Ginny sat in her room the following week, turning the coin from DA over and over in her hands. She was caught in a mix between absolute lethargy and the itching desire to do something. She could feel herself getting weaker from all her time sitting at home. At Hogwarts, she and Neville and Luna had been fighting. Here, all she did was wait.

Luna. Ginny's throat constricted. Where was she? Surely if she was safe, someone would let her know, wouldn't they? Same with Harry, Ron and Hermione, right?

Ginny rolled over onto her stomach, still playing with the coin. She was so bored. Mum and Dad barely let her do anything around here. She couldn't fly her broom, because they feared she'd go out of the boundaries of the protective charms. She could take walks, but not go very far. And anyway, those walks just reminded her of Harry, and all the walks they took on the Hogwarts grounds.

Ginny sighed. Thinking of Harry was even worse than she thought it would be. It was if every time she turned around, she'd be reminded of him, and she felt something constrict inside her.

She sat up, and looked around her bedroom, and it hit her all over again. The last time she'd been alone with Harry, she was in this room. It was unclear what she'd planned to do when she brought him with her. She knew, rationally, how easily they could have been walked in on, but that didn't stop her from trying. It was desperate, yes, but knowing he would be going away for the foreseeable future made her want to do anything to make sure he remembered her.

Though what she'd really wanted to do was make him stay. Anger still bubbled at Ron for interrupting them. What if he hadn't? Would she and Harry have laid down on the bed she was sitting on this moment? Would they have made love? Would she have been able to tell him how she felt about him before he left? Would he have promised not to go?

No, she knew the last part wouldn't happen. Most of that probably wouldn't happen, to be honest. He wouldn't sleep with her until Ron was fully supportive of their relationship, something she knew now would probably never happen. Chances were all of them wouldn't ever be together again.

Don't think that way, Ginny, she told herself. But it didn't matter.

"Would you have really wanted him to stay though?" she said out loud. "No. You would have wanted him to go out and save the Wizarding World... that's why you fell in love with him in the first place."

But he could have taken her with him. She didn't know if she would ever really forgive him for not asking her to come along. She would have gone in a second- she was just as good at magic as he was, and certainly better than Ron.

What would she do when she saw him again?

Suddenly, the coin in her hands grew hot. Ginny gasped and sat up very straight. She looked at the coin in her hands, and promptly sent a Patronus to Fred and George.

Getting up, Ginny felt all her energy return to her. She stripped of the comfortable, soft clothes she was wearing and exchanged them for sturdier garments. Finally, she found her Hogwarts robes and slipped them over her shoulders. She sighed with relief- it felt good to be wearing those. She found hair band and tied her fiery locks back from her face. Finally, she tucked her wand into her waistband. She was ready.

Two loud cracks sounded downstairs, and she knew it was time. She ran down into the kitchen to see Fred and George.

"Mum," she called, after only a quick glance at them.

Molly entered the kitchen shortly, surprised to see her twins.

"Harry's at Hogwarts," Ginny said.

Molly Weasley went pale. "Arthur!" she called.

"We're going," Ginny said, turning to her brothers.

"Wait- you can't just walk out of here!"

"We have to!" the Fred said. "Mum, Harry and Ron and Hermione are going to need our help. If they're back at Hogwarts, something big is about to happen."

"We already sent messages to the Order," George told his mother. "You and dad should get ready, you should meet us there."

"Ginny- you can't go, you're underage," Arthur said, who'd entered the room a moment before.

"Oh, rubbish, dad," Ginny said. "Do you honestly think I'm going to sit at home while my whole family and all of my friends at fighting at Hogwarts? There is no way that's happening. Fred and George already promised to take me. Didn't you?"

"Yes. You deserve to be there as much as we do," Fred said.

"You may be overage," Molly said acidly, "But you are not her parents and you can't take her wherever you won't."

"Mum, if you leave me here, I'll apparate illegally to Hogsmeade and walk there. I had lessons."

"Oh, dear," Molly said. "You'll get arrested in a second if you step into Hogsmeade, everyone knows we're in the Order."

"Exactly," Ginny said. "I'm going."

"Ginny, we can't be looking after you the whole time-"

"Dad, if you don't le me go, I don't think I can forgive you. Everyone I love is at Hogwarts. I'm good at curses. They're going to need all the help they can get. I'm part of the Order. Let me go."

He looked at his wife. "Fine. At least for awhile. You can see Harry and Ron and Hermione, but you aren't to leave the Room of Requirement-"

"C'mon!" she was already saying to Fred and George. "Let's go!"

Fred offered his arm, and he turned on the spot. A moment later, they were inside the Hog's Head, and being shuffled into the portrait.

Ginny was on her way back to Hogwarts.

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