A/N: So I wrote this is a one shot on Comment-fic at LJ and decided to do a few minifics/drabbles set in that verse as well as some general ones. Chapter titles will note which.

A/N 2: Rufia = The Last Scion

He tells them, above the screams, that all he ever wanted was to be…righteous, to cradle the truth in his hands and know what it felt like to be justified in his actions.

Rufia skips stones across the water and doesn't notice how they continue onward, bouncing gracefully behind waves as she digs her fingers into the sand in search of another. It's soon, too soon, but word travels slowly when dealing in millennia and her mother is face down on a blanket, humming along to the radio.

"Who are you?"


She rolls her eyes, "That's a lie." then sits with her legs sprawled out and looks at him

"Yes, it is."

"So is that." she returns quickly then frowns, "Wait."

He chuckles, taking a seat beside the young girl. Her shoulder moves as if unconsciously repelled by his presence but otherwise she remains still, watching him closely this dark haired man who wears black and white stripes and whose brown eyes are tinged with red. He fishes into his pocket and removes a small square of bread, biting into it before outstretching it to her


She takes it, tosses it ahead of them and watches it change back to stone, flipping once over a wave before disappearing. She tells him she had breakfast with her uncle Bob that her uncle Jay missed because he said something funny to a cop only the cop didn't think it was funny so long story short uncle Jay had three f-wording months of community service before he could babysit her again.

"Totally balls."

When she looks away from the water he's gone and her mother is calling her back.

She watches Rufia at the cliff, biting on her lower lip as her boyfriend presses a tight kiss to her cheek and races forward, leaping off the edge and into the water with a howl broken only by a faint splash. A short movement and she's there beside the young woman

"Are you going to jump?"

"I don't know, looks freaky." She looks away from the next person readying themselves for the leap, "Who are you?"


Rufia accepts the bottle handed to her, "You're lying."


"You-" she stops, laughs and shakes her head, "you remind me of someone."

"You should jump. I'm sure God would not let you come to any harm."

"Sure, but why test her?"

"Because you can."

Rufia looks at her sharply, brings the bottle to her lips for a sip before muttering, "Well I'd rather not, thanks."

The second coming of christ, the second coming of her, it's too much. The pressure is rising and her mom greeted Metatron like he was an old friend, smiled when Rufia called it a lie even while memories flooded back; memories of strangers who touched her cheek before silently disappearing, of dogs she found lying in the street but began to move beneath her touch.

Here at her old campground with Dewey, Edward and Veronica ("The First Three", Metatron had called them) asleep in the abandoned cabins, she tries to figure it out, piece it together. The city is stretched before her, begging to be saved but only after its destruction which she would lead with open bloody palms.

"I'm sorry."

She twists and there he is.


"You're different." he tells her, hands in his pockets as he looks up at the night sky, "Then again you humans are always changing, adapting. He killed himself for this world and look where it's headed-to hell. Literally."

"Who are you?"

"If only Azrael had completed his first task, hard to have an end of the world without the last scion."

"This isn't my fault."

"No. It's God's. God and his 'plan', planning always our Lord but never thinking." Rufia stiffens when he touches her, tugs her by the jacket to the edge of the slope "Why give up all this? It's a beautiful world, isn't it?"

"Who are you?" she whispers

"The judgment, the deaths the trials he intends to put your people through for a place you've no idea is even worth it; all of it can be prevented if you accept me into your heart. They want to take your world away, Rufia, I want only to know it." To hold it in my hands, "Accept me and you will have everything you've ever desired."

She looks away from the city, "And they'll be safe?"


She bends down, picks up a rock and skips it into the night sky. He watches it curve weightlessly and work its way back, the blessed stone tearing its way through his ribcage

"You're lying."

"Bartleby." Satan laughs upon his return, "So close."