Post Awakening. Selene finally reunited with those she loves. They decide to help the vampires return to their former glory. But a new enemy has different plans for both species, one that involves the complete eradication of vampires. David/OC and Selene/Michael.

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Luke and his friend stared at the screen as the security camera footage ran. It showed Selene calmly walking into Antigen. Then it followed her battle as she killed and destroyed every lycan that attacked her. Luke couldn't help but snarl in disgust. His brethren did their best to stop her, but they were no match.

His friend, Jed, muttered and cursed, his lycan features slowly revealed themselves with each kill. They didn't have to worry about any human revealing who they were. After the second cleansing, the lycans were able to find a steady and firm foothold in the government. The vampires were at a disadvantage because they could not walk in the sun. And with Selene held captive, the lycans were free to expand and become stronger than they ever were before.

There were three other lycans in the room, Luke's guards. Luke's father was the alpha male of their clan. Like the vampires, the lycans had leaders and were separated by clans. Only the best had survived the cleansing. Luke, himself, was one of the candidates for the new drug that Dr. Lane was developing. His father was grooming him to take over the clan. And Jed was going to be Luke's right hand man.

A chill ran down Luke's spine, forcing him to turn around. He used all of his mental strength not to look surprised as the woman glided toward him. She was beautiful. Her long curly red hair seemed to brighten her pale skin. She wore a long black dress and it was impossible to see her feet. Her gracefulness was supernatural and it looked as if she was gliding toward them.

On either side of her were two guards who were bigger than anyone else in the room. Luke's men tensed ever so slightly, but seemed to calm when her two guards revealed themselves to be lycan.

Luke did his best not to let his jaw drop. His father had warned him to look out for her. He had said, that a graceful and beautiful creature would come, but that she was deadly and to be careful. However, she was on their side and to follow her orders. But he had never expected to see such a lovely and delicate looking creature.

She didn't say a word as she positioned herself in between Luke and Jed and looked at the screen.

"I'm going to kill that bitch!" Jed snarled as he whirled around, expecting Luke to join him. Instead, he gasped in surprise when he looked at the woman. "Who are you?" he snapped.

She gave no indication that she heard him as she paused the tape. Her jaw moved ever so slightly from irritation. "Did Dr. Lane survive?" she asked.

"No ma'am," Luke replied. He had never met her before, but she had a presence about her that scared him. He felt as if he were standing in his father's presence.

"Good," she simply said.

"Good?" Jed snarled. Evidently, he didn't feel the need to respect this woman, whoever she was. "He was a lycan who was trying to help us become stronger and you say well?"

"How did he die?" she asked, ignoring Jed's attitude.

"Fucking hybrid," Jed answered.

Luke shot him a warning glance, but his friend didn't look at him. Jed was glaring at this woman.

"Destroy this whole place. Leave nothing. No bodies, no papers, no files, nothing!" she commanded as she turned.

Jed grabbed her shoulder and ignored the growls from her bodyguards. She gave them a quick glance, silencing them, before looking at Jed. "Who the fuck are you to command us?" he snarled as more of him turned into a lycan.

Jed gasped in surprise and blinked a few times before he fell to his knees then onto the ground, dead. The woman held his heart in her hands and just stared at his body as if it were inconsequential. She slowly turned her attention to Luke. His guards snarled and readied themselves to attack. Her men glared at his.

"I want everything in this facility destroyed," she commanded in a cool and calm voice.

Luke nodded. She turned her back to him. "But," he cursed himself for saying that word. Instinctively, his hands covered his chest, even though he knew it would be futile.

"Yes?" she asked.

"The vampires have hybrids on their side," he pointed to the screen. In it was Selene, Michael, their daughter Eve and another vampire. He knew that at least three of them were hybrids. Even though lycans were now more in number than the vampires, the hybrids leveled the playing field a bit. "Wouldn't it be wiser to continue Dr. Lane's experiments and make stronger lycans?"

She looked at him curiously with her blue eyes. "There are enough hybrids ruining this world," she finally stated. But then she nodded. "Although it seems like a wiser decision, look what has happened." Her hands moved smoothly, pointing to everything around them. "Instead of having two hybrids against us we now have three."

He frowned as he watched her. "You're a vampire!" he finally accused. He was sure of it. Her eyes were a natural blue, but she wasn't lycan and she wasn't human.

She cocked her head and let a very small smile cross her lips. "I am," she said as her eyes glowed bright blue.

He snarled in anger as he jumped back, ready to attack her if he needed to defend himself. Her bodyguards didn't flinch as they watched him.

She laughed as she shook her head. "It was not my choice to become a vampire," she stated. "I owe them no allegiance. No." Her eyes wandered from him to the screen and she placed her hand on Selene's image. "She killed my brothers," she stated, anger was in her voice. "We don't need their blood. Michael's already tainted Corvinus blood is of no use to us." She smiled as she looked at him. "There is a faster way. We will find the last of my father's line. And then we will harvest their blood to make a lycan hybrid army that Selene and her half breeds can't defeat."

Luke stared at her. "What?" he asked. He knew the legends thoroughly. "Alexander Corvinus only had three sons. And Michael Corvin was the last of the line."

"And two daughters," she corrected. "History never counted women. One was hidden and allowed to live her life in peace. The other was hunted and turned into a vampire to keep Marcus in line."

"The vampires were made by Marcus. Why go against his line?" Luke couldn't help but ask.

Her eyes narrowed before she laughed, shaking her head. "Marcus may have been the means, but the vampires have always been under Viktor's rule. They are his legacy, not my brother's. But you, lycan, are my brother's William's legacy. I will not rest until all the vampires have been destroyed. And we'll start with her family." She pointed to Selene.

He stared at the screen that held the images of the hybrids, but he really wasn't looking at it. His mind was reeling from what she had said. If no one knew or thought to look for this last line, then they were in luck.

"When you are done then I have a different mission for you. Something I will need your nose for." Her smile was evil and seducing as she looked at him.

"Right away," he said with a nod of his head. He had to trust his father on this. His father had told him to trust her. And, for a vampire, she was rather pretty. He also knew what it felt like to want revenge. And that was clearly written all over her face.

She snapped her fingers and one of her bodyguards picked up the body of Luke's dead friend. Luke turned his face away so he didn't have to look at Jed. In the end, it would have been her or Jed. The young lycan would have foolishly attacked her the instant he realized that she was a vampire. There was no doubt. Still, Luke had lost a friend.

"I hope I'm there to see your face when our more powerful hybrids destroy your family," he said with a laugh at Selene's image.

Selene stood on top of a dam, looking out in the direction of the city. The lights were faint as it was very far away. She was worried. It had been nearly six months since the events in Antigen. The world around her was still strange. A lot had changed in the twelve years that she had been asleep. The "cleansings" had nearly destroyed the vampires and had claimed to have annihilated the lycans. But the lycans had not become extinct as reports had claimed, but instead had put themselves into positions of power. Their ability to walk in the sun made it easy for them to con humanity.

Although she had, in a way, rejected the vampires by not only taking a lycan lover, but turning him into the first hybrid, Selene was still in many ways a vampire. It was strange to see that in twelve short years the vampires went from living rich lives in grandiose covens, to miserable lives underground. They had essentially switched lives with the lycans. She didn't like it.

Selene wasn't chilly as the breeze from the dam coursed around her. Still, in an act of humanity, she wrapped her arms around her chest. An arm wrapped around her and pulled her close to another body. She didn't have to look to see who it was. She had already memorized Michael's touch.

It had taken her and Eve only a short time to find Michael. Michael was shocked and surprised when he was introduced to his daughter. The little girl was just as happy to see him as Selene was. Together, the three, and their new vampire friend David made their way back to the decimated coven.

Thomas, the coven leader, was none too happy to have three hybrids in his coven. He would never admit that he needed their help. But Selene knew that he was secretly happy they were there. Still, their return to their former glory was slow.

The whole reason why Michael was created was to make a sort of peace and alliance between the two warring species. But the lycans were having none of it. Michael had been the one to suggest if they could make peace. After all, it seemed as if the humans were against both of them.

The Antigen facility that Selene partially destroyed was used as an example of what vampires could do. The news had covered it extensively, calling the vampires desperate. The building was abandoned and nothing was left inside: no papers, no machinery, no bodies, not even a chair. There was no word that Antigen was made up of lycans. In fact, Antigen, itself, had turned from a biotech pharmaceutical company into a company supplying citizens with basic weapons to harm vampires only. Their whole focus and market quickly turned against vampires.

As for lycans, the news could not dismiss their sightings as they had attacked a van in a busy street. Instead, they painted the lycans as innocent victims. "Experts" started to come out, saying that lycans were the lesser of the two evils. They didn't rely on blood, they only changed once a month, and they were misunderstood. In three months, lycans had gone from being as reviled as vampires to being exonerated.

Michael made several attempts to contact the lycans and try to make peace. After all, he was not a man of war. In his mind, he had two women to look out for now, Selene and their daughter Eve. He could not stand the thought of both of them fighting for their lives. But the lycans were having none of him.

Selene turned and looked at Michael as her hand touched his chest. They had almost killed him two weeks after the events with Antigen. He had gone, "without" her knowledge, to a meeting with some lycans. They had feigned wanting peace and he had believed them. It was a trap. There were many of them and their intent was to kill him. But she and David had followed him. He was easy to read and she knew what he was up, too. Inwardly, she had been hoping that he had been correct and able to make peace, but she knew it wasn't going to happen. Their species had been at war since their very beginning with both sides committing atrocities. And now the lycans had an upper hand. There was no way that they would want peace now. There was nothing in it for them.

Selene let out a sigh and Michael followed with his sigh.

"I'm worried," Michael said, echoing Selene's thoughts.

"As long as we are together we will be fine," Selene said, allowing herself to show some emotion. She was used to acting and feeling cold hearted, but she had learned to allow herself to show more feelings around Michael and their daughter. Both of them needed it more as they had more human emotions.

Michael kissed her on the forehead as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. "They grew strong really quickly," he said.

She nodded her head.

Michael sighed again. "I wish our lives could be this peaceful," he said.

Selene couldn't help but nod. In addition to having to protect Michael, since he was still fairly new to the supernatural world, she had to protect their daughter as well. It was growing tiring for her, emotionally more than anything. She loved them both dearly, but she couldn't help but wish for a peaceful day with no interruptions and no need to worry about an attack from the lycans.

Of course, there was really no reason to worry that the lycans would find them in their new coven. As with the old, it was underneath a dam. But no one was going to betray them this time. Thomas and the other vampires quickly learned that having hybrids on their side was better than nothing.

"There you are," David's cool voice said.

Selene pulled away from Michael, but let her hand wrap around his. She didn't like to act emotional around other people.

"My father is looking for you. Your detective human spy has news for us." He motioned for them to follow and they did.

Detective Sebastian stood uneasily beside a large stone table that had a cardboard box on it. He looked at Selene with relief. It was because of his wife that he had an allegiance with the vampires. Risking his life, job, and everything to be there meant that his news was big.

"What's wrong, detective?" Selene asked as they walked over to him.

Thomas had his arms crossed as he gave Selene a quick glance.

Sebastian slightly fidgeted before he let out a sigh. "The lycans are up to something," he finally said.

"How very astute of you," Thomas said sarcastically. "I'm sure that bringing us this news was warrant enough to possibly lose your life?"

Sebastian gave him a quick glance before he dumped the contents of the box onto the table. "Something was wrong these past five months, but I couldn't put my finger on it. When the media started to focus more on vampires and less on lycans I noticed a stronger trend of murdered humans by lycans. My boss wouldn't let me investigate them. Then a week ago, my boss told me to stop investigating the murder of a young man by a vampire."

He paused for a brief moment and looked at Selene. "It wasn't a normal murder. This man had been drained by a vampire then his face was mutilated beyond recognition, no finger prints and his teeth knocked out. There is no way to identify him. But he had clearly been feed on. When my boss told me to stop investigating I didn't. The next day, a vampire was caught and "confessed" then he was dragged out into the sun and killed. My boss told me to close the case. I did, but something was wrong."

Sebastian pulled out the file and let it open, revealing graphic pictures. Selene picked on up and looked at it.

"We don't need to disguise the identity of our victims," Thomas snarled.

Sebastian nodded in agreement. "I agree. So I looked into more cases in my spare time."

David and Michael started to open the other folders. "The same," David said as he pulled out another picture.

Sebastian nodded his head. "There is only one other case of this type of murder in this city. It happened five months ago. The rest of these cases are not from here."

Thomas looked annoyed. "They caught the vampires who did this," he said. "Why are you wasting our time?"

Sebastian shook his head. "I don't believe they did. These murders started just after the cleansing. Look, in eighty percent of these cases they are closed by the same detective, Detective Anderson. And about five months ago, a Detective Anderson joined my station. He closed the other case that is exactly like this. I don't think I was supposed to get this case."

Selene frowned.

"And," Sebastian continued. "You would think that news like this would be in the media. The media has done what it can to make you look like monsters. Except, this story has never aired. There was one reporter there, talking pictures and writing. When I called them up about what they found out about the story they couldn't even remember what I was talking about."

Thomas frowned as he picked up one of the pictures. It was true. Nearly every death and murder had been pinned on vampires, no matter if they were done by lycans or human. The vampires had become the scapegoat for all things bad.

"What are they after?" Selene asked.

Sebastian shrugged. "I don't know," he said.

"What do you expect us to do?" Thomas snapped. "We are not babysitters."

Sebastian gulped. "I know," he slightly stammered.

"Then you thought this 'information' would be worth coming here?" Thomas couldn't help but let his lips curl back. What did this kind of information mean to them? Yes, it was suspicious, but at the same time what could they do about it. There was no way of knowing why these people were targeted.

"I think I know who the next victim is."

David looked at the man in surprise. "How did you figure it out?" he asked, curious of the answer.

Sebastian fidgeted then finally answered. "I got a tip," he answered.

Immediately, everyone seemed suspicious.

"And who would have figured it out?" Selene asked.

"I don't know," Sebastian admitted. "The man on the phone wouldn't tell me, but he sent me these." He put one final folder onto the table and opened it. There were many pictures of a woman. Most of them looked like home pictures, but in the bottom were surveillance pictures. She had shoulder length red hair. She appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties. A few pictures were of her at the local university. She appeared happy and carefree. The pictures themselves seemed very cliché.

Selene pulled out on of the surveillance photos then took another. "She's being followed," she stated.

"What?" Michael asked as he looked at them.

The woman in the picture was with another man and neither appeared to notice two men following them.

"Lycan," Selene stated matter-of-factly.

"Why?" Michael asked as he looked at Selene as if she knew the answer.

"Could it be that there is another descendent of Corvinus?" David asked as he made sure that all the surveillance photos were in view. In each one, the woman's unknown followers were visible. Most of the pictures had her with her male companion. Only a select few had her alone. It was clear that her and her male companion went nearly everywhere alone. But she was clearly the target.

"That's impossible," Selene said. "Michael is the last."

"I know I can't trust my boss. He's in on something. I can't send them a letter warning them of the danger. And I can't personally go and warn them. Coming to tell you is less of a risk than warning them." Sebastian said.

Selene nodded in agreement.

"I should go. All are copies but her pictures," Sebastian said. "Maybe you can find something that I can't. Someone is trying to keep these murders from being noticed, but they're leaving the bodies in areas to be found. I have a very bad feeling about all this."

Selene nodded her head in agreement again. Sebastian was right. There was diffidently something wrong with the murders. The girl was probably innocent, like Michael was; unknowing that she was going to be the next victim for supernatural beings. Still, what exactly were the lycans up too? Was it possible that there was another descendent of Corvinus that had been over looked?