Savannah bit her lip lightly as Dan led her into their house. Well, his house. She didn't think of it as her house. She doesn't even remember this house. It doesn't look the least bit familiar. Nothing does. It was more like a mini mansion. It was huge, but not inappropriately huge. She looked around as he walked her through it. There were pictures of the both of them, pictures of the baby she saw in the picture; Wyatt, a woman who Dan said was Marti, so she had to be their best friend and Wyatt's godmother. She saw pictures of herself and Wyatt together, herself and Marti together, a picture of herself, Dan, Marti, three people who she recognized immediately as her parents and sister but still couldn't put names to their faces, a blonde woman who Dan said is Marti's mother, Wanda, and three african american people, who Dan said were Lewis, Alice and Vanessa. Apparently, Vanessa was her cheerleading coach in college, and Alice and Lewis now help her run the cheer camp and that they were all on the same cheerleading team in college. It broke her heart to know all this stuff but not remember it.

Dan lead Savannah down the hall, but something caught her attention in one of the rooms and she stayed still, peering into the room for a few seconds before finally walking in. It was an office. Her office, she assumed, since above the desk chair on the wall had the letters of her name framed across the wall. Yeah, framed. Cut outs of letters of her name individually framed and neatly but charmingly crookedly hung on the wall. She had a feeling that she was probably pretty high maintenance. Great, she was one of those girls.


Savannah gasped, turning around quickly at the sound of a woman's voice. She recognized her as Marti.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Marti said with a laugh. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just… I don't know. It caught my attention. This room looks familiar… It feels familiar. Like, it's important somehow but… I can't put my finger on it," Savannah said.

"Oh, I see… That might be better explained by Dan. It'd be more appropriate coming from him. How are you feeling?" Marti asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Um… Good, actually. Other than… you know, not knowing anybody…"

"Don't worry. I'm more than positive that you'll be fine, even if you don't get your memory back. We'll make new memories."

"I just wish I could remember. I didn't even know I was married… I didn't know I had a son…"

Marti nodded. "No one blames you. It doesn't make you a bad person. You'll get to know everyone again, I promise. Positive outcomes only."

Savannah smiled. "I say that all the time."

"See, you're already starting to remember."

"Kind of… I remember some stuff. Not everything."

"Well, we'll do some photographic therapy later. I can tell you about all of our crazy drunken nights."

"I don't drink."

"Oh, but you do. Or did. Trust me, I've got evidence and witnesses."

"Don't expect me to get wasted off my ass just because the Savannah you know did. I'm not that Savannah."

"I'm not going to expect anything from you. I know it's going to take some time getting back to your old self. No one is going to push you to change back to her."

"Her? You mean, me."

Marti shook her head. "No, I don't. This is you. My Savannah is gone. But, I have every belief that she'll be back. I knew Savannah before she was my Savannah. She was you."

"You say 'your' Savannah like you own me…"

"Well, I can prove that I don't own you, but I did break you out of your shell. The first time you got drunk, you accidentally got in the middle of a fight between Jake and Lewis. You got pushed, and Dan came to the rescue and started throwing punches. He ended up in jail, we got him bailed out, and during your first kiss together… you puked your guts out."

"He was that bad?"

Marti laughed and shook her head. "No, you were hung over. You wouldn't let him near you the rest of the day because you were throwing up every thirty minutes. When you had to rush to the bathroom, you took Lewis with you and wouldn't let anyone else see you getting sick. You wouldn't even let Dan help you in the shower, Lewis had to get in with you."

Savannah's eyes widened a little.

"Oh, nothing went on. You just couldn't stand up on your own. You were still a little tipsy."

"Wouldn't a bath have been easier?" Savannah asked.

"Well, yeah, but it was Lewis, so…"

"Is he a pervert?"

"No. Far from it."

"Mom!" a voice shouted.

"Come here, Honey; Mommy's home," Marti said, walking out of the room.

Savannah walked out of the room, and she stopped when she saw Marti picking up a little boy about a year old.

"Mom," Wyatt said, holding his arms out to Savannah.

Savannah smiled and she carefully took Wyatt from Marti. "Hi…" she said quietly.

"Mom," he said, laying his head down on her shoulder. "Mom otay?"

"Yeah. Mommy's okay," she said, kissing his head lighlty.

"Mom wead?"


"Read," Marti said. "He wants you to read him a book."

"Oh…" Savannah said. "Yeah, I'll read. What book do you want?"

"Moon book," Wyatt said.

"Moon book?"

"Come with me. I know which one," Marti said, leading Savannah to Wyatt's nursery.

When they got into the room, Savannah looked around. She smiled, seeing the room filled with different things. On the walls there were a variety of decals. Sports, cartoons, cars, flowers. At least it wasn't one demensional. What she loved was that there was a picture of her in her Hellcats cheerleading uniform above his crib on the wall. She didn't know the significance of it right now, but she knew it was important.

"Here it is," Marti said, pulling a book from the little book shelf. "Goodnight Moon. It's his favorite. Although, he only likes it when you read it to him. He's pretty picky. He's definitely a Mommy's boy," she said, handing the book to Savannah. "I'll leave you two alone. You have catching up to do. Call me or Dan if you need anything, okay? We'll be here in a flash."

"Okay. Thanks," Savannah said.

When Marti left the room, Savannah sat in the oversized chair that was by the crib and she laid Wyatt down against her, opening the book. "Are you ready, Wyatt?" she asked.

"Yeah, wead now," Wyatt said.

Savannah laughed a little. She flipped to the first page and kissed Wyatt's head lightly before starting to read. "In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. And there were three little bears, sitting on chairs. And two little kittens and a pair of mittens," she started.

"Mom, tats!" Wyatt said, pointing to the book.

"Yeah, I see," she said with a small laugh. "And a little toy house, and a young mouse. And a comb, and a brush, and a bowl full of mush."


"Yeah, yuck. I don't like it either," Savannah said. "And a quiet old lady, who was whispering 'hush'. Goodnight, room."

"Night, woom."

"Goodnight, moon."

"Night, moon."

"Goodnight cow jumping over the moon."

"Night, tow."

"Goodnight, light."

"Night, wight."

"And the red balloon."

"Night, b'woon."

Savanna smiled, looking at Wyatt for a few seconds and she laughed a little before coninuing reading the book. "Goodnight, bears."

"Night, bears."

"Goodnight, chairs."

"Night, tairs."

"Goodnight, kittens."

"Night, tats."

"And goodnight, mittens."

"Night, mins."

"Goodnight, clocks."

"Night, twocks."

"And goodnight socks."

"Night, sots."

"Goodnight, little house."

"Night, house."

"And goodnight, little mouse."

"Night, mouse."

"Goodnight, comb."

"Night, tomb."

"And goodnight, brush."

"Night, bwush."

"Goodnight, nobody."

"Night, nobody."

"Goodnight, mush."


"And goodnight to the old lady, whispering 'hush'."

"Night, wady."

"Goodnight, stars."

"Night, staws."

"Goodnight, air."

"Night, air."

"Goodnight, noises everywhere."

"Night, noise."

Savannah closed the book and kissed Wyatt's head. "That's it, the book's over."

"Adain!" Wyatt said, turning over and facing Savannah.

"We'll read it again at bedtime, okay?"

"No, not tired."

"Not right now Honey, at bedtime. Tonight, not right now."


"There you two are," Dan said, walking into the room. "How are you doing?" he asked,looking at Savannah.

"Pretty good. We just read a book," Savannah said.

"Dada," Wyatt said, holding his arms up.

"Hey, kid," Dan said, picking Wyatt up.


"Okay, we'll fly. Ready?" he asked, holding Wyatt up in the air on his belly.


Dan walked quickly around the room, tipping Wyatt side to side, making airplane noises. Wyatt giggled continuously and Savannah smiled, letting out a small laugh as she watched them.

"Incoming, Mommy. Super Wy is landing," he said, carefully sitting Wyatt down in Savannah's lap.

Savannah stared at Wyatt for a few seconds. "…Super Wy," she whispered.

"What?" Dan asked.

"Super Wy. I remember. I remember him. I was nursing him right before I left. I remember, because he bit me and I smacked his hand and he pushed me away so you had to give him a bottle. I remember," her voice cracked as tears filled her eyes.

"That's great. That's good, you're starting to remember things now. This is good."

"…But, I still don't remember you…"

"That's okay though, because you will eventually. You're remembering tiny details that no one else would have remembered, that's better than nothing."

"Mom sad," Wyatt said, running his index finger over a tear that fell down Savannah's cheek.

"Mommy's happy," Savannah said, kissing his cheek lightly.


"Because I remember you."

"Mom 'member?"

Savannah nodded. "I remember…"