Follow Your Heart


I still can't believe that Darcy is going to have to leave soon. I know that college is such a big deal and all for him and I know I'm being selfish but I want him to stay right here in Concord with me. I guess I feel this way because we've only been together for a couple months now since we all got back from England and then he's going to be leaving again for collegeā€¦ he's completely stoked for college in the words of Cassidy Sloane.

"Hey, Jess! Where have you been all day? I've been here like eight times all afternoon and it seems like you disappear every time I show up." I hear Darcy's voice yell.

He's walking in from the front of our store we opened to get him and Emma back for spring break last year, "Pies and Prejudice". It's a pun on the Jane Austen book "Pride and Prejudice" that we read in ninth grade. I always tell the others in the Book club that Darcy Hawthorne is my Mr. Darcy. As He gets closer I try and escape, it doesn't work too well because while I'm racing to the back to get another jar of strawberry jam we really needed using that as an excuse to avoid Darcy, Chloe, Cassidy's little sister who is almost two comes racing around the corner, while in front and beside and behind me, Cassidy, Becca and Mrs. Hawthorne come carrying trays of pies and other pastries to the front of the store.

I'm too involved in getting away from Darcy and picking Chloe up to keep her from creating anymore damage then she may already have I don't notice them really. Next thing I know as Cassidy walks on not noticing me because I'm bent down trying to grab her sister she and Becca collide and Pies go flying and I end up underneath both of them and hear my wrist crack as Cassidy's elbow slams down on it, not another broken bone. I let out a yelp of pain that came out my mouth only about three months ago when we went sledding and I broke my leg.

"Oh My Goodness! What just happened?" Mrs. H says, she notices Darcy, "Darcy sweetheart, get over here and help the girls up while I take Chloe in the back to get her cleaned up."

As Darcy walks over, Cassidy makes quick to get up but Becca is on top of her.

"Hey, Chadwick, are you gonna get up?" Cassidy ask Becca.

"Nah, I think I'll wait for Darcy to help me up." She says. Too bad for her cause he's my boyfriend. She keeps thinking that one day he's gonna fall in love with her.

"First, He's Jess's boyfriend and second, fat chance he'll ever like you." Cassidy says as I laugh.

We hear Darcy come closer. I look up from the jars of jelly that I just got all splattered on the floor and see him jumping the counter. Cassidy finally just rolls off of me, pushing Becca off with her. She land with a thump on the floor and then stands up and storms to the storage room.

"Jess! Are you okay! Are you hurt?" He says kneeling down beside me, his warm chocolate brown eyes filled with concern.

"Yeah, I think I'll be okay." I tell him as I try and push myself up off the floor but I just collapse and yelp out in pain once more.

"Jessie, what hurts?" He asks me using the name that only he's allowed to call me.

"My wrist, Cassidy's elbow landed on it, that was my yell before, and I think I might have heard it crack." I tell him. I look up at him again and he helps me up.

"Let's get you home, you seem to have had a rough day and I do really need to talk to you." He says loudly. "Is it cool if I Take Jess home Mom?" he yells to the back as I grab my coat knowing she'll say yes.

"Yes, her parents are at a parent teacher thing at the twins school. Your father is home and I need you to pick Emma up at the rink then go to our house, Shannon is going to meet us there. See you in a couple hours for Book Club Jess." She tells us as Darcy drapes my coat over my shoulders.

"So what's your real plan mister?" I ask him.

"Well first we're going to take you to the emergency clinic to get your wrist checked out, the clinic has me down as a reference for you ever since the toboggan accident in November. So now we won't have to bother your parents."

"Okay and you said you needed to talk to me?" I ask knowing it's about me avoiding him.

"That can wait until we get back to my house, so we won't be interrupted." He tells me as he kisses my head. I lean over the console of the truck he got and kiss him on the cheek.

Boy, am I going to miss my Mr. Darcy.