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They didn't need to go all the way downstairs apparently Zoë's' boyfriend decided to visit, and Shane had caught him in the act of sneaking in, or rather trying to, as smart as he is, he didn't bother to think that anyone would be home if Mrs. Plummer left, note the sarcasm.

At least that was what Jay and Seth managed to scrap from all the arguing jay's father and Seth's sister, but they didn't know for sure, it all sounded like gibberish to them, but they still stood at Seth's door listening.

"Bed now!" Lt. Wolfe ordered the two teenagers as he walked down the stairs Jay rolled her eyes and told the boy goodnight, but instead of walking into her room she went across the hall and into Zoe's room.

"What do you want?! This entire family would be better off without you or your dad!" the angry and annoyed blonde shouted at the brunette. Jay didn't respond she simple took a magnet strip out of her pocket and pit it on the blonde's window and opened it without the alarms going off.

"What?" Zoe asked confused

"Magnets, tricks it into thinking that the censor's still attached, just be here before twelve, that's when he usually checks the rooms." Jay said before walking out the blonde's door.

Zoe looked curiously at the spot where Jay once stood. Taking this as her chance she called her boyfriend, telling him she'd soon meet him.

Before snuggling into the cool sheets Jay pulled out a small worn out bunny rabbit from her suitcase, the very same rabbit that she had the day Shane had unofficially adopted her. She didn't remember much about that day, just blurs here and there, mainly a beautiful woman with green eyes and gorgeous red hair who, she was later told by Shane, was her mother. She remembered that day vividly, because let's face it, it's not every day you get told you're adopted.

-Eight years earlier-

It was parents' day at Cora's school; every kid had their moms or dads' at their side, some even had both, Cora only had her father, and it wasn't until a few months back that the seven year old had taken to calling Lt. Wolfe dad, it had always been Shane or Sir, she never dared to call him anything more personal. She feared that her real father might one day show up randomly and take her back, though that day never came, and slowly she got used to the word.

After the presentations were done and the kids acted out a play for the parents they were free to go home early. The car ride to Shane's apartment was a lengthy seeing as she didn't say much, or rather anything at all; she just looked out the window, her eyes blank.

Dinner preceded in the same manner not a peep out of the raven haired child; she didn't speak unless spoken to.

"Alright, are you gonna tell me what wrong or am I going to have to tickle it out of you?" Shane threatened playfully from across the table; this earned a small smile out of her before she went back to her blank expression.

"Dad, why don't I have a mom?" she asked suddenly Shane nearly choked on his food, his eyes grew wide.

"Why would you ask something like that Cora, aren't you happy with me?" he asked, few times had Lt. Wolfe felt surprised or self-conscious, and his daughter had just made him feel both.

"No, it's not that I'm happy, but today everyone had a mommy there, some had both, but how come I don't have one?" she asked slowly so as not to hurt his feelings; she really was happy here with Shane, but she wanted a mom, someone who'd talk to her about clothes, and boys, and she loved Shane, but she didn't want to talk about boys with him.

"I guess it would hurt to know who your mom was, how about this, tomorrow I'll take you down to base and I'll show you a picture of her, okay?" He asked, he wouldn't tell her the bad things, like what she did or anything like that he'd keep it minimal and he'd show her some of the pictures.

A wide grin covered her face, "Okay." She said she quickly finished up her meal and kissed her dad goodnight.

That day she dreamed about what her mother would look like, tall beautiful, she'd be better than any of the other moms' her bullies had.

"Wake up, wake up, come on dad, you promised, up!" she shouted as she jumped on the free areas on his bed making sure so as not to step on him.

"Alright, I'm up." He shouted in defeat as he grabbed the seven year old and lifted her so that her feet weren't touching the bed, making her squeal in delight.

"Give me an hour then we'll go." He said she grinned wider and ran out of his room leaving him with his thoughts.

She ran to her room at this age she already knew how to dress herself, the only clothes she bought her consisted of cargo pants, t-shirts, and combat boots; and any color in her wardrobe consisted of black, white, or grey.

The other women took pity on her and bought her some 'real' clothes as they liked to call it, which held much more variety such as skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, things a girl her age should be wearing.

Cora pulled out a pair of jeans and a black and white striped shirt and her All-stars, she brushed her raven hair back into a low pony tail.

Going to the kitchen she poured herself a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice to accompany it. By the time Shane came out she'd already washed her dishes, her teeth, and was currently watching Saturday morning cartoons.

"Ready?" Shane asked interrupting Scooby-doo, she looked up and grinned nodding her head, she quickly got up turned off the t.v. and ran to her dad.

They couldn't get to the base fast enough in Cora's opinion, she was literally bouncing where she stood, waiting for Lt. Wolfe to be granted access.

He motioned for her to follow him down the long, dreary hallways, they finally reached a solid steal door and after swiping his i.d. they proceeded into the room.

This room was different from the others, mainly because of the cold feeling it gave off and there seemed to be a lot less color in that room, not that the other rooms gave off the hippie vibe or anything, they just seemed to be more cheerful to Cora than this one.

Shane pointed to a table and motioned for her to take a seat, there were few others in the room and most were so immersed in their gadgets that they didn't bother looking at them. There were two massive computers in the corner along with a few desks and a filing cabinet, which was where Shane was standing rifling thru one of the drawers; he finally seemed to find what he was looking for.

He pulled out a mammoth sized binder and motioned for her to follow him out the door. As soon as they were free of the bleak room Cora kept trying to peak over her dads shoulder, but the man was massive compared to her 4'2 ft. frame.

They left the base and Lt. Wolfe took her to the nearby park, he got her an ice cream cone and sat with her at one of the few tables.

"Okay," he called her attention as he set the binder labeled 'Rosalyn White' on the edge, "I'm gonna show you some pictures now, don't freak out okay?" he said looking the young girl in the eyes. She nodded slowly trying to keep calm.

He opened the binder revealing all the pictures intelligence had collected about her in the five years after she went rogue, from the moment she left to a week before they captured her.

Cora's eyes widened at the first sight of her mom, she had been right when she said she was beautiful, her hair was a deep red, her eyes looked green in the picture, she had a creamy completion and not at all like Cora whose skin was sun kissed.

Turing the page she saw more pictures of her, walking down the street, at restaurants, some had her with a man, the same man who kept appearing in other pictures, some pictures she appeared pregnant, one thing was certain: she was always serious unless she was with that man, none of the pictures ever showed his face, but Cora knew who he was, and they looked very happy together, laughing, smiling, they were even dancing in one picture.

Near the end there were pictures that showed her carrying a baby, then a toddler and Cora automatically knew it was her, her mother looked so happy holding her, having her around.

She wanted to keep some of the pictures but knew Shane wouldn't let her, that's when she noticed the vending machine across the park by the bathrooms, immediately an idea formed in her head.

"Daddy I'm thirsty." She said he rolled his eyes "Alright, I'll go get you a water bottle, will you be alright by yourself?" he asked, she nodded and rolled her eyes. "Yeah dad, I'm not a baby." She said, he laughed slightly and walked off.

Using this as her chance she peeled back the plastic on the pictures she wanted and put them between the waistband of her jeans and her underwear and pulled her shirt over it hiding them, and prayed to god that Shane wouldn't look though the pictures anymore.

He came back and she drank all her bottle in one gulp. "Okay, I'm kinda tired, can we go home?" she asked sounding hopeful, Shane smiled and nodded.

-Back to present day-

Shane never found out about her stealing the pictures, but could you blame her, she'd never seen her mother. To this day she had the pictures of her mother tucked away in the back of her sketch book; she'd look at them every so often, but never when he was around.

Ever since that day her mom had become the object of most of her drawings, she hadn't shown those to Seth; she didn't want to explain how she didn't have a real mom to talk to, that part never came true, she still longed for someone to talk to.

With that last, kinda depressing, thought Cora fell into a deep sleep.

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