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' our mission as you all are aware is to go in and get the girl, red one you go around the right flank, red two, take the left, red three, go around and if anyone tries to jump, you know what to do.' Lt. Wolfe ordered his men, the child, they were told, was the daughter of an arabian drug lord and british intel officer gone rouge.

All three were hiding in a large boat house that was currently traveling towards the panama canal. Their mission was to cut them off before they had a chance to reach it.

'they don't have any look outs, but they do have 15 trained body guards on board, be quick and remember, I expect perfection, do you copy?'

'Sir yes sir!' Lt. Wolfe's team replied and they all suited up.

'now cora, mummy needs you to be a good girl okay? And remember, no matter what you hear-'

'i know mummy, stay quiet and stay hidden.' The five year old said quickly cutting off her mother.

Her mother looked at her with sad green eyes, the same ones the child in front of her had inherited, her long black hair, the very same her shade her father had, was tied back into two little pigtails. The older woman looked at her daughter for what would be the last time, and closed the door, leaving the child in the dark with only her stuffed bunny rabbit for comfort.

The child, cora, stood there, for what seemed like an eternity, when the boat started rocking harshly, knocking her off her feet. She wanted to cry, to scream, anything to get her mothers' attention, but she knew if she did she'd be in a lot more trouble, no, instead she waited patiently for someone to retrieve her.

And someone did, a man, he was tall and had no hair, she noticed, he easily towered over her small, 2' 5 figure.

She looked at him in awe, not knowing wether to be scared or relieved. Looking down at the little girl shane wolfe tried his best to give her a reassuring smile.

Cora looked at him suspiciously before returning the smile, and he noticed she was missing her two front teeth.

The childs' ivory skin was littered with purple areas, and he knew that they had hit her.

'have you seen my mum, she said she was gonna be back in a little bit' she said in her high pitched voice, 'she left me here with Abby, and said I had to be quiet.' The little girl informed him, hugging her stuffed rabbit tighter.

' your mommy and daddy went on a vacation for a while and told me to keep an eye on you' Lt. Wolfe felt bad about lying to the child, but he couldn't really tell her that her dad was going to be sentenced to death and her mother was now in British custody.

'but mommy always leaves me with auntie chloe and uncle Viktor.'

She argued scrunching her eyebrows together in confusion and crossing her arms over her chest.

it was in that moment that Lt. Wolfe noticed a pink scar that started on her shoulder and went all the way down to her forearm, and that was when Lt. Wolfe decided that he would personally take care of the child, so that no one would ever be able to harm her again.

-10 years later-

'Dad! What are you doing here?' A fifteen year old girl in a military uniform asked as she wrapped her arms around the tall Lt. In front of her leaving her friends to go on without her.

'well I did promise you a mission, didn't I?' Shane said as Coras' smile got wider.

'a mission? A real mission with you... Wait a minute, what's the catch?' She asked suspiciously, her jade green eyes narrowed sightly.

'no catch, just me, you and about five other kids.' Shane said

'Dad, a babysitting gig, seriously?' She asked a bit annoyed that he didn't trust her enough to go on a real mission with him.

' well I mean there's technically only three kids, one of the other ones is older than you, and the kid's your age.' He explained, when he noticed that her expression didn't change he added, 'and I really need your help with this.'

Cora automatically broke out into a grin at hearing those words.

'well, if you really need my help... Okay, I'll be ready in less than 10 minutes' she said as she ran off to her dorm before he had a chance to respond.

Cora managed to pack all her weekend clothes, shoes and not to mention accessories, it's not that she liked getting all dressed up, it's the fact that she didn't like looking like she got run by an eighteen wheeler.

Shane wasn't waiting even five minutes when his daughter came back with two bags in hand and no longer dressed in her uniform.

'wow, you really did mean ten minutes, didn't you?' shane asked

she simply smirked in response, and got in the cab.