.

"Thank you, everyone," Nene said looking at the xros heart team. Making eye contact with all of their faces; all except one. Her smile almost turned into a frown, and to hide it she respectfully bowed to her friends, "I'll… I'll make sure to send letters, take care everyone. And Taiki, please take care of Yuu for me,"

"Nee-san," Yuu pouted. Taiki chuckled and placed his hand on Yuu's shoulder, "don't worry Nene,"

Nene smiled and nodded, then turned around entering the train.


The taxi driver drove as fast as he could, swerving here and there almost making Kiriha sea sick from the sharp turns, this is the last time I'm taking the taxi, he thought.

They're closer to the train station, about a quarter of a mile away, "drop me off here," Kiriha said to the driver.

When the taxi stopped, he paid the driver and made his way out of the vehicle, dashing to his destination.

"Would you like to sit by the window miss Amano?" said her manager

"s-sure, thanks," Nene said, she checked to see if her bags were in the cabinet above her. She was about to close it until one of her bags tilted a little. An umbrella rolled out of it and Nene caught it before it hit the ground. She fixed it a little and proceeded to put it back, but she stopped and looked at it again. She held it gently in her hands and opened the flaps to see the full rabbit running, Kiriha, she thought. Wanting, wishing to see him and hear his voice one last time. A tear, was suddenly emerging from her eyes.

Stopping at the top of the hill, Kiriha looked down and saw the train. He squinted his eyes and scanned the crowd, looking for her, "Nene, where are you?" he said to himself. He spotted Yuu closer to the train and for sure he knew that Nene was on it. He jumped and slid down the grassy hill until he couldn't slide down anymore and instead, ran down the hill. He was tired but he wanted more than anything to see her before she left. In the distance, people stopped getting on the train, a clear sign that it was about to leave. Kiriha gasped and ran faster, no, not yet. Don't leave just yet, he thought. The train let out some steam, and although the doors haven't closed, he knew that he might not make it in time. He closed his eyes and yelled out her name, "NENE!"

She blinked as small tears ran down her face. She looked at the way she came from, she could have sworn that she heard her name and from someone she knew so well, is… is that you? Kiriha, she stands in the middle, wondering and hoping that it was him. There it was! She heard it again, or at least she thought she did. She began walking the way she came from with her umbrella in her hands still. It was a long way to the door, so instead of walking, she began jogging, then finally running, "Kiriha," she said quietly.

Kiriha tripped a little, but it didn't stop him from racing towards the crowd. Once he got there he had to squeeze himself between people, and maybe push them a little.

"please take your time to relax and settle down, we will be leaving shortly," hearing the announcement, Nene pushed herself to go faster, almost there. And she was.

Nene swiftly turned towards the left as Kiriha finally pushed through the crowd, she called his name loudly as she took a step forward and literally jumped out of the exit. Kiriha called her name also, passing Taiki, Yuu and the others, and there they were. They found each other again, their faces lit up seeing that familiar person that they knew all too well. Now they were truly happy.

Kiriha reached out and caught Nene, her arms wrapping around his neck. They held each other closely, "I didn't think you'd come," said Nene, more tears running down her cheeks, "I thought… I thought you didn't care."

It was quiet for a short while, Kiriha smiled, still holding her close, "I do care. I care about you a lot, that's why it hurts to know you're leaving,"

Hearing that from him made her both happy and sad; it hurt her also that she had to leave. Nene buried her face on his shoulder, wishing that time would stay still. They pulled away from each other, wishing they could just hold on, but the train was about to leave, and this is the ride she doesn't want to miss, "did you come here to stop me?"

Of course Kiriha wanted too, but he knew that she is just as stubborn as he is, "no, I came to….. To wish you good luck," he said. Nene held the umbrella close to her as he backed up a little, "I'll miss you," Kiriha said.

Nene wanted to run up and hug him again, but she heard her manager calling her name worryingly at the entrance of the train, "I'm coming," she said looking back and then back at Kiriha, "I'll miss you too Kiriha-kun. Good luck in America."

"You know about that?" he said but didn't get a reply back. She smiled and turned around, jogging towards the train. Kiriha watched her until the doors closed.

He walked up to it, seeing Nene turn around and placing her hand on the glass window. Kiriha looked away before glancing at her one last time. He lifted his hand and put it on the glass over hers. Nene was a bit puzzled by this, Kiriha, what's…. the train let out some steam. Kiriha smiled sadly and removed his hand from the window and above his heart, hoping that she would get the message. She must have because he saw her madly blush and now placing both hands on the window. It looked like she wanted to tell him something, but the train slowly moved and all they could do is watch each other disappear.

Once she couldn't see Kiriha anymore, her bangs covered her eyes as she lowered her head. Her hands at her sides. Shoving her career goal in the back of her mind, all she could see were images of Kiriha and wondered what would have happened if she stayed for a while longer. She raised her hand and placed it above her heart, Kiriha, I love you too.

~whenever I want to sing, I'll think of you. Because you're the song that came from my heart~