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Title: Monster
Pairings: RatchetxMirage
Universe: Bayverse, post-2007 movie
Rated: T
Warnings for battle violence, battle wounds and field medicine, angst, mechslash
Description: What happens when a medic falls.
Inspired by "Monster," by Paramore

"Tell me what to do," Mirage says urgently, dragging up his sense of poise and rationality and clinging to both of them, relying on them.

Trying not to stare as energon spurts from various lines and electricity crackles over a chartreuse frame. Trying to focus amid the noises of weapon fire, explosions, screaming, shouting, jets breaking the sound barrier above him, the damning knowledge that the only one who can help him, is the one spilling energon underneath him.

He's frantically pinged Wheeljack, who is on the other side of the battlefield, distracted by Seekers. He's also sent off comms to First Aid, but he fears neither of them will get to him in time.

Static crackles; Ratchet tries to speak. "Clamp the – bzzkrt – main – scrktitch – line."

He doesn't know what the frag he's doing. Main line? Which main line? And where? With what? Mirage knows basic field repairs, and has gleaned a few odds and ends from being in the med bay so much. But this... this is beyond him. This is the sort of damage that requires Ratchet's miraculous abilities.

A hand (the other arm is about fifty feet away, out of grasp, Mirage will worry about retrieving it later) grips his shoulder, but grips is too strong a word. Paws, perhaps, in an attempt to grip, trying to get Mirage's attention as he stares aghast at damage, rage burning in the back somewhere. Behind the fear and the worry, there's rage, too.

'I'll tear Shockwave's spark out with my own hands,' he seethes. But first, Ratchet must live. He has to live.

Warmth. Through their bond. Not an ounce of fear. Not from Ratchet who, it seems, is always fearless. Concern, yes, but for Mirage instead. Certainty. Faith. Not in a deity, but in Mirage.

He inclines his head, focuses, stares through a haze and traces a main energon line, one radiating out from Ratchet's spark chamber. Mirage finds the tear, pulls a clamp out of his field kit, and patches it up.

He tells himself his hands aren't shaking as he drags his optics back to Ratchet's face, inwardly terrified by the dimming of Ratchet's optics. Energon loss. Even Mirage knows to recognize that.

"Now what?" he asks, desperate for the next step. Mirage has no idea where to begin; he needs Ratchet to tell him. "Ratchet?"

But there's no answer to his query.

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