"It was you, wasn't it?" Marcus asked. He had a strong feeling for a long time that she was involved somehow, but never had enough proof. After talking to Amber and prying the information out of her he decided to trust his gut and go straight to the source.

"What was me, Marcus?" she replied.

"You were the one who…who saved her. You saved my daughter."

Steffy looked away from him for a split second, and she knew her lack of eye contact had given her away. She didn't want many people knowing about this. Bill's freedom was at stake and she was not going to jeopardize that. Not even for her best friend, her first love.

"Marcus whatever you think I did—or whatever you think you know—you need to keep it to yourself."


"Because…it's complicated."

Marcus took a step closer to her. "Steffy…you need to talk to me. I didn't know Rosie was mine at the time, but now that I do the thought of ever losing just…" He could feel his eyes begin to water up. "You would be helping me more than you know."

Steffy's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"I'm protecting my daughter. She's not ever going to be put in a position like that again…where she can't even defend herself. Steffy…if it wasn't for you I could have lost my little girl. I could have lost her before I even had the chance to get to know her. "

Steffy looked at him with such compassion. He was turning out to be such an amazing father. She truly admired the way Marcus stepped up to the plate when he—and everyone else—discovered that Rosie was his biological daughter. Not Oliver's, and most definitely not Liam's, as Amber had lead everybody to believe.

"Who told you…who made you believe I did anything?"

Marcus sighed. "Amber."

Panic struck Steffy in an instant. If Marcus got her to crack with what she knew, who else would be able to do the same? But, then again, they do share a child together, so it does make sense. If Marcus goes poking around this could get really ugly. I have to stop this from ever getting out. Bill needs me to keep him safe, because that wench he's married to can't be counted on not to guilt him into turning himself in…

"Steff…" Marcus whispered. She looked up at him again, noticing the seriousness in his eyes. They were such gentle eyes…such loving eyes. "If you were the one that pulled Amber off that ledge at the beach house, please, just tell me. The more I know about what happened during Amber's pregnancy, the better chance I have at protecting my daughter. And right now that is my top priority."

Steffy's lips pursed together, and Marcus understood exactly what was going on inside her head. She knew something about what happened, but there was more to it than that. There was a much bigger picture to all of this than he realized—and Steffy was fighting herself to tell him the truth.

" Marcus…all I can say…is that Amber is very lucky. I'm glad she's alive and well, and you should be too."

He scoffed. "I can't believe that after everything we've been through—everything you've put me through—you're refusing to be honest with me right now."

"I'm not trying to hurt you Marcus," she replied, clearly stung by what he said. "There's just a lot about what happened with Amber that you don't know about and it's better if it stays that way!"

"Really? Is it Steffy? Because if I have any shot at all at gaining full custody—"


Marcus paused, angry with himself for revealing too much. He had not uttered those words to anyone else until now. Not even his own mother.

"Marcus I…I didn't know…" He turned away from her. "Hey! Look at me," she commanded while grabbing a hold of his arm.

"No. No forget it, this has been a waste of time." He jerked out of her grip and headed for the door.

"Marcus! Marcus wait—Ok! Ok I admit—it was me. I saved her. I pulled her off that ledge."

Marcus slowly turned around to look at her. Steffy was approaching him, breathless from her reluctant revelation. She strode past him and closed the door, locking it. There was dead silence between them, the only thing audible was the rhythm of their breathing. Marcus stepped toward her and gently touched her elbow, turning her around.

Steffy was timid at first, but she finally surrendered herself into his arms. He wrapped them around her and rested his chin within the strands of her hair. They stood just like that for what felt like ages until she finally returned his embrace by placing her arms around his waist in return.

God…it's been so long since I've felt like this…so safe… Steffy thought. I know I can trust Marcus. He's never done anything to hurt me. But, I've been in love with Bill for a long time now. If I confess about why Amber was hanging on that ledge to help Marcus with his case…Bill could lose everything. And then I would lose him.

What the hell am I going to do?