E/O Challenge: Sore

Spoiler alert – tag to "Time after Time"

A Time After Time

Sheriff Mills was the first to break the silence.

"You're a sight for sore eyes," she grinned admiring Dean's dapper-suit and "forties" hair-style.

"I could use a drink," the older Winchester murmured, before hugging his relived brother.

An hour later the Blue Label bottle stood empty.

"Here's to you, Bobby Singer," Jodie Mills murmured, raising her glass; downing the whiskey in one. She shuddered as the bitter-tasting liquid burned her throat, "I still can't believe he's gone," she sniffed, tears trickling down her face.

Dean lifted the empty glass from her trembling hand.

"I'm gonna get those black-ooze-bastards," he growled.