LOONEY TUNES: THE WB ONE-SHOTS SHOW Chp. 42: Louvre, Come Back To Me!
Chapter 42: Louvre, Come Back To Me!

Synopsis: In his first appearance, Pepe Le Pew falls for Minerva Mink, who is painted as a skunk, and begins chasing her all throughout the Louvre.

Pepe Le Pew in ...
"Louvre, Come Back To Me!"

Based on the Pepe Le Pew cartoon,
"Louvre, Come Back To Me!" (1962, directed by Chuck Jones)

Special Thanks to Chuck Jones
Story by Brandon Franklin
Animation by Tom Ray, Ben Washam, Bob Bransford, and Ken Harris
Layouts by Robert Givens
Backgrounds by Maurice Noble
Voice Characterizations by Joe Alaskey and Tress MacNeille
Musical Direction by Milt Franklyn

Directed by Brandon Franklin

It was love in the air all around the city of Paris, catching the attention of a certain skunk. A skunk's tail was sticking out, and he was reeking.

The stench from his tail caused Tweety and Aooga to fall out of their tree, Flora and Double D's chair to hide in a tree, and made Buster and Babs' dance routine seem meaningless.

However, it was about to change for a certain Minerva Mink, who was being romanced by Sylvester J. Pussycat. After getting a whiff of Pepe's stench, Sylvester had fell down, but Minerva ended up smacking into a pole of wet paint, sliding down the top part of a store, and fall right into Pepe's arms.

Meanwhile, Pepe was just minding his own business until he saw Minerva coming his way.

"Released from ze heavens!" Pepe said as his lips touched Minerva's by accident. "How impetious can you get? Look, darling, perhaps I am old-fashioned, but shouldn't we be introuduced first?"

Minerva was still dizzy as Pepe continued talking.

"I am Pepe Le Pew," Pepe said as he began to hug her, much to Minerva's shock. "This is my first affair, so please be kind."

"EEK! Get away from me!" Minerva said as she ran off.

"I am shy, but I am willing," Pepe said to the audience. "I am playing it too cool, no?"

Minerva screamed as she ran into the Louvre Art Museum with Pepe hopping behind her.

Sylvester suddenly woke up, and said, "Huh? What'sth going on?" He noticed Pepe chasing after Minerva, and said, "Sufferin' Succotash!", as he ran off after them.

Inside the Louvre, Minerva continued running while Pepe hopped on by, but his stench caused the Discus Thrower to drop his discus on his foot, making it morph. He then passed another exhibit where a statue lost her arms, forming it into the Venus de Milo.

Inside, Sylvester was waiting for the moment to pop up, and scare Pepe away. Pepe was still looking for Minerva all over the museum.

"Where are you, mon cherie?" Pepe said. "I am looking somewhere to find you!"

Unknown to him, Sylvester had jumped up to scare him off, but because of the skunk's stench, he stopped, and his eyes turned bloodshot, his skin turned white, and he froze up.

"I don't know why, but I don't really go for this modern sculpture," Pepe said.

Sylvester's entire body fell off as Pepe walked away. Before he left, Sylvester swept them up with a dustpan, and a broom before tiptoeing away.

Back with Minerva, she made it past the sculpture of "Le Elephant", and went behind the sculpture, "Le Tulip", and panted.

"Where are you, my little Mona Lisa?" Pepe called. "I am coming to collect you."

"I think I'm safe from that skunk, for now," Minerva said, right before Pepe's hands covered her eyes.

"Guess who?" Pepe said.

Minerva screamed, and started to run, accidentally carving a heart out of the sculpture. Pepe fell over, but he still gazed at Minerva.

Minerva ran until she ran to a corner, but gasped when she saw Pepe in art clothes, painting her picture.

"Don't move, darling," Pepe said. "I want to remember you just as you are."

Minerva just ran off, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

"Aw, shucks," Pepe said. "You moved."

Outside, Sylvester was filling himself up with air with a bicycle pump, so he won't smell Pepe's stench, and react to it again. He put a nose plug on his nose, and marched back into the museum.

Inside, as Minerva was trying to run away, Pepe was kissing her hand until Sylvester came in, and slapped him with a glove, making him let go of Minerva.

"Uh-oh, I know, the jealous lover," Pepe said.

"Yeah, it'sth me, the jealous lover!" Sylvester said. "What do you think you're doing chasing my girl all around this museum? Why I oughta-!"

"Calm down, sir, I salute you," Pepe said. "You wish to risk your life in a duel over the fair one. An affair of honor, I can see it now. Two green figures, they call at the light of dawn, and the general tells us to choose our weapons. Pistols, perhaps. Back-to-back, we stand, ramrod's very straight. We are very brave, sir. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10."

In the meantime, Sylvester was suffocating from the air he held inside. He began to go from red to blue.

"We turn! I fire!" Pepe said. "BANG! I miss. I await your shot like a soldier."

Sylvester began to go from blue to red to green to red and blue.

"Down comes ze terrible weapon!" Peep said. "BANG! Through le heart, I am dying. My blood gushes forth. I resume dying, I fall, I expire, au revoir, mon cherie."

Finally, Sylvester just blew out his air, sending him flying across the halls until a crash is heard. Sylvester was dazed in a crooked suit of armor in the Hall of Armor.

"She runs to my side! She can not believe it!" Pepe said. "She beseeched me not to go, but it is too late. I am a gone goose."

Pepe opened his eyes, and looked around to see no one.

"Where is everybody?" Pepe said to the audience. "Oh, well, war is fine, but love is better."

He got up, and walked as he said that. Just then, his body pointed like an arrow, and followed in the direction, leaving a dust cloud colored and shaped like a heart.

Pepe ran down the stairs to the basement, and opened up the air conditioning room, and found Minerva inside.

"Get away from me!" Minerva said.

"What an interesting place for us, you clever, you," Pepe said as he jumped inside, and closed the door.

As he was wooing Minerva, his stench went up through the vent, and messed up some of the paintings, including Salvador Dali's Persistance of Memory, making the clocks stand up, and break, the couple from American Gothic ducked their heads in their bodies like turtles, the painting on the ranch with the owner, holding up a gun, and shooting it, telling everyone to go away. The painting of the ballerinas broke off, revealing to be a color by numbers. Finally, it reached the Mona Lisa, but it just talked.

"I can tell you chaps one thing," the Mona Lisa said. "It's not always easy to hold this smile."

The iris closes in on the Mona Lisa, ending the cartoon.

The Looney Tunes red rings appear as "That's all Folks!" is written on the screen.