Title: It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
Author: djmichealsfics
Beta: tinlizzie did some of it and slashscribe some more and the rest is unbetad
Word Count: 5482
Pairing: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Rating, Warnings, and/or Spoilers: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Slash, Explicit sex scenes, non-con drug use (prescribed)
Author's Notes: This is my 2011 SeSa entry for the lovely Meg aka dietpunkfics who's prompt was 'Mistletoe in unexpected places'. Further directions were asked of smackalalala, who was most sneaky in the name of sekrit stuff, and got permission to do a fall piece. To go with *PICTURES* from the TV Guide shoot along with some nice fall ones I've taken.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything worth anything. Reviews are appreciated but flames will be used to light my bonfires.

Summary:When he's broken, Tony takes drastic measures to fix Gibbs.

As he stood against the deck railing looking out across the river, it was hard for Gibbs to believe how quickly the weekend had flown by. After his initial anger had passed, he was able to relax and really appreciate the place – and the amount of time and energy Tony spent in getting him here.

He had been so distracted by the aftermath of a case that went a little sideways, a case that kept gnawing at him, that he never noticed Tony's preparations – or how far they had fallen apart. Two months after the case Gibbs was still on edge. He wasn't sleeping well, barely ate, and, in general, lived up to the second 'B'. They hadn't slept together in months, Gibbs spent the night in the basement and Tony either slept in his bed alone or else he went to his condo. Even though they had been partners for almost a year, they weren't living together and only Ducky knew for certain that they were in a relationship.

People around the Yard were arduously avoiding him, he made his favorite barista cry and the girls in Evidence cower, and both Abby and Ducky were positively terse when they spoke with him. Gibbs was rapidly reaching the spilled-coffee-broken-cell-phone-lost-his-knife stage, and not even the new cradle he was making for his god-son's first child brought him any relief. So Tony decided to take one for the team, in a manner of speaking, and get Gibbs away from NCIS and DC in general for a long, long weekend.

It should have come as no surprise that Gibbs was not falling in line with Tony's plans. Tony's surprise, super-secret plans. The plans that Gibbs knew nothing about. At all. Not even a clue. Hell, that was the prime piece of evidence right there; the fact that he managed to keep anything from Gibbs for longer than a week. And it wasn't like Gibbs was being obtuse or purposefully oblivious like he did around Christmas or his birthday or their anniversary. No, he really had no clue.

Tony carefully reworked the on-call schedule with Balboa, who now owed Tony one less favor, so that there was no danger of them being called in. He got all of the team's paperwork caught up and slightly ahead. Tony verified with HR the amount of comp time due to the individual team members and the dates of their last down time. And he spent hours on the telephone in the evening making arrangements for their getaway.

Armed fully, Tony carefully laid out his battle plans to Vance. Given the evidence, Vance readily approved to Tony's request for the team's impromptu vacation from Wednesday through the weekend. It didn't hurt that Tony had already done all of the work for him or that Vance had already had a confrontation with the surly team leader once that morning.

Once Gibbs delivered the official news of their time off, Tony told Abby, Ziva, Palmer, and McGee that he was helping a friend of Tony's move from New York City to the wilds of New Jersey and would be out of touch until Monday morning. Gibbs was coming along to help. Only Ducky knew the truth because he was aiding the Gibbs-napping by providing a mild sedative to knock out Mr. Unhappy.

Tony had bags carefully stowed in his jeep, plenty of supplies, and a tank full of gas. But all of his plans hinged on an un-medicated Gibbs getting in the car. It wasn't like Tony could dope him up and carry him out without raising the suspicions of the neighbors. So why wouldn't Gibbs just get in the damned car and go for a drive? He didn't feel like it. Apparently the only thing he felt like doing was getting up at the butt crack of dawn and raking the leaves, although you couldn't really call it raking. What he was doing was attacking the leaves with the rake in short, angry jabs and glowering at nature in general. Gibbs had already broken the new PVC leaf broom, called it a piece of shit, and tossed it in the general direction of the garbage can, then proceeded to stomp into the garage and drag out the old iron rake. By 7:00, Gibbs was still cursing at the weather. And the trees. And *Mother Nature* for the changing of the seasons. And Vance for insisting they take the rest of the week off. And Tony for wanting to go for a damned car ride on a Wednesday morning when everyone else was going to work.

With no end in sight, Tony did the only thing any self-respecting Federal Agent and forty something man would do, he pouted…and sulked…and pouted some more…and threw some pans around the cupboards … for an hour. Finally, Gibbs gave in with ill grace, tossed the rake aside, stormed into the house and up the stairs, and slammed the bathroom door so hard the house shook. It took five minutes in which Tony was a whirling dervish - making sure that the rake was actually stowed in its place, garage locked, back door locked, and basement lights off - before Gibbs came back down stairs dressed in clean clothes and wearing a scowl,

"You coming or what?" Gibbs growled as he headed for the door. "You're the one that wanted to go for a drive."

Tony shook his head in exasperation and stomped off to the car, as he shoved a to-go cup full of coffee in Gibbs hand with a muttered "Choke on it."

He wasn't really mad at Gibbs; he just had to get him to comply a little. And that included drinking a cup of coffee with a bit of dissolved Xanax in it in the car. And getting into the damned car before the muscle relaxant kicked in because Gibbs was long past running on fumes and Ducky didn't think it would take much for him to crash. Tony got in on the driver's side and started west out of the city. Fortunately, Fate was smiling on Tony as Gibbs fell asleep within the first ten minutes of the drive.

Though he wasn't sure where he was, Gibbs felt warm and safe. He remembered - or thought he remembered - Tony driving somewhere with NPR playing in the background, then telling him at some point to get up, walk, sit, and lie back. The next thing Gibbs was completely clear on after getting in to the car was the rocking sensation he felt now.

And birds. A lot of birds.

Birds were warbling around him as he gently rocked to and fro. He felt the sun's heat on his skin from high over head, the warm red glowing on his closed eyelids. A gentle breeze blowing across his skin smelled crisp and clean, there was the sound of water trickling, and the splash of something gently hitting the water. He didn't want to open his eyes, but did so nonetheless.

"Be careful when you sit up or you'll fall on your ass."

Gibbs opened his eyes fully and gently sat up, taking in his surroundings. Trees. And birds. And water. He was sitting in a hammock, under some trees, near a river. With Tony. And nothing else. No other sounds. No cars in the distance. No people calling out.

A flash of color caught his eye and he really paused to look. The trees were just starting to turn, leaves were falling. There was a silver maple to his left that was vibrant orange and red; it looked like it was on fire. And it was gorgeous. He knew that the calendar said October, and he had just spent several hours this morning cleaning them up, but how had he missed when the trees started to come into color?

Battling with the sense of peace and quiet and calm was the feeling of being pissed off about how he got here without being aware of it. Being drugged (and he was certain that he had been drugged) by the person that claimed to love him most in the world was not high on his list of happy experiences.

With a thunderous look Gibbs said sarcastically, "This doesn't look like my back yard. It's peaceful here. Where exactly is here?"

Tony smiled at him. "Cabin in the woods, we needed the break. Here is middle of nowhere West Virginia. You remember Steve Adler, my frat brother? His family has some land on either side of the river. Family retreat."

"They don't mind you, using it?'"

"Nope." Tony walked off calling over his shoulder, "You want something to drink? We've got water and fruit juice."

Grabbing Tony's wrist as he walked past, Gibbs turned to yell at his retreating back but stood in stunned silence. Nestled among the trees behind him was the most spectacular cabin Gibbs had ever seen. It looked like it was made with a wall of glass, with a wide porch wrapped around it, and a fire ring out front.

Tony rambled on nervously. "Uh... As the family got bigger, they added more permanent stuff. There was always the boathouse but..." He trailed off uncertainly.

Set back and slightly away from the house were four smaller cabins and a small cement block building, Gibbs could see play equipment just on the east side of the house and a driveway headed off to the west with Tony's jeep parked in a bare area.

After his initial shock, Gibbs ignored Tony and stomped over to the Jeep. He wrenched the door open only to find no keys in the ignition. He searched under the seats, on the floor board, the visors, in the glove box, in the ashtray, and all the nooks and crannies to no avail.

Going up to the house he paused upon entering. It's spacious and open floor plan showed no Tony on first glance. Just because there were no other vehicles out front did not mean that there were no other guests resting, keeping that in mind Gibbs kept his voice to a low but angry shout. "DiNozzo!"

Tony popped his head from one of the doors on the right. "In here Gibbs."

The room was pleasing. It was done in cream, burgundy, and navy with a big bed taking up the majority of the space. With a quick eye, Jethro noticed a book on the bedside table, a bottle of ibuprofen, and a sweatshirt on the end of the bed. Tony had already put their things away in a dresser and the closet and was headed to the en suite bath when Gibbs touched his shoulder. Jerking his chin towards the items with a scowl, "Won't someone mind we're using their room? They might be coming back soon."

Tony quickly glanced over but shook his head, "I'd wondered where I left that hoodie. This is my room."

After a brief moment of shock at his words, Gibbs continued on his initial demand. "Where are the keys? I want to go back."

Tony closed his eyes, took a deep breath and held it before slowly letting it back out. When he opened his eyes, Gibbs could see the resolve in them. He held up his hand halting Gibbs as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Look Gibbs. Jethro. I.. care for you. And it's because I care for you that I'm doing this. You can't walk out; you can't float out, YOU. CAN'T. CALL. AND. HAVE SOMEONE COME GET YOU. You are stuck here with me. I don't plan on leaving here until Sunday morning. 10:00am. Not a minute before that. One, I took both of our cell phones and put them in the same place the keys are and you're not getting them. Second, there's no land line here. And third, there's no internet hook up here. You can be pissed off all you want but that's the way it is."

That took care of Wednesday. The rest of the day and evening was spent in stony silence - in the presence of his own company. Gibbs marched off down the driveway intent on walking to the nearest highway. After two hours of nothing but woods and dirt road and frickin birds, he turned around and made his way back to the house. It was peaceful and beautiful but it was still a cage that he did not want to be locked up in. Gibbs made the final quarter mile back in the low light of the sun setting over the trees and the bright flame of the bonfire that Tony was grilling over.

Just to prove how angry he was, Gibbs went to the hammock without eating anything and didn't say a word to Tony.

Thursday Gibbs woke up to find himself wrapped up in a down sleeping bag, the bonfire going strong, and his stomach noisily protesting its treatment.

The tantalizing scent of dark, rich coffee mixed with eggs and ham drew him to the house. Tony was seated at the kitchen table working a crossword puzzle drinking a cup of coffee. Even with the night apart and his surly attitude, Tony didn't treat him any differently.

He offered Gibbs a warm smile. "I laid a towel out for you on the sink and breakfast is ready whenever you are."

Gibbs took a cup of coffee in to the shower with him and spent better than a half hour luxuriating under the pulsating massage head and steady stream of hot water. Gibbs was surprised to find he was feeling slightly better than he had in days. He made quick work of the meal that Tony had made before sheepishly realizing he hadn't left any for Tony, who waived it away saying that he had already eaten. Gibbs had to think when the last time it was since he last had a real meal that didn't involve take out or something to drink other than coffee.

Once clean up was completed, Tony suggested a hike or day on the water. Even though he conceded to himself that he did need the rest, Gibbs resisted. Once again he stated that he only wanted to go home. And once again Tony simply shook his head.

This time it was met with only a sigh of annoyance before Gibbs went to grab the book off of the bedside table, top off his coffee, and return to the hammock. He should have been more wary when it came to his coffee because the next thing Gibbs knew; he was overwhelmed by bone weariness and closed his eyes. When he awoke again it was late afternoon. As he stretched the kinks out, Gibbs discovered he felt much better, not as tense or as stiff and sore.

Until he realized that Tony must have drugged him again and was one again glaring daggers at the other man.

Another light meal was followed by another silent evening spent with Gibbs torn between reading the book on folk healing in modern medicine and glowering at Tony - who seemed completely oblivious, caught up in his own book on magic folklore. This time Gibbs fell asleep on the couch in the great room in front of the fireplace.

Friday morning Gibbs was up as the sun was rising over the tree line. It was absolutely quiet. After checking his watch and verifying that it was indeed barely 6:00am, Gibbs moved into the bedroom to get ready for the day. When he paused to glance at Tony, he was startled.

The younger man had rings under his eyes so dark they looked like bruises. There were worry lines etched into his face. And even in his sleep, he looked tense and haggard. Gibbs brushed a soothing caress across his cheek, causing Tony to sigh softly and settle more peacefully. As Gibbs stood in the bathroom he really looked at himself in the mirror. He looked worn out - God knows he felt worn down. Maybe this kidnapping, this trip, was just what they both needed no matter how Tony managed to make it happen. Tony obviously needed the rest.

Gibbs rummaged around the kitchen as quietly as he could to get the morning going. His sense of curiosity had returned and by the time Tony woke up Gibbs had consumed two pots of coffee blessedly free of sleeping agents and had explored the entire house, all of the cabins, the boathouse, and huge hot tub. The only thing he couldn't access – and where he assumed the keys and cell phones were – was a room off the kitchen that was locked with an electronic keypad. He was somewhat amazed that he had no desire to look for the keys or cell phones beyond his simple exploring.

The remainder of the day was spent in a more companionable environment; the silence was punctuated with stray comments from both of them. Tony suggested a walk on one of the paths around the property. The entire journey was spent in an easy silence with Gibbs making furtive looks towards Tony to gauge his health. The quiet was only broken when Gibbs noticed several trees with a green knot of foliage at the top and pointed them out to Tony. He was a little surprised at the other man's answer.

"That's mistletoe. It grows in the tops of trees like that. Unless you want to shoot it out, you have to have a tree limb trimmer and cherry picker; or else be very agile to climb up and get the suckers. "

Gibbs looked at him with disbelief plain on his face. "Really. You shoot it. With a gun. Shoot it?"

Tony gave a laugh. "Yeah, shoot it. A lot of people harvest it by using a rifle and shooting it down. Which really isn't the brightest. For one thing, mistletoe is very fragile and is pretty easily damaged. And for another? Do you really want to be standing around when buckshot is flying through the air?" He shook his head and continued walking with a smile on his face. Gibbs realized that he hadn't seen that particular look for a long while and was pleased to be able to have caused it.

When they returned to the house Gibbs grabbed his book, pecked Tony on the cheek on his way past – and got a startled look but shy smile - and headed for the hammock, where he promptly fell asleep. Some time later he awakened by the sound of Tony chopping firewood.

At first their effort to work on the firewood together was disjoined, which surprised Gibbs. They had always worked well together effortlessly both in the field and at home. It just struck home more forcefully how right Tony was to get them away from everything. By the time they were finished they had found their normal easy rhythm. It carried through their evening meal and nightly ritual.

For the first time since that disastrous case they went to bed at the same time in the same bed, cuddling close. Gibbs realized how much he missed it.

Saturday was their last full day and it was going to be a warm one. They finished breakfast early so when Tony suggested taking a trip on the river, Gibbs readily agreed.

They had never done this before together, not even for a case, and while Gibbs had learned as a kid in Stillwater, he was more than a little surprised that Tony knew how to paddle a boat, much less knew what supplies and effort would be needed to go somewhere in one.

Gibbs watched Tony with a grin as the younger man compiled everything, unconsciously ordering Gibbs about. He even went as far as having Gibbs change into clothes that Tony gave him. Gibbs burst out laughing when he saw the shoes he was supposed to wear but gamely put them on.

Still within a half hour, they had everything loaded in the canoe and had shoved off with Gibbs in the front and Tony in the back.

It was a pleasant morning. Gibbs could see minnows near the surface of he water and dragonflies flit about in an acrobatic dance. Dark shadows of larger fish could be seen every once in a while. When he heard a click and whir sound from behind him, Gibbs found that he could turn to partially face Tony with a little maneuvering and not rock the boat. Tony was taking pictures of the scenery as they glided past. It was beautiful. The vibrant colors of the fall foliage seemed to come alive and was reflected in the mirror like surface of the water.

The small boat scraped bottom as they ran aground on a sand bar for lunch, jarring Gibbs out of his ruminations. Without pause, Tony hopped out and dragged them closer to solid ground. It was a little surreal not being in charge, but he could see that Tony really was a pro at this. Between the two of them, Gibbs always felt that he had had the most experience. This week made him realize that Tony might have *let* Gibbs take the lead, but the younger man was just as capable, maybe even more so when it came to the outdoors.

Tony handed him a bottle of water and sandwich. Gibbs didn't realize just how thirsty and hungry he was until he finished them before Tony even got anything for himself. Both men quickly polished off a couple of sandwiches and drinks. Gibbs felt something loosen in him when earned a smile by grabbing Tony's hand when they did a bit of exploring. Gibbs snuck in little kisses when the urge struck him; and whenever they came to a tree infested with mistletoe, which happened to be a lot. He was quietly pleased when Tony did the same.

After a forty-five minute break, they returned to the river in the same positions as before. Gibbs lay back across the cooler enjoying the gentle rocking of the boat and the warmth of the day. He observed Tony from this angle. Tony had taken off his shirt, so the play of his muscles as he paddled the canoe were readily visible to Gibbs. There was an open look on his face and his body was loose. In this position Gibbs could lean up slightly, and if Tony leant down, they could share slow, deep kisses. After about twenty minutes, Gibbs could feel himself drift off.

"Be careful when you sit up so you don't tip the boat." Tony shot him a smirk. "For the record? I didn't drug you this time. Your body needed the sleep."

When he sat up, Gibbs knew what he had to do to help fix this. It was easier with his back to Tony. Gibbs rubbed a hand across his neck. It was uncomfortable but he needed to get the words out. "I know I haven't been right in a long time. This...this is nice. You did the right thing…bringing us here. Even though I was a jackass. I never meant to hurt you. Or us. I just felt guilty that I put you out there. You could have died if you hadn't been so quick on your feet. I could have gotten you killed and I want you with me for a long time."

Even not being able to see Tony's face he could hear the smile and the love in his voice. "I know that. Both getting us away and that you felt guilty even though you shouldn't have. I didn't get a scratch on me, not even a paper cut. I also know you're in this for the long haul, figured it out when you hugged me in the middle of the bull pen. You should know that I never would have brought you here if I didn't think you were worth it. You're the first person I've *EVER* brought here."

He gratefully took the out that Tony gave him and turned around to face the younger man. Gibbs waved his hands vaguely at the surroundings, "Here. This place is special isn't it. Not just a cabin in the woods. I didn't know you knew about this stuff. They really don't mind us using this place?"

Tony gave him a soft smile, "Nah. They don't mind at all. I just had to log on to the family calendar and reserve it. No one else even had it down for October."

It always surprised Gibbs when he found someone else Tony could count as family other than Senior but was grateful. "You're still close to them then."

Tony made a course correction around a fallen log before he spoke again. "Steve is my cousin. Well, dad and Aunt Marie - Steve's mom - are second cousins so that would make him, what, my third cousin? Anyway, Uncle Paul and Aunt Marie are my godparents. When dad needed a place to stash me somewhere, I used to come here. Every July we came for the entire month. Seems like I spent all my time with them when we were kids and all through college. It really isn't that far from Columbus."

Tony had a wide smile and a slightly far off look as he continued. These were happy memories for him. "When we were here as kids we lived in tents. We would have a huge fire going all day and night whether it was 9 degrees or 90. Steve and I swam and wandered around the woods constantly."

It was mid-afternoon when they came around a bend and the landing site. Tony aimed for the gently sloped bank on the right, once again hopping out to pull the canoe up further on solid ground.

The next few hours were spent between eating, stowing everything they had used back to its proper place, doing a thorough cleanup, and packing. Tony made another bonfire. He waggled his eyebrows at Gibbs with a mischievous grin. "Wanna sit in the hot tub for a while?"

Gibbs' smile was all the answer needed and Tony headed for the back. He slowly trailed after, enjoying the view as Tony sashayed away. The younger man stepped out of view and as Gibbs rounded the corner he barked out a surprised laugh to get a face full of Tony's shirt. His own clothes seemed to melt away as he trailed after his lover. Tony did a slow strip tease as he walked backwards. He popped one button after another on his jeans slowly, deliberately. Gibbs couldn't tear his eyes away from Tony's hands and what each button would reveal. Desire and lust flared in his eyes and he was achingly hard in a heartbeat.

Gibbs caught Tony up against the hot tub near a large oak tree. "That really mistletoe?"


With Tony's answer, he leaned in close and began to devour Tony in a breath claiming kiss. Several minutes went by before he felt Tony pull back with a few slower, gentle kisses. Hand in hand they entered the hot tub.

Both men were still hard, but enjoyed the intimacy of the moment and let the jets do their magic on sore muscles. It had been a long time since they played like this. Tony sat across from Gibbs with hooded eyes. He ran his foot up and down along Gibbs' calf. Gibbs nerve ending were tingling from the contact. Tony arched his body out as his foot went higher and higher up Gibb's leg and Gibbs adjusted himself to accommodate him, spreading his knees out wider. Tony flexed his foot forward and back as he increased the pressure against Gibbs' length. Gibbs rubbed himself against Tony causing them both to groan.

After several long minutes, Gibbs grabbed Tony's foot and brought it up to his mouth. He had a wicked gleam in his eye when be sucked and nibbled on Tony's inner ankle. The sensation caused the younger man to gasp and come off the seat to float on top the water. Gibbs set Tony on fire with the trail of open mouth kissed he made up Tony's inner leg, interspersed with sharp nips and sucks, until he reached the junction of his thigh – only to start anew on the other leg. Tony could not help the movements he made and felt that if he weren't holding on to the ledge of the tub for dear life he'd drown for sure.

This time when Gibbs got to Tony's inner thigh he kept going. He used his hands to support the muscular thighs and mouthed the furred balls. Using his tongue in first short, quick licks then broader flat swipes and sucking action on first one ball, then the other, Gibbs pulled a long low whine from Tony. He licked a swath across Tony's perineum before sucking the flesh into his mouth and biting down. Tony gave a hoarse shout and bucked his hips.

This gave Gibbs an idea and he dropped to his knees propping Tony's legs over his shoulders. He continued to lick and suck Tony's balls before adjusting his grip on Tony so he could use his thumbs to pull apart his cheeks. Gibbs licked a circle around Tony's hole. The little licks and flutters of his tongue pulled a constant stream of incoherent words from Tony. It took several minutes of working his tongue but once he felt Tony relax more, he stabbed in and out, fucking his lover with his tongue. Gibbs worked his thumbs inside Tony, around his tongue, and pulled him apart.

Tony mewled and whined. The feeling of both of Gibbs' thick blunt thumbs inside him prying him apart along with the hot wet tongue licking at his inner walls were amazing. Combined with the caress of the water and cool breeze sliding across his dick, it was driving him senseless. It felt phenomenal but wasn't what he wanted, what he craved. He ached to touch his cock but couldn't let go of the hot tub to save his soul. It was the only thing keeping him anchored lest he fly away from the relentless tormenting of his lover.

Tony had his eyes screwed shut tightly. He couldn't breathe. There wasn't enough oxygen. He wanted something more… needed more. "Jethro. Please."

It was a plea that he could not ignore. Gibbs kissed his way up to Tony's mouth. Somehow as Gibbs stood Tony slid down his body and impaled himself on Gibbs cock. There was no adjustment, seamless, sliding into home until he bottomed out. Gibbs stood in waist deep water slamming in and out of Tony, waves washing over the side of the tub. He used the water's buoyancy to position Tony where he wanted him

With the all of the stimulation, it only took a dozen or more long hard strokes against his prostate for Tony to feel the tsunami of his orgasm overtake him. Long ropes of come shot out of him up his stomach, across his chest, hitting his chin.

It was the hottest thing Gibbs had ever seen. Water sluicing over Tony's body, his eyes blown, gasping for breath, covered in his own come. Gibbs surrendered to the need in him and came with a shout. Some minuted later - or hours - Gibbs noticed that Tony still maintained his death grip on the tub and carefully he released the grip. He collapsed back on the seat pulling the his lover into his arms.

Tony was a boneless heap with his head rested on Gibbs' shoulder. It took a long time for him to be able to find words again. "Jesus Christ."

Gibbs chuffed out a laugh, "Amen."

Afterward, they drained and refilled the tub while they showered and ate. They sat out front near the bonfire in the fading sunlight. When he looked at Gibbs, at this moment, Tony didn't think he had ever looked more relaxed. Sitting in one lawn chair with his feet propped on another, sleeves of his dark green button down rolled up with dark grey slacks Gibbs looked so content. Tony called his name and snapped a picture when he turned.

They sat up late into the night until the fire burnt out, sometimes talking but mostly just enjoying each other's company. They fell into bed around 2:00, made love for hours, not waking up until after Tony's self-imposed Sunday morning deadline of 10:00am.

As he stood against the deck railing looking out across the river, it was hard for Gibbs to believe how quickly the long weekend had flown by. After his initial anger had passed, he was able to relax and really appreciate the place – and the amount of time and energy Tony spent in getting him here. Gibbs smiled at the knowledge that he had secreted several sprigs of mistletoe in his bag with plans to tack them up as soon as he got home.

When the arm snaked around his waist and a kiss was planted on his nape, Gibbs briefly leaned back into the loose embrace before he turned to firmly plant a kiss on the side of Tony's mouth. Hand and hand they headed for the jeep and back to the real world.