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Jay was 16, he was a misfit in his school along with his trouble starting other misfit friends. The bad boy. He wore his black hat, always wore it backwards, his brown shaggy wings would peek out. He had soft blue eyes and a devilish smirk. He wore a bit baggy jeans and his blue navy shirt with a chain around his neck.

His arm was over Alex's shoulder as he walked down the hall with his 'crew', Sean, Spinner, Craig and Ellie.

"See you next period, you know.. when we don't go." Alex said with a smirk, kissing Jay roughly back on the lips before digging her hands into her pockets and walking into her class.

"See yeah babe." Jay said, already a bit distracted though as he went through his phone.

Where was that other girl who skipped this period? He could chill with her til Alex got out..

Spinner gasped to the guys and Ellie, "Let's go to the mall. Heard HMV is having a discount." He wanted to get his hands on that new xbox.

"Who needs discount when we got 100% discount." Craig informed with a grin, wiggling his fingers. Yup they were the real deal, stealing, lying, cheating little bad boys.

Suddenly a girl passed and Craig's mouth hung in amusement and pleasure. Sean laughed hitting Craig's chest, "There goes your girl." He said.

"His girl?" snickered Ellie glancing at Manny, "She's every guy in school's girl. Such a hoe." She said. Ellie had red hair, was a bit of a punk. She wore a leather jacket and had a 'don't fuck with me' attitude, Alex's was a bit more intimidating though.

Manny though, turned as she heard that, "Excuse me?" she snapped, crossing her arms.

Jay leaned on the wall with a Cheshire grin, watching entertainingly with Sean, Spinner and Craig as the girls started a cat fight, once again.

"I called you a slut, would you like me to say it louder and clearer again?" Ellie asked Manny, giving her a curious sarcastic look

"You know what Ellie? Your a stupid ugly bitch, that's why you hang out with all these guys and not of them with date you. So stop being jealous, it's even more ugly on you?" Manny taunted with an even more sarcastic smile as she clapped her hands together and shrugged.

Ellie fumed, she clenched her fists and went to charge until a loud whistle was heard and a girl stepped in the middle of them. Even Jay cringed and poked his ear a bit.

"Jesus." He muttered, Sean laughed beside him.

"I think the bell had rung 2 minutes ago people." Liberty informed, a student who sucked up more than any students, probably why she got hall monitor.. Jay didn't even know highschool did that..


"Look who it is, Law force Liberty." Taunted Jay with a smirk, leaning off the wall and sizing her up like she was nothing.

"Liberty." Came another voice as a blonde went over, Jay glanced to Emma Nelson, she was a petite girl, tall, long blonde hair, lots of beauty but too much brain. A friend of Libertys ofcourse, she barely talked to Jay since she was a year younger and has this 'I'm better than you' attitude.

"Here comes the other one." Sean said, eyeing Emma with a smirk. Too much brain, yes, but still hot.

Emma looked over to the speaker but caught Jay's look first, he felt himself get a bit hot when they connected eyes until she looked away back to Liberty, not even letting them phase her.

"do you have the notes for English? I need them today, I forgot them at your house the other night." Emma told her friend.

Craig and Spinner were whispering to another, making 'nerd party' jokes to another as Jay glanced at the clock and smirked to Emma, "Oh no, Greenpeace.. your 3 minutes late for class."

He couldn't help but to crawl under her skin when he could, she was barely around but he loved to tease her. It was just playful, but she got so mad, it was hilarious and adorable. He remembered when she walked into the office once and caught him making out with some girl, couldn't remember her name, but Emma gasped and looked so horrified until quickly apoligizing and leaving as fast as she could. Girl was probably still a virgin, girls like that 'cherished' it. It was the cutest thing how baffled she was. Jay would love to see her just get loose some time. Probably never though..

Liberty cut off Emma before she could snap back at Jay, "Sorry Emma, I have to deal with these juveniles first. Calling another sluts and bitches.. do you not read the school rules?" she asks, looking at Manny and Ellie again.

"There's school rules?" Spinner asked out loud.

Craig turned to Sean and Jay, "Did you guys hear? There's also something called the Library, it has books and stuff!" they laughed.

"Ellie, detention after school." Liberty just said, looking at the red head who gasped.

"She doesn't get it!" she points to Manny.

"You started it." Manny reminded with a careless shrug.

Ellie snickered at her and looked to Liberty, "Guys can call her a slut so why can't I?"

"Maybe guys would stop if the girls stopped calling another sluts and whores? Only makes it okay for them to start doing it if we do.." Emma said, putting her two cents in. What ever happened to Girl Power? Stick together, that sort of thing..

"Or maybe it wouldn't happen if she kept her legs closed." Ellie snapped back at Emma who just rolled her eyes and moved on, walking off.

She had to get through Jay who leaned an arm on the lockers she walked by and she was blocked, she gave him a bit of an annoyed look until she just bent down and went under, walking off.

Jay looked behind his shoulder to watch her and smirked.

Later that day, Sean, Spinner, Jay and Craig were in HMV.

"Here it is! I found it! Call of duty, my favourite!" Spinner said, like a little boy on Christmas.

Craig looked around before stuffing a movie into his coat.

Sean stood beside Jay as he groaned, picking up a CD, "We neeeeed this." He insisted, showing Jay a rap album.

Sean then sighed, giving Jay a look as he waved at himself, Sean was famous for only wearing his white wife beaters and jeans.

Jay huffed but nodded, he did this a lot, he unzipped his jacket and put the CD in his jacket.

The guys smirked all nodding at another until turning to leave, the buzzers went off and Sean's eyes widened, "RUN!"

They all laughed and jumped over benches to get away from security guards, they split up and Jay ran with Sean, yelling to Spinner to meet at his car.

Sean just got to the exit and held the door open for Jay who had to run around a telephone stand from a cop who was close to getting him.

"COME ON MAN!" Sean yelled.

Jay had almost made it, if not so that cop knowing exactly what he was going to do around that stand, so he went the other way and caught Jay, sending him down to the ground.

Sean cursed and panicked, he heard alarms and looked back to Jay who was getting arresting and giving him a 'shit' look.

They heard more footsteps and Sean gave Jay a 'what the fuck do I do!' look.

The cuffs went on Jay tightly as the cop pulled him up and then noticed Sean, "Hey you!" he called.

Jay gave him a 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!' look and nodded a motion to go. Sean licked his lips nervously and ran when the cop took a few steps closer.

Jay sighed when all the cops circled him and shut his eyes.

"Your ass is under arrest Hogart."

Yeah, they knew him well.