Hello. I know you guys were all expecting an update. I thought long and hard about this.

I don't know if I should re-write Fandom Chaos. The beginning disgusts me of how OOC the characters were and I don't know if the plot is smooth enough. I don't know whether I should just go along with the plot and fuck it all up or just re write it so it could be smoother and with a slightly better plotline. (It would still have them discovering the deep depths of the internet)

I might discontinue this, it's a possibility. I thought it would be polite to throw out a reminder about FC. I'm sorry if you liked this, I certainly did. It was just a bunch of laughs and crack. It made me laugh and hopefully it made you chuckle a bit.

For now I just want to focus on the other fics I have to update and the new ideas that keep popping into my mind. They interest me more and it's sad to actually drop a fanfiction that I enjoyed writing. Fandom Chaos just makes me cringe whenever I read over it again.

Hopefully I'll get off my lazy butt and re-write this someday. For now, Fandom Chaos will be on Hiatus.