I wake up and I'm in Darcy's truck and his eyes are on the road. I realize that I'm holding his hand so I squeeze it and kiss his cheek. His face breaks out in a grin.

"Good Morning Jessie."

"Morning Darce, How long have we been on the road?" I ask.

"Oh, only for about an hour. I woke up later then I planned and you were still asleep and I didn't want to wake you so I put you in the truck and got the rest of our stuff. "

"Ah, now I understand how I fell asleep on the beach and woke up in the truck."

"Hahaha… Sorry, you just looked so cute while you were sleeping." He just grins at me again.

Three hours later we're back in Concord. Everyone is at the Hawthorne's house. They are all in the kitchen.

"Hey lovebirds, how was it?" My mom asks.

"It was so much fun!" I tell them.

"Yea, you guys want to see the video?" Darcy asks them.

"What do you think we have been waiting for!" Emma screeches… I laugh.

"Come on, I'll put it in." Darcy said grabbing my waist and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Ah, to be young and in love." I hear Mr. Hawthorne say.

"To be wild and reckless also." Stanley said peering over Darcy looking at Tristan and Cassidy. She may not be his true daughter but he still isn't that keen on her dating, even though he loves Tristan.

"DARCY PUT ME DOWN!" I yell at him.

"Okay." He plops me down on the couch and then goes and gets ready to press play.

"You all ready?" Everyone nods. He presses play and comes and sits next to me.

I watch the screen and in about twenty seconds there are words on it.

Jess and Darcy—Wild and Reckless, Young and in Love.

Within the next couple minutes I see Darcy face right in the camera as he sets it up. Next he calls to me.

"Jessie come here!" I pop on screen and he grabs me and throws me into the water. I come back up and wrap my arms around him and pull him down to me. I watch us kiss on the screen. All the moms and other daughter sigh, my dad scowls and I blush. I hide in Darcy's chest. He laughs. On the screen Darcy is carrying me from the water to the blanket where we had watched the sunset. I didn't know it but he had moved the camera so you could hear what we were talking about.

When the TV Darcy says the part about there being more beautiful things in Concord the other girls and moms sigh. I just snuggle closer to Darcy. He slides his arm around my waist. My dad gives him a glare.

"Michael! Be nice to the boy." My mom scolds him.

"Fine but watch yourself young man." He says as he leaves and he sends Darcy another glare.

"He'll simmer down in a while… he still sees you two as the little kids who helped him in the field every weekend… not a couple who goes on dates… you know what I mean?"

"It's fine Mrs. Delaney." Darcy told her.

The video fades off into slides with pictures on them of me and Darcy. All the ones Cassidy has taken. They look so awesome… Darcy's thumb slid over my cheek and then I realize that I'm crying… tears of joy. I get up and hug Cassidy.

"Okay, Okay, enough of this gushy stuff… Let's go have some fun." She says grabbing Tristan's hand and walking outside.


Hey everyone, I know it's been really long and I'm sorry but I've been very busy…so this is kinda just a filler chapter, I'll put something good in the next one.

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