Chapter One: Did I interrupt something?

Tanoko's POV

The sound of the engine's drowned out any other possible sound he could hear. And the vibration of the plane was another thing that was brought to his sense's as he sat in a bench. The plane was an old C-130 United State's military Supply plane. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and looked up into the helmet of the man standing next to him getting a nod and push. He got up and stood steady as he heard an alarm amazingly enough over the engine's

He watched a red light flash on and the large rear door lower until it stopped quickly and he stood ready looking towards the man. He looked above the man's head seeing the red light flash once and turn green before the sight of the man nodding and waving him on reached his eyes. He took a breath and ran forward jumping out of the plane flipping over to watch it fly away. He didn't have a parachute and he wouldn't need one.

The long black gauntlet that reached up to his shoulder encasing his entire right arm in metal where at his shoulder it jutted up in a large spike. His mind was calm when any normal person would have been freaking out at the lack of a parachute to land him safely. And a memory flashed in his mind one that most would be worried to remember at such a time.


He waited calmly outside the large oak door. The door opened silently and the rough voice inside spoke up. "Come in." the deep voice commanded. He walked inside to the sight of an older man sitting at a large wooden desk in a large leather chair. "Ah Tanoko Usuri. The one enigma of our great nation. The second Male IS user though your condition is one that will cause problems for you. We have a mission for you of course it is a suicide mission but it is expected with this problem." The older man said. "What is the mission?" he asked getting a small smile. "An unmanned IS we were developing has Gone rouge and is on route to Japan. We need you to dispose of it." The Older man stated. "And my chances of living through this are low?" he asked getting a curt nod. "Yes and that is why we will not be retrieving you." The Older man said. "When do I leave?" he asked quietly. "In an hour from now. Good luck." The Older man said.

-End Flashback-

He shook the memory from his mind and finally broke cloud cover seeing the Target in the air with many different IS' engaging it before the majority were blown away. He looked as one single IS blasted towards it and took it to the ground crashing into the beach. He activated his IS quickly as the other IS' rushed for the two fallen one's. He stopped immediately he large black IS holding him in place. The design wasn't an average one either.

It was a sleek design with the body being similar to Ichika's and the wings were three separate blade's on each side while an SMG was planted on his right leg and a long black Katana was laying along his back. He looked through the visor that showed his vitals and other information and zoomed in on the group of IS' user's on the beach. He scanned the seemingly shut down IS that was his target and saw a small spark of energy running to a small chip.

He charged the engine's and blasted forwards leaving a jet stream in his wake. His alarm light for activation of ground to air missile activation sprung up and he looked quickly seeing the chest open up and a single large missile to be launched from the IS. He watched the trajectory and the landing zone was a large Inn that was when scanned with the Heat vision completely booked by what seemed to be a school.

He cursed lightly and the scans of the other IS' showed they wouldn't reach the Missile in time but he could intercept it if he was to shift left a bit. He cursed more and punched the engine's adjusting to course seeing the Missile getting closer to his ending location and crossed his arms in an X formation as the missile blew into his arms overloading the shield and the flame's parting around him before darkness and pain overwhelmed his mind and he fell unconscious.

Ichika's POV

He stood up breathing slightly harder and looked at the downed unmanned IS seeing it was shut down and sighed in relief. He turned around as a channel opened up and noticed everyone one else was looking at the open channel which soon showed Chifuyu. "Chifuyu-nee. What's up?" Ichika asked confused. "It's Orimura-Sensei. My radar is picking up a new IS in your area. It seems to have just appeared out of nowhere look and see if you can see it." Chifuyu said sternly.

He looked up like everyone else and saw a Black painted IS flying at high speeds near them. He heard a beep and looked seeing a warning on his screen before turning around catching the Tail end of a Missile in his sight flying away from them. He moved to launch after it but stopped as Houki's hand laid on his shoulder stopping him. "We won't be able to catch it." Houki said carefully.

"My IS' drained and I can't fly at the speed to catch it everyone else won't be able to catch it either." Houki said quietly. He heard a voice and looked at Chifuyu. "The IS has changed direction." Chifuyu stated making them look back up again seeing it rushing for somewhere in between then and the Inn where the missile seemed to be heading. He looked closer at the IS and saw a small flag painted in the armor.

"Is that the American Flag?" he asked getting everyone to look and nod before and Explosion ripped the air and they took off quickly to see the damage. He stopped hovering over the ground looking at the body out cold on the ground where the IS had been during the explosion. He picked the body up seeing it was a man's. "We need to get him to the infirmary." He said getting nods as everyone pushed their questions to the back of their minds.

Tanoko's POV

He grunted as pain flared through his body and sat up pressing his right hand to his chest a flash of pain flowing through him. He looked down seeing the bandage's crossing over his chest. He threw his legs over the side of his bed seeing his shirt and jacket thrown onto the chair next to it just to prove to him that someone had taken both off to take care of his chest. "Hmm." He mumbled.

He saw a group of people whispering to each other before they noticed he was awake. "So you healed me?" he asked grabbing his shirt and dragging it over his head. "Yes. Who are you?" A woman in a black suit asked sternly. "Hmm. Tanoko Usuri." He said getting a small curt nod. "What are you doing here?" the same woman asked. "It is normal polite to give your names in return." He said pulling on the jacket. "I am Chifuyu Orimura." The woman said.

"These are my students: Ichika Orimura, Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, Rin Huang, Laura Bodewig, and Houki Shinonono." Chifuyu said simply. "Hmm, Japanese, Japanese, French, English, Chinese, German, and Japanese." He said pointing to the same people Chifuyu listed in the same order. He got nods from them and slight suspicious looks from knowing their nationalities. "Hmm." He hummed in response to their looks.

"Again. What are you doing here?" Chifuyu asked. "Hmm? Oh I was sent by the American government to eradicate the Rouge IS they had built." He said simply and bored. "You do know that was a suicide mission." Chifuyu asked. "So I was sent anyways." He said boredly shrugging his shoulders. "Well isn't the American government coming to pick you up?" Chifuyu asked still stern. "Nope they realized my likely hood of living and said they wouldn't even send anyone." He said not at all affected.

"You're not affected by that at all?" Chifuyu asked somewhat surprised. "Nope I don't care." He said shrugging his shoulders once more. He smiled a bit in thought. "I can see you are part of a school for IS user's would I be allowed to join?" he asked getting a slow nod. "You're about a second year student like Ichika is if the Principle will allow it you may join." Chifuyu said making him nod in understanding. "Well when can I meet her?" he asked getting a smirk.

"Already assuming it's a woman?" Chifuyu asked. "Well it's an all girl's school besides Ichika here so I am assuming the females would be more comfortable with a female Principle." He said blandly getting a smirk and nod. "Due to the danger from that missile you stopped we will be leaving today in one hour to return to the campus of the school." Chifuyu said. "Alright and how are you returning?" he asked getting another smirk. "Bus line." Chifuyu said simply.

"Hmm. How exactly am I going to get there? A strange guy joining a group of girls on a bus to the school will be a little odd don't you think?" he asked getting a small smirk. "The teacher's take a separate bus and you will be riding with us." Chifuyu said still smirking. "So I have to sit in a bus full of female teacher's?" he asked getting a nod and grin. "Not that bad of a deal." He said shrugging as the clock dinged.

"It's time to go the buses should be here." Chifuyu said surprised at how the time flew by. He shrugged and followed Chifuyu out of the room and into an empty hallway. "I am surprised their isn't anyone out here." He said blandly as everyone else exited with him. "The infirmary is a separated building than the living quarters." Chifuyu explained leading them to a set of double doors and outside to a large parking lot. Twelve large luxury buses sat in a line.

One single bus of a different color was sitting as the lead bus and he followed Chifuyu to it as a large group that was growing by the minute's surrounded the other buses hoping to get a good seat. He walked inside and looked around realizing this was more like a bands tour bus with two tables and benches two stocked fridge's and a couple of recliners and two TV's. He blinked and noticed bunch of female teacher's that became silent as he walked in.

"He is the new Male IS user we found?" one asked getting Chifuyu to nod. "You're keeping his appearance away from the girls for now to prevent questions. That is smart." Another said before gesturing to two open recliners. "Take a seat you two we will be leaving in a few moments." Another teacher said. "Maya. Are you ready to drive us back to the school?" Chifuyu asked another teacher who was shyly sitting at the driver's seat and holding the steering wheel and nodded shyly.

He relaxed into the recliner and turned it to look out the window as the teacher's conversed. The landscaping was mostly trees and grassland that passed by the window but soon enough a small white wall blocked his vision then the outside became dark for a few moments. "We should be at the school in a few moments." Maya said shyly as a turn lead him to see the Campus and the entrance brush by. He felt the bus stop and turned around getting up like everyone else.

He waited for them all to go out and faced Chifuyu who was waiting patiently. "I will lead you to the principle so you may ask if you may join the school." Chifuyu said leading him off the bus and into a teacher's only door that showed a small corridor. The clack of her heels against the floor was the only sound he could hear at the time. He took a left as she did and ascended the stairs until he was standing on the fifth floor.

They continued past a couple office doors that must have been where the teacher's graded and did work when not in class until Oak double doors stood in front of them. He watched her knock and the slightly muffled enter. "Chifuyu-san what is it you need?" the Principal asked looking over her rectangle framed glasses. "I have another Male IS user here wishing to join the school." Chifuyu. "So there are two Male IS users?" the principal asked smiling lightly.

"Well before I can agree I would request to see your IS in action." The principal said turning to him. He nodded and got a smile in return. "Gather the Teacher's and have Maya be the person to test him." The principal said sternly turning back to Chifuyu. "Of course." Chifuyu said bowing slightly before leading him back into the hallway. "The arena is on the third floor and to our right." Chifuyu said gesturing to the window.

He looked out the window seeing the gigantic arena with four different pit entrances. "Which pit will I be leaving?" he asked. "The southwest pit." Chifuyu said gesturing to Arena. "So I am fighting the teacher that drove the Bus?" he asked. "Yes but don't be fooled she used to be a professional IS fighter." Chifuyu said smirking. He nodded slightly as they walked down the stairs until the third floor was revealed and the sounds of laughing were happening.

"The students were told to stay in their classrooms until their teacher's returned." Chifuyu said smirking slightly. He nodded and continued taking the left turn they would need to and entering the doors that lead to the pits climbing up the stairs and to the loading section. He activated his IS placing his feet into the holds for him to be launched out. "OK Initiation test commencing in five." Chifuyu's voice said through the com.

"Four…. Three." Chifuyu said making him lean forward a bit ready. "Two…. One…. Go!" Chifuyu exclaimed the launcher's pushing him forward at an amazing speed until he jumped off the edge and flew into the air his right hand holding his Sword and his left holding his SMG. "Maya you may begin." Chifuyu said though the intercom. He saw her set her Rifle in position. He felt before he heard the shot and dodged quickly.

He rushed for her and used his sword to hold her rifle's away from his body and let the SMG fire quickly seeing the bullets ping off her shields before she kicked him back and his sword fell from his grasp. "Damn." He mumbled rushing backwards while keeping his sights on Maya. He fired some more and flew upward trying to shoot for behind her.

Ichika's POV

He was silent as the entire class was laughing and talking together. "Ichika-kun." Rin called smiling. "Oh hey Rin." Ichika said smiling back. "I heard what sounds like fighting from the Arena lets go see." Rin said excited. He felt her grab his arm and pull him and to the door. "Where are you going?" Houki asked from her seat getting up along with Cecilia, Charlotte, and Laura. He felt Rin stop and face them with a large grin on her face.

"There is a fight going on in the Arena." Rin said making everyone quiet down and stand up in excitement. "That must be why they want us to stay here because it's a special fight." One girl said getting nods. "We should let the other classes know." Another one said getting even more nods as everyone rushed for the door. He was dragged once again out of the classroom and to the entrance for the stands. The walls of the corridor too the stands rushed by as everyone was excited and talking.

He walked out seeing the seats get lower until it stopped and frowned at how the blast shields were lowered. He saw Laura stop at a computer while everyone was sitting and started typing and the four large red lights started flashing. He heard engine's kick on and watched the blast walls begin to raise showing the bright light of the outside and gunshots.

Chifuyu's POV

She was standing in the observation booth watching the fight when all of the stands blast door alarms went off. "Who is opening the blast doors?" she asked urgently before the security cameras for the stands showed they were full of excited surprised students. "Laura bodewig is hacking the controls." One of the other teachers exclaimed. "Do not try and shut them it is best the students know of their new possible student here." She said with a sigh.

"As you wish Chifuyu-san." The teacher said. "Tanoko, Maya, the students have opened the blast doors and are currently watching your progress." She said through the Com. She got a small grunt in return as Tanoko was blasted into a wall. She watched as the doors finally finished rising into their holding area where they would wait until lowered.

Tanoko's POV

He blasted off the wall and above Maya who continued shooting forcing him to dodge. He dived down facing her and letting loose forcing her to lose her aim and dodge. He took the opening and grabbed his sword from the ground blasting up towards her his black armor easily visible with the American flag sealed on the shoulders in easy view. He slashed once and knocked the rifle out of her hands shooting as he stopped above her.

He watched her crash into the ground and a plum of dust to cover her. He lowered himself to the ground and slowly walked towards her the metal clanking with the dirt ground. He stopped in front of her as the dust cleared and took her hand pulling her to her feet. "Good match." He said getting a small nod as the IS she was using was shut down. He chuckled lightly and shut his down before he felt her fall against him.

"Eh?" he asked looking down at her seeing she was out cold. "Maybe I overdid it." He said having to hold her up. He lifted her up and carried her out of the Arena to find Chifuyu standing there slightly amused and annoyed. "Here I will take Maya to the infirmary you head to the principal's office." Chifuyu said taking Maya off of his hands.