E/O Challenge Word:

sore /sôr/ n. – A raw or painful place on the body

Word Count: 120

Dean dove after Sam; his hand reaching, reaching, reaching...and then finally brushing against what had to be Sam's hair.

Dean clenched his fist, skin drawn tight across his knuckles; stretching the already open sores earned from the night's hunt.

But the pain was worth it as Dean felt Sam's wet hair twining around his fingers, proof that he finally had his brother.

In the next instant, Dean jerked upwards, simultaneously kicking hard for the surface.

Sam came coughing and gasping – but blessedly breathing – into Dean's arms, and Dean held on to him with a vise-like grip.

"I've got you," Dean panted, his heart hammering in his chest – because Jesus...that was too damn close. "Just hold on. I've got you, Sammy."