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If you thought these past chapters were bad, this one's a reeeal tear jerker...

Chapter 38: The Sweetest Goodbye

"Whatdya reckon Ace sent us those letters fer?" Applejack said to Rarity as they walked up the steps to the observatory. "This all seems kinda weird..."

"Oh, I know, dear!" Rarity sighed, holding the letter magically in front of her as they walked. "This all seems very suspicious in some odd way. The observatory? Only his friends? What ever could he have to say?"

"Oh oh! Maybe it's a surprise party!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounced up the stairs.

"Fer what, Pinkie?" Applejack said dryly.

"Because he won the race!" Pinkie Pie smiled naively as the four friends reached the top of the stairs and stopped outside the door to the observatory.

"Oh, um, there was a party afterwards, Pinkie Pie...that is, if you remember it..." Fluttershy touched down next to her as they reached the top.

"There was a party?" Pinkie's eyes rolled around in her head. "I can't remember it at all! It was craaaazy!"

Applejack sighed, "Ponyfeathers, Pinkie! Ya'll ate all the cake! How could ya' not remember that?"

"Too much sugar, maybe?" Twilight Sparkle climbed the top of the stairs behind them, her saddlebag on her back full of books. "I may have to conduct a study about memory loss related to sugar intake."

"I like it!" Pinkie smiled. "Hey! Where's Rainbow Dash?"

"Here!" RD's voice echoed through the stairwell behind them. All the friends turned to see Rainbow Dash flying up the stairwell, holding Blazing Dawn in her forehooves. She landed and nodded, "You guys got letters from Ace, too?"

"Mmhmm..." Rarity nodded. "It must be something doubly important than we originally thought, as you brought Blazing Dawn with you..."

Blazing Dawn was semi-asleep in Rainbow Dash's forehooves, tossing and turning in the blanket she was holding as well. Fluttershy cooed at the baby alicorn. "Awwww...he's so cute when he's asleep..."

The door to the observatory opened behind them, and Lunar Eclipse, the alicorn Prince of Death, stepped out. He was not in his armor; rather, he wore an onyx wreath on his head.

"Oh...hello, Lunar Eclipse!" Twilight smiled. "We didn't know you were here!"

Lunar Eclipse's eyes slowly moved downwards until he met Twilight Sparkle's gaze. He cocked an eye indifferently and nodded, "Indeed." He stepped aside and gestured inside using his hoof. "He's waiting for you..."

"What the hay are you talkin' about, mister?" AJ stepped back, clearly surprised by the alicorn's appearance.

"Dan." Lunar gestured inside again. "He's waiting for all of you..."

"He's already here?" RD asked, confused. "I didn't see him leave the cloud..."

The alicorn sighed. "Just come in."

He watched as the Elements of Harmony stepped inside, slowly closing the door behind him. The door creaked and heavily shut. The Elements stopped short at the scene that lay before them.

The observatory was a fairly large, spherical room with marble stars and planets on the floor. The ceiling was all glass, giving a beautiful view of the night sky, Luna's moon shining brightly through the windows. Both alicorn Princesses, Celestia and Luna, were standing side by side next to the giant telescope that was angled out of the observatory up at the sky with solemn looks on their regal faces.

Lunar Eclipse trotted up from behind the six friends and joined the Princesses, standing on the other side of the telescope.

They were all silent for a moment before Rainbow Dash stepped forward, still holding Blazing Dawn, who was now up and looking around, and said, "Well? Where is he?"

"Here, Dash."

Dan's voice echoed from a door off to their right. All six friends turned their heads and gasped, "DAN!" They all shouted his name simultaneously.

There, in the doorway, stood the human Dan. He wore his jeans and his long-sleeved black tee-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He shook his head, making his brown, shaggy hair flip around through the air. He stood up at his full height of six foot two and ran his hands through his hair before stepping forward, his shoes making a non-clopping sound on the floor that sounded eerie to the six friends. He stopped a few feet away from Rainbow Dash, whose mouth was hanging open, and looked down and off to the side. He rubbed his left arm with his right arm and looked again at Rainbow Dash and his son, Blazing Dawn, who was gazing up at him curiously.

"Hey Dash..." Dan stifled a chuckle and smiled awkwardly. Rainbow Dash closed her mouth and stepped towards Dan, still staring up at his face in awe. Dan shook his head and exhaled deeply. "Ugly, huh?"

"Ugly..." Rainbow Dash sniffed. "No...not ugly..." She smiled. "This is how really look, huh?"

Dan nodded slowly, kneeling down so that his eyes were level with hers. He nodded. "Yeah...this is how..." He looked himself over. "I really humans really look..."

She suddenly rushed forward and embraced Dan, positioning Blazing Dawn between them. "Rainbow..." He wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands on her back.

She then leaned back, she had tears in her eyes. "Does this mean what I think it means?" She sniffed and inhaled, trying to gain enough composure to say what she knew was happening. "Are you...leaving?"

The six friends gasped behind Rainbow Dash. The three alicorns near the telescope took on looks of sadness, looking down at the floor.

Dan closed his eyes, smiled, and then opened them again, tears also appearing in his eyes.

"Y-yes... I am..."

"Bwaaaaaaaaaahahaha!" Rarity suddenly started to cry, burying her muzzle in Applejack's chest, who wrapped a hoof around her friend and looked over at Dan, tears welling in her eyes as well.

Rainbow Dash laughed through her sobs and looked up at Dan. "I...I should've known this day would come..." She sighed. "You have family back on Earth, after all..."

"I do... And if I don't return, they will be frozen in time forever..." Dan sighed with her as he pulled her into another embrace. "And Equestria's time-space continuum is out of whack, so I have to leave..."

"Are they nice?"


"Your family... Tell me about them."

Dan sniffed and tried holding back more tears as he recalled his family on Earth. "My mother and father are both professors at a distinguished university...and my little brother...well, he's just my little brother..." He chuckled. "He can sing, play the piano, and play the guitar like I do... Only not as good..." He smirked and Rainbow Dash laughed.

"I would've loved to meet them..." She hiccuped through her tears.

Dan chuckled at the thought of introducing RD and his baby to his parents. "Maybe you will get to meet them someday..." He smiled. "I have a feeling they'd like you..."

"You think so?" She sniffed sadly.

Dan wiped away a stray tear that was flowing down her cheek. "I know so." He looked over Rainbow's shoulder at her friends. "Hang on a second, Dashie..."

He stood up, and turned towards the other five Elements of Harmony. First, he walked up to Twilight Sparkle, who was holding back tears as well.

"Twilight..." He smiled. "You took me in when I first got here in me shelter, food, and a good friend..." He kneeled down. "You asked a few questions, but ultimately, you didn't care. You were just helping a pony who needed help." Twilight slowly started smiling, sniffing sadly. "You took initiative when the Elements were locked in that vault at Canterlot and got them out, helping me defeat Discord. You are truly worthy to be the Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle. Know that I will never forget you."

"Dan..." Twilight suddenly hugged Dan just as Rainbow did a few moments ago. Dan patted her back and stood up.

"Keep leading the Elements to victory, Twilight."

"Will do...Dan..." Twilight wiped away another tear before nodding.

He walked over to Fluttershy, who was hiding inside her mane. Dan chuckled.

"Fluttershy..." Dan smiled. "Fluttershy, come on out..."

The shy yellow mare turned her head so her eyes could be seen. She, too, had tears welling in her eyes. "I'm...I'm gonna miss you...Ace..."

"Call me Dan now, Fluttershy..." He knelt down. "Fluttershy, I didn't think we'd become friends when I first met you... You were too darn shy for my taste." She looked away from him at this remark, but Dan chuckled. "No, no...let me finish. Look at me, Fluttershy..." Fluttershy turned her attention back to him. "Fluttershy, though you are shy, that is how your Element, Kindness, shows through. I'm glad I could know you while I was here." He smiled and leaned forward and hugged her. "You've been a great friend."

Fluttershy buried her head in Dan's shoulder as they hugged, and Dan could feel tears staining his shirt. They released each other, and Dan patted her cheek before standing up and moving over to Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie..." Dan knelt down in front of the pink party mare, who wasn't crying. She was just kind of staring into space. "Pinkie?" Dan cocked his head and waved a hand in front of her face. Pinkie's mane-style suddenly flattened, she frowned, stuck out her lower lip, and sat down on her haunches.

"The best party I ever threw...was for you, Dan..." She sniffed. "It''s just not fair that you have to go!"

"Pinkie Pie..." Dan shook his head, smiling. "Pinkie, I laughed, talked, and had more fun at that party than ever before in my life." He put a hand on her shoulder. "In fact, I don't think I deserved it. Seeing as you are the Element of Laughter, though, I can see why you did it..." He leaned forward and hugged the crazy mare, shocking her mane back into its frilly place. "Thank you."

"Yep..." Pinkie Pie said, hugging back and wiping away a tear. "Just...just try and come back, yeah?"

Dan stood and pointed at her. "Yeah..."

Next in line was Applejack and Rarity, the latter of which was still crying into Applejack's chest.

"Rarity..." Dan started, tapping her on the shoulder.

She turned and threw herself at him, hugging all four of her limbs around him, still crying. "I'm going to miss you so-so-so muuuuch! Bwahahaha!" She continued to bawl into Dan's shoulder. Dan, after recovering from catching the fashion designer, started to pat her on the back. "Don't go! Don't go! Don't go!" She shook her head as she wailed.

"Rarity..." Dan knelt down and put her on the ground, though she still clasped onto him with her forehooves. "Rarity, I wanted to thank for for everything as well. The advice regarding R.D, the tux, help with the baby...and free of charge, to add it all up..." He smiled. "You really are Generous, Rarity. I can see your Element taking you places." Dan patted the fashion designer's cheek. "I'll miss you."

Rarity's lower lip was trembling as she tried to stop crying. She nodded, "Make sure you come back, now!"

"I'll try..."

"I'll have some fabulous new clothes for you! I promise!" She raised a hoof as Dan stood up.

Dan nodded, "I bet you will..."

Finally, Dan turned his attention towards the cowpony, Applejack. She was looking at the floor, her trademark crossing of her hooves emphasizing how conflicted she felt at the moment.

"Howdy, A.J..." Dan knelt down in front of the orange mare.

Applejack chuckled when Dan attempted to sound like he was from her family. "Howdy, Dan..." She looked up and sniffed. "Er...should ah say g'bye?"

"Probably both..." Dan leaned forward and hugged her. Applejack's hat fell to a slanted angle as she positioned her head on Dan's shoulder.

"Dan...ah...ah'm sorry..."

"For what, A.J.?"

"Fer tryin' to sabotage yer relationship with R.D...ah...ah still feel really bad..." She looked up at him. "Ah still like you a lot, Dan..."

Dan looked over his shoulder at Rainbow, who nodded and gestured her hoof towards Applejack.

"I...I know..." Dan blushed. "'ll find somepony else, Applejack. You are a great, pretty, and Honest'll find somepony else and I'll be nothing but a distant..." He gulped as his throat clogged up with emotion again. "A distant memory..."

A.J. said nothing. Rather, her head went limp on his shoulder as she began to cry. "Hey...hey..." Dan pulled her away from him and smiled. "I promise you'll be alright, Applejack." He then leaned forward and kissed Applejack lightly on the cheek before standing up, straightening her cowpony hat, and walking back towards Dash.

Behind him, Applejack's cheeks turned a beet red and she waved a hoof. "Bye, Ace..."

At last, Dan walked over to Rainbow Dash and Blazing Dawn and knelt down. Without having to say anything, Rainbow embraced Dan again, holding Blazing Dawn between them.

"I really hope I see you again someday..." Rainbow said sadly.

"I do, too..." Dan stroked her rainbow mane, running her multi-colored locks through his fingers. Her mane felt different when he was a human. It felt more silky and soft than when he had hooves. "I do, too..." Dan repeated, quieter.

He looked down at the baby alicorn between them. "And Blazing son..." He stretched his index finger and tickled Blazing Dawn underneath his chin. Blazing Dawn lightly chuckled in his sleep, and turned around, burying his face in his mom's chest.

Dan wiped away a tear. "I hate leaving as much as all of you do but..." He sighed heavily as he tried to hold back the emotion building up inside of him. "But leaving behind Blazing Dawn and Rainbow Dash is the worst..."

"Miss Dash..." Lunar Eclipse trotted forward and nodded. "I have sworn to protect you and Blazing Dawn in Dan's absence until I die or until he returns..." He crossed a hoof in front of his chest like he did after the race when making his oath. "This is I so swear..."

Dan nodded, "Bet that gives reassurance..."

"I'm gonna have an alicorn bodyguard?" Dash chuckled. "This just got-"

"Twenty percent cooler?" Dan offered a conclusion to her sentence with a smile.

"What?" She frowned. "No way! You're leaving!" She chuckled. "I was gonna say 'better'..."

Dan laughed and leaned forward. "I'll see you again, Dashie..." He lowered his eyes to be level with hers. "I promise..." He then kissed her on the lips for a few seconds before smiling and rubbing her back and standing. "I love you Dash..."

She started crying fully at this point. Rubbing her eyes with her free hoof, she nodded, her cheeks red from the kiss. "I love you too, Dan..."

Dan smiled and held up a hand to her before turning around and walking towards the Princesses. In inhaled deeply. The events that had happened during his time in Equestria flashed through his mind as he tried to speak to the Princesses. Meeting Dash, singing at the club, falling in love, defeating Discord, Blazing Dawn...

"I'm ready."

Celestia and Luna looked at each other sadly. Luna closed her eyes and looked down, while Celestia looked back at Dan, a frown very visible on his face.

"Very well..." The Princesses of the Day nodded. He looked over at Lunar Eclipse. "Lunar? If you please..."

Lunar nodded solemnly, striding towards the telescope.

"What we're going to do is amplify our teleportation spells through this telescope to send you back to Earth..." Lunar said, using his magic to align the telescope about thirty degrees to the left. "Take a look..."

Dan stepped forward, leaned down, and looked inside the telescope. Sure enough, he could see Earth through it; quite visibly, in fact. He stepped back, his eyes wide in admiration of the telescope's power. "Nice..."

"Princesses..." Lunar nodded. "Let us start channeling the spell..."

"Dan..." Celestia said as she took her place on the other side of the telescope with Luna. "We will never forget everything you've done here..."

"We'll miss you..." Luna said, tears welling in her eyes.

"Let me stop you there, Princesses..." He waved a hand and dropped to one knee in a human bow. "I thank you for the opportunity to come here..."

Celestia smiled warmly, "I, too, hope you will be able to return someday..."

"Princesses, hurry..." Lunar said. "Time is short. The astronomer ponies will be back any minute..."

Celestia nodded, "Oh, yes. Of course." She gestured a hoof at Dan. "Dan, please stand on the dais in front of the telescope..."

"R-right..." Dan turned and looked over his shoulder at the six friends and his son before stepping up onto the dais and turning around, facing them.

All three alicorns then closed their eyes and began concentrating their magic on the telescope and the dais Dan was standing on; their horns glowing intensely.

"Bye, everypony..." A single tear ran down Dan's right cheek as he waved at his six friends.

Rainbow Dash suddenly ran forward to where she was right in front of the dais...right in front of Dan. Through her sobs Dan could hear Dash make out one last statement:

"Sing us one last song, Dan..."

Dan wasn't at all surprised by this request. He smiled and nodded. "Of course, Dashie..."

He cleared his throat and began to sing a farewell song he knew from Earth:

Where you are seems to be...

As far as an eternity.

Outstretched hooves, open hearts...

And if it never ends then when do we start?

Dan knelt down and again made level eye contact with Rainbow Dash. His golden eyes, though smaller, still glowed brightly as he sang.

I'll never leave you behind...

Or treat you unkind...

I know you understand.

She nodded knowingly, acknowledging that she did understand. Dan cupped her head in his heads and he continued to sing, his eyes still watering up.

And with a tear in my eye...

Give me the sweetest goodbye...

That I ever did receive!

Dan patted her cheeks before he stood up and looked at the other five mares who were watching solemnly as the dais began to glow, along with the telescope. They were shocked to see Dan start to fade a little in some places. Though he was fading slightly, Dan continued to sing. Lunar Eclipse, to his right, started to sing as well to everypony's surprise. Though his eyes were closed in concentration at the spell, one could see tears spilling down his cheeks as he sang. (Bold and italics is Dan and Lunar Eclipse singing a lower harmony, italics is just Dan, and just bold is Lunar Eclipse)

Pushing forward and arching back...

Bring me closer to heart attack...

Say goodbye and just fly away!

Dan looked at Rainbow Dash when he sang this, nodding at her, though the tears in his eyes gave away the fact he didn't want to go. At all.

When I comeback...

I'll have some things to say.

Dash chuckled and smiled. "I hope you can come back someday..."

Dan's voice started to sound distorted as he began to fade away even more. "I have no doubt in my mind I will be back..." He and Lunar continued to sing:

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone...

When I get home?


There must be someplace here that only you and I could go...

So I can show you how I—

Dan looked over at Lunar Eclipse, who started to cry as he charged the spell. He nodded and said with his mind, "Thanks, Lunar..."

"Anytime..." Lunar paused. "Friend..."

Dan smiled, then turned his attention back to Rainbow Dash, and this time, his son, Blazing Dawn as well. He knelt down and scratched the baby's chin as he slept.

Dream away everyday...

Try so hard to disregard...

The rhythm of the rain that drops...

And coincides with the beating of my heart.

Suddenly, Dan could no longer feel Blazing Dawn's chin as he scratched. He looked at his hand. It had become almost entirely transparent. Beams of energy started flowing up around the dais he was standing on, causing Rainbow Dash to have to step back. Dan panicked a little, but quickly calmed himself by continuing to sing.

I'll never leave you behind...

Or treat you unkind...

I know you understand.

And with a tear in my eye...

Give me the sweetest goodbye...

That I ever, ever, ever did receive!

Dan switched from singing a calm low baritone to an ecstatic high tenor on the 'ever's of the last line. Tears started streaming down his face as he continued to sing. Lunar sang along as well.

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone...

When I get home?


There must be someplace here that only you and I could go...

So I can show you how I feel!

"Dashie!" Dan's voice was starting to sound farther and farther away as he became less and less visible to the mares standing and watching. All six of them began to cry. Blazing Dawn woke up and started to cry as well, reaching out towards Dan as he started to disappear.

"Dan!" Dashie reached a hoof out towards him. "DAN! DON'T GO!"

Dan couldn't respond. He couldn't bear the thought of saying more goodbyes than he needed to. So, by instinct, he continued singing. Lunar Eclipse followed suit.

Pushing forward and arching back... (arching back!)

Bring me closer to heart attack. (heart attack!)

Say goodbye and just fly away...(fly away!)

When I comeback...(I Pinkie Pie Swear!)

I have some things to say!

Dan then suddenly felt a strange pulling sensation tugging him towards the telescope's viewing lense. "This is it..." He thought as he slowly closed his eyes and stretched out his arms to either side of him.

"Goodbye Dash...I love you..." His distorted voice rang throughout the room.

Dash ran forward up to the dias and stood on her hind legs and flapping her wings and she shouted back.

"I'll see you again!"

"I know..."

Those were Dan's final words to Dash that day, as he then disappeared completely. The room was quiet for a moment before the telescope surged with a golden energy and blasted a beam of golden energy across the skies of Equestria up into space.

Towards Earth.

As the beam blasted through the sky, the denizens of Equestria in Canterlot, Ponyville, and Manehatten alike looked up and were awed at its beauty, not knowing what the beam of energy consisted of. The ponies all around Equestria were equally shocked when dan's high tenor voice rang through the land. In the observatory, Celestia and Luna were panting from exhaustion at the spell, but Lunar Eclipse continued to stand there in the same spot and pose as he did before. He still was singing along with Dan.

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone...

When I get home?


There must be someplace here that only you and I could go...

So I can show you how I feel!

Show you, show you, show you, show you!

Oh no!

How I feel!

After a while, the beam of energy was gone, and the song slowly faded away. Lunar fell silent. He stood up straight as he usually did, wiped his eyes, and nodded curtly at Rainbow Dash.

"I should..." He sighed. "I suppose I should escort you home..."

Dash just floated in the air, staring at the spot where Dan used to stand. The steady beating of wings were the only sound in the room for a moment or two before she nodded. "Yeah..."

"Rainbow Dash..." Celestia said, walking up to the cyan colored mare. "I have a very good feeling he will be back someday..." She wrapped her wing lovingly around her and Blazing Dawn. "I really do."

"I..." She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I hope you're right..."

Dan felt himself spiraling around and around through emptiness for what seemed like hours. He couldn't see. For some reason, his eyes were glued shut. He couldn't open then.


He felt himself land hard on a surface beneath him. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself staring up at familiar white ceiling.

He sat up suddenly, looking himself over first, and then around. He saw both his pianos, the electric and the player, his guitar stand, and his saxophone. He was in his music room. The same place he had been when Celestia contacted him for the first time.

"Home..." He sighed and stood up. "It seems like forever since I was here last..." He chuckled. "It's funny to think no time has passed by here at all..."

Dan walked up the stairs from his basement and took a seat in a kitchen bar-stool. He turned on the TV in the kitchen to The Big Bang Theory. He watched the antics of Sheldon Cooper for only a few minutes before he realized how much he actually missed his world.

After laughing at a 'bazinga' from from Sheldon, he sighed, "Man, I forgot everything good about my world..."

He turned when he heard the front door of his house open. "Dan, we're home!" An alto female voice said.

"Hi, mom!" Dan said, pausing the TV. He jumped up and hugged his mom, who was a middle-sized blonde-haired woman as she walked in. She was shocked by this sudden embrace.

"Oh, Dan! I...missed you, too?" She patted his back before walking past him and into the kitchen.

"Oh, you have no idea, mom..." Dan thought, all the while smiling to himself, glad to his his mother not frozen in time.

"Ah, The Big Bang Theory..." She shook her head at the TV. "You know, funny as it may be, it puts Ph.D. holders like me and your father to shame..."

Dan laughed, "That's the joke, mom!"

She shrugged, "I guess so..." She put her groceries she was carrying on the table while Dan resumed the program and leaned against the table casually.

As she began unloading the foodstuffs she had bought into the fridge. "So, dear..." She looked at him. "How did auditions go?" He face was full of concern, as if expecting Dan to break down and start complaining about how they didn't go as he planned.

"Theeeere it is..." Dan thought as he sighed. He folded his arms, smiled, and shook his head. "I didn't get a part... I'm only in the ensemble..."

"What!" She looked taken aback. "You're a senior! This was going to your last show! Why would your teachers do this?"

Dan shrugged, "I don't know how they work..."

" come you're not upset?" His mother looked confused. "This kind of thing, what's the word?"

"Riles me up?" He offered.

"Yeah! That..." It worried her to not see him react as he usually did when the school screwed him over with anything artistically related.

Dan chuckled before looking out a nearby window. "I've learned not to let those kinds of things bother me anymore..."

"In one day?" She again looked shocked. "Jeez, son... I find all this hard to believe... Usually when you get the shaft like this, you flip and everyone around here gets miserable!"

"Believe it, mom..." He smiled. "I've decided there are things more important than parts in high school musicals..."

"Like what, son?"

Dan sighed and looked up at the clouds flying through the sky. A picture of Rainbow Dash and him flying back and forth among the clouds appeared in his head and he smiled softly.

"The most important element to a good person..." He looked over at his mom and smiled. "Is loving and caring for his family and friends..."

His mom stopped loading groceries and looked over at him for a moment or two before walking over and giving him another hug. "I'm...I don't know what to say, Dan, except..." She sniffed and nodded, patting him on the back. "That...I'm very proud of you for thinking of that..."

"Thanks mom..." He stepped forward and starting walking towards the back door. "I'm gonna go get some fresh air, ok, mom?"

"Ok, Daniel!" She called as she continued unloading groceries.

Dan opened the glass double-doors that led to his backyard and leaned on the railing, sighing as he again looked up at the clouds, imagining him and Dashie flying through the air together...with Blazing Dawn.

"Thanks for everything, you guys..." He said aloud as he watched the images sail through the air.

"I'll be back someday..." He wiped away one final tear. "I promise..."

Quietly, he sung a verse from one of his favorite songs by an Irish band.

Oh these times are hard,

Yeah they're making us crazy.

Don't give up on me, baby.

With that, the images disappeared into the distance and he turned and walked back inside.



Sweetest Goodbye, Maroon 5

For the First Time, The Script

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