Title: Catch Me If You Can

Universe: G1, post-war

Characters: Hound, Ravage, Jazz, Smokescreen, Prowl, Cliffjumper

Warning: Slight ooc?

Description: New partners bring new challenges.

Hound roared as he skittered around a corner, narrowly avoiding a collision with Jazz.

"Sorry!" he gasped, catching his balance and scrabbling back into a run.

Jazz's laughter followed him down the hall. "Good luck!"

Could've helped, Hound grumbled to himself.

But no, that wasn't how this game was played. He was on his own.

His sensors bleeped. Hound took another turn, his target just ahead of him but moving fast. Four legs were faster than two. Wheels even more so, but Hound didn't dare transform.

He could get away with running through the halls but Prowl would put him on cleaning duty for a month if he left tire treads on the floor again.

Hound called up a schematic of the Ark. There. A short cut. Head off his target without having to chase. Perfect.

Hound skidded to a halt, dove into a small byway, and twisted to avoid Smokescreen, who wisely flattened his doorwings in the nick of time.

"Three to one odds!" Smokescreen shouted at him with a large grin.

No help there either.

Hound emerged into another corridor, backtracked a bit, ducked through the rec room and exited out the other side, attracting a sizable crowd in the process. His sensors zeroed in on his target, coming round the corner.

Hound pounced.


The resulting clash of metal on metal could be heard seven hallways over in the medbay. Ratchet was probably scowling.

Hound grinned, victorious.

In his arms was a hissing, squirming bundle of disgruntled metal feline.

"Hey! Watch the claws!" Hound protested as cybertronium-sharp talons tore four gashes in his paint.

Ravage snarled, optics promising dire retribution.

A round of applause began from their gathered audience. Somewhere, at the back of the crowd, Smokescreen was collecting his winnings.

"Bath time again, I presume?" Prowl's dry tone made Hound grin sheepishly.

"And I thought Spike was joking," Hound replied.

"This from the mech happy to spend his day in mud pits," Cliffjumper teased. "Someone should make you take a bath."

Laughter rounded out the applause.

"Ha, ha." Hound struggled to keep his grip on the feisty, former cassette. "A little help?"

Amazing how quick the Autobots could scatter.

Their absence, however, garnered an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Hound sighed. "You do this on purpose, don't you?"

Ravage grinned toothily, leaping out of Hound's embrace and making a show of stretching his back strut. "Got to keep you on your toes somehow."

Hound shook his helm. His brand new partner's been a challenge since day one.

"C'mon, you. Time for a bath."

Ravage laughed. "You first."

a/n: Two characters I don't write often. Hope they're not that OOC.

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