Mitchell looked around him at the Hospital, mop in hand, there was nothing really exciting about this job. On boring days like this he would sometimes drift off and think about things that he had done in his past. More exciting things than just mopping up urine or excrement.

"Hey, Mitchell" George walked up to Mitchell and stopped in front of him, crossing his arms against his chest.

"Hi George. What's wrong?" Mitchell knew that something was wrong with George. He had lived with George for two weeks now and George was getting easier to read as the time continued.

"It's my time of the month remember. I was just wondering if you got my text message about bringing my duffle with you"

Mitchell wrinkled his brow and than gave George a little What are you talking about face. George sighed. "Please tell me you got my text message, or I'm going to have to steal another pair of scrubs and I got in trouble for that last time."

Mitchell laughed and smiled "You worry a lot. Of course I got your text message. You're duffle bag is in my locker. Now relax. You always get a little peaky at this time of month" Mitchell leaned against the top of the mop handle and looked at his friend and flatmate.

George shook his head and sighed "You're a ass, did you know that? And of course I get peaky during this time of month. I've got a monster in me and it is wanting to come alive right now. You don't know what that's like."

Mitchell nodded and stuck the mop back into the water bucket "You're right George, I don't know what it's like to have a monster inside you that only wants to come out one night a month." Mitchell walked away "Have a good night George. See you at the house in the morning"

George watched Mitchell walk away pushing the mop bucket down the hall. George forgot sometimes that his roommate was a vampire. A vampire who was struggling with the need to drink blood. George thought for a moment that he should go and apologize to Mitchell, but he would walk to the store tomorrow and pick up a couple of steaks and a pack of beer to say sorry.

Mitchell closed his locker and ran a hand through his hair, there was hint of blood in the air and he was doing everything in his power to ignore it.

"Hi Lauren." he said with a smile as she walked to her locker a few down from his. "How are you?"

"I am tired. I had to change my shirt three times today. First after someone threw shit at me, then there was someone's sick and now, this…" She showed the very large, very fresh blood stain on the front of her shirt. Mitchell froze and took a deep breath, swallowing. That was where the smell was coming from. He composed himself and forced the smile back onto his face.

"Doesn't look too bad on you. It cold be a new fashion statement" He laughed a little and smirked. Lauren laughed a little and nodded.

"Maybe I'll try that, just not in the mood to draw that much attention to myself today though" She said as she took off her scrubs shirt and threw it into the dirty laundry pile. Looking at him out of the corner of her eye as she had just her long sleeve under shirt on. "Got any special plans for tonight?"

Mitchell shook his head and smiled at her as he zipped up his leather jacket. "Nothing too special. Just going home and feeling lonely. You?"

"Working. A lonely night seems pretty great though" She slipped on another shirt and nodded again "Have a good night Mitchell. See ya." Lauren waved and walked out of the room.

Mitchell ran another hand through his hair and then began to walk out of the room, stopping as the smell of the blood from her shirt stung his nostrils. He looked at the shirt, sitting there at the top of the laundry pile and closed his eyes. Thinking about maybe, reaching in and taking the shirt. He shook his head and stuffed his hands into his leather jacket pockets and almost ran out of the hospital.

Mitchell needed a drink and a cigarette. He needed it badly and he needed it now. Making his way to the pub.

Annie walked into the pub and sat down. It was a quiet little place, dark lighting as pubs usually had and she briefly looked around. Owen had said he would meet her here at 7:30 but he still wasn't here. She ordered herself a glass of white wine and pulled out her mobile, resting it on the table beside her. Maybe Owen would call, or…

"Annie isn't it?"

Annie looked up and there was Mitchell. She smiled a little "Yeah, Mitchell. Hi." Her smile turning into a small grin.

"Can I sit down?" Mitchell asked

She took a moment and then swallowed just a little, looking around to see if Owen had just walked in and was looking for her "Yes. Go ahead" She smiled at him and pointed to the chair across from her.

She watched as Mitchell sat down and ordered himself a pint.

"Are you waiting for someone?" He asked

She nodded "Yeah, my fiancé, Owen. He said he would be here but he's a bit late." Mitchell could tell that she was a bit nervous. Maybe him sitting here across from her was a bad idea. Maybe, her fiancé was even more of an ass than he had originally thought. Mitchell looked around and took a sip of his beer.

Suddenly Annie's heart sped up. Mitchell took another long drink from his pint glass and looked over to where she was starring. There was a man, who had just walked into the pub.

He looked back at Annie.

"I think maybe you should…" Annie started and then smiled as the man approached the table "Owen. Hi" She said with a smile.

Mitchell stood up "Hi. Mitchell. I was just talking to you're wonderful lady here." He picked up his pint glass and gave a small smile towards Annie "Have a good night Annie." Turning back at Owen "It was nice to meet you Owen"

Mitchell walked to the bar and sat down, taking a sip of his beer and looking in the mirror behind the bar so he could see Annie and Owen.

Owen sat down and leaned across the table towards Annie. Taking her hand. Mitchell watched as she smiled at the man across from her at the table. Maybe he had gotten it wrong about owen, Mitchell thought. Then suddenly, Annie was trying to pull her hand from Owen. Not roughly, but just subtly as to not bring attention to herself or to what Owen was doing.

"Come on Annie. Let's go home." Mitchell heard Owen say in a rough voice as Annie and he stood up. Owen grabbed a fiver out of his pocket and threw it on the table. Still holding onto Annie's wrist. Mitchell turned around just in time to see Annie. She locked eyes with him and then turned to look at Owen. Mitchell swallowed as they disappeared into the night.

Mitchell couldn't handle just leaving it like that. Taking a fiver out of his pocket he gave it to the bartender and ran out of the pub. Following closely, and in the shadows, to Owen and Annie.

"What were you doing with him?" Owen said as he continued to drag Annie down the block

"Nothing. He had just sat down." Annie replied in a calm voice. Trying to calm Owen down. Mitchell had seen this technique before, and he had seen it fail.

"It didn't look like nothing, you stupid bitch." Owen said as they had reached the car. Mitchell watched as Owen pushed Annie against the passenger side door. He almost ran out to take her safely away from Owen. She looked up and they again, locked eyes. She bit her lip and turned as Owen got into the car. She shook her head so that Mitchell saw and she too got in the car. Mitchell watched the car disappear into the darkness. He closed his eyes and swallowed.

He needed to help her.