Pairing(s): A whole truck load, basically almost all of them.

Rating: T. you'll see why.

Genre: Humor and eventual romance.

Warnings: Eventual Yaoi, Yuri, and straight couples and Romano's colorful use of words.

Summary: Hungary finds the website 'Fan fiction'. What happens when she shows it to all the other nations? Oh the embarrassment and hilarity that will ensue…

Extra Info: So I wanted to come back to the 'humor' Genre again. Since I'm writing a horror fic, I wanted to do Humor for once. So here I am~

This was going to be a one-shot but then I decided, Nah. Let's make it a multi-chap!~ honestly I don't know how long this will be. We'll see, shall we?

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Chapter 1: Introduction

She stared at the website that came up to her. Yet she only wanted yaoi to begin with and this came up. Her emerald eyes as large as saucers and her hand frozen on the mouse, her eyes glued on the monitor. Hetalia Axis powers was the fifth most popular anime on , millions of authors posting stories every several minutes.

Her thoughts? Or at least her reaction?

"MY GOD THIS IS LIKE YAOI HEAVEN!" She exclaimed, jumping out of her chair and snatching her phone. She quickly dialed a certain Asian nation's number and placing the device against her ear. She was literally jumping up and down, anticipating for the nation to pick up.


"Japan! Call for a meeting. Right. Now."


"Please tell me why I had to wake up in the middle of the bloody night and come here? Only to sit next to the frog?" the English nation complained, rubbing his emerald eyes. A quiet chuckle could be heard next to him, already making the English nation furious.

"Don't be so worked up, Angleterre~! Surely there is a good reason why I got to be here and sit next to you~"

"I hate you."

"Je'taime aussi~" England wanted to scream and kill the European nation but only clutched his blonde locks of hair, wanting to rip them off. In the meantime, America was busy stuffing his face with greasy heart attacks on a bun, not hearing a single thing except for his chewing and moans of his taste buds enjoying the meaty substance. England watched the North American nation; disgusted at the amount of grease was dripping from the so called 'food'.

Russia was smiling innocently, but that only meant that he was imagining something evil and frightening inside his mind. The Baltic States across from him shivered in fear as they could sense the violet aura surrounding the Russian. China stared at the nation, the expression unrecognizable. North Italy sat on Germany's lap, 'Veh-ing' constantly and his stomach growling, wanting pasta. Germany groaned, annoyed by his brother's constant 'Kesesese~' to a certain Austrian.

"You are an ass." The Austrian country chided. Switzerland sat next to Lichtenstein, protectively, his massive gun behind his back. He stared at the Austrian, slightly glaring at him. Lichtenstein gazed at her brother, trying to see what was in his mind.

Sealand sat in the middle with his 'Mom' and 'Dad', Sweden and Finland, swaying in his seat. He even got to go to a world meeting, for once! Since the Hungarian nation ordered for everyone to come.

Denmark pestered the Norwegian country constantly. Norway simply looked up from his book and gave the Dane the middle finger, instantly quieting the Dane down. Iceland and Hong Kong sat in their respective seats, both quiet and at peace.

Belarus sat with her sister, Ukraine, watching her big brother mischievously, secretly planning something. All the rest of the nations were either entertaining themselves or waiting patiently for the meeting to start. Japan sat next to Hungary, who just rung a bell for everyone to be silent.

The room was dead silent, all eyes fixed on her. "Hello mindenkinek! This will be a short meeting so listen carefully please." She announced, opening up her power point presentation from her laptop so it can be shown on the wall. Seconds later the first slide was up.

"Fan fiction? What the-"

"Hold on, let me explain." There were quiet murmurs surrounding the room. She waited patiently for the others to quiet down and listen to her. When her wish was granted she continued, "Fan fiction is basically about a site where fan girls…and possibly fan boys write about their favorite book, TV show, anime, etc."

"And what does this have to do with us?" Someone asked. Hungary smiled a Cheshire cat grin.

"We're in it." Everyone was silent as a whistle. She took this moment to move to the next slide. Some eyes widened and others were still baffled.

"Wait, screw the presentation. Lemme see the website!" America exclaimed, jumping out of his seat. Hungary turned to the nation, her grin tugging at the edge of her lips. England forced the younger nation down to his seat, giving the country 'What-the-bloody-hell-are-you-doing?' look.

After a couple of seconds the Hetalia archive of fan fiction popped up, showing numerous stories. Some of the nations in the back rose up from their seats to get a better look. Others in the front had their colorful hues wide open. Hungary giggled manically.

"As you can see, we're practically famous," She paused and stole a look at everyone's shocked faces. In the back Switzerland covered his little sister's eyes, trying not for her to get tainted with the content.

"Genres range from action superhero action scene-"

"I'm loving this site already~" America complemented, England shot him a glare.

"That's not all, there's mystery, humor, angst, and…" Hungary made a dramatic pause, taking in all of the countries gazes again.

"Most of them are romantic~!" She exclaimed, her smile growing larger. Everyone froze in their seats, except for one certain nation, that one nation grinning like an idiot and his blue eyes glimmering in the artificial light.

"Is zat true? What have our lovely writers written about us?" France asked, resting his head on the palm of his hand. At this moment, England wanted to kill himself at this point.

"Well there are some made up character pairings or reader inserts, but most of the stories include us like in a romantic relationship." The Hungarian explained, scrolling down the page. England's eyes grew large on how many pages of fan fictions were there.

"Over two thousand pages!" Hungary then laughed hysterically, confusing the other nations. She wiped a tear from her eye and gazed at the nations before her.

"Oh that's just without the Rated M stories."




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