Johnny raised the knife, and just before he could kill the spider that seemed to keep coming back to life, the TV screamed the most horrific thing in the world. (A/N: No it's not Justin Bieber, don't worry.) " DO DO DOO DOOO DORA THE EXPLORER!" 'AAAAA!' Johnny screamed, dropping the knife. "COME WITH US INTO CANDY MOUNTIAN WHERE WE WILL LEARN HOW TO COUNT TO THREE IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!" The look on the homicidal maniacs face was priceless. Dora the explorer continued. " 1, 2, WHAT COMES AFTER 2?" Johnny sat down. "Three you idiot." He muttered. "NO SILLY, IT'S TRESS! LETS TRY A DIFFERENT ONE!" Johnny sat there dumbfounded for a moment before attempting to change the channel- only to find the remote batteries were dead. Out of nowhere a dog popped up. 'woof!' it said. 'AWW, LOOK! IT'S A CACHORRO!' Johnny stood up and pointed at the TV screen accusingly. "NO, IT'S A PUPPY YOU HORRIBLE LYING CHILD!" Dora smiled stupidly. 'VAYAN A MORIR!' Johnny screamed, but stopped and slapped himself in the face. 'GREAT, NOW I'M SPEAKING IN SPANISH!' Dora suddenly started making noises that seemed to impersonate a braying mule. "HEHAAAW HEHHAWWW!" Johnny looked very disturbed. Then an ugly thing came on screen that vaguely resembled an animal. Nny assumed it was a mule. 'HAWWWW- HI KIDS IM A IDIOT MULE! WEEHOO!' Johnny backed away from the TV slowly before running off to never return.
'Oh mi dios, todavía no puedo creer que aún vigiladas que feos TV show. uno dos tress! GAH!' Johnny spoke to himself in spanish for the rest of the night before realizing he still never killed that spider.
=D Ta-da! My (failed) attempt at humor!