Sunday came rolling around, and Jay got a text message from Sean to meet them at that ward center.

Spinner decided to drive, since Jay's car was too bright and noticeable. It was pitch dark and they watched as cheerleaders, still in uniforms even though it was Sunday, entered the ward.

Sean had let them know it was abonded now, and was left to Raditch because of that kind charity he sent them, so this is where he did the 'surgerys'.

"how are we suppose to get by without being noticed?" Emma asked as they sat in the car, waiting for Sean.


Emma screamed, jumping, then glared at the window Sean stood at and gave her a sorry look.

Probably not the best time to be popping out of nowhere.

They got out Sean helped them throw gasoline around the front of the ward, they needed to burn this place down.

When they finished Sean told them, "Everyone's just waiting for Raditch inside. It's like their in shut down mode as soon as they enter the room. I got Manny into another room, told her Raditch wanted to see her, so you have some time..but be quick."

"What about you?" Spinner asked.

Sean replied, "Gotta pretend I'm one of them, gotta go soon before they think somethings up. Here are the keys, stole them from raditchs office." He threw them into Jay's hands.

"Same ol' Sean." Jay said to Sean with a smirk.

Sean nodded and said, "Sorry if you ever believed different."

"Lets go." Emma said, seeing Jay nod and then start to turn and go with her.

"Man." Sean said, stopping Jay, "Really... I feel horrible I couldn't tell you.. what you did for me last year.."

Jay got serious for a moment and nodded sincerely and then shoved Sean's shoulder, "Don't get all sappy bro." He taunts.

Sean snickered, "Says by Emma Nelson."

"Don't think I didn't know you use to have the hots for her." Jay informed with a grin, pointing a finger at him.

Emma from behind with Spinner, rolled her eyes.

"Let's GO idiots!" he grabbed Jay's hand and tugged him, sending Sean a look who nodded and went to the entrance, putting on his stupid jock jacket.

They went to the back.

The walls were creepy, molding and the light dim. Straight out of a horror movie.

Jay stopped and stopped Emma, "maybe go wait in the car."

"I lost all my friends, I don't want to loose Manny too, she's saved me from being taken before." Emma admitted, remembering a time her ex Peter tried to trick her into this ward, that's when she found out about this place, Manny was walking by with Spinner when they spotted her on their 'spying' time since they already knew about the ward then.

Jay sighed but nodded and then led the two.

"Emma Nelson." They all gasped and stopped to then notice inside a room, all the cheerleaders and jocks were watching a presentation made by Raditch, they were showing pictures of her.

They sighed, they thought they had been caught, they watched the video for a moment.

"Use to be leader of the Enviroment club, straight A student, but lately, has been late for classes, skipped a few, and was found in bed with a returning student from juvie, Jay Hogart."

Some of the robots gaspes, horrified.

Emma and Jay shared a look and smirked a bit, trying to hide laughs.

"she will be our new member. We went looking for her but her father hasn't seen her all night, we're guessing Hogarts house so I sent some of you to his house." Spoke Raditch from the stage.

"Good thing your right here." Muttered Spinner to Jay.

Emma looked over her shoulder to see a shadow in the other room, "Look, Manny." She points

"I guess this is my time to go?" Spinner asked them, they nodded.

Emma and Jay listened back to Raditch, "Emma will be put into the cheerleaders squad, Craig, you will now have her as your mate."

Emma wanted to gag and Jay raised an eyebrow at her, "I think I'll hang myself if I ever see you with him."

Emma silently laughed, not noticing a shadow coming behind them.

Spinner crawled and quickly went to the room Manny was in, closing and locking it, turning to Manny who ripped around.

"Your not Raditch." Manny growled, "And your not one of us either, time to leave or else-"

"Or else you'll eat my brain like a zombie?" snapped Spinner to then get down to business, "You, Manny Santos, are not a good girl."

Manny snapped, "I'm telling them your here! Your dead!" Her wrist was grabbed and she was turned to Spinner who crashed his lips down to hers.

Spinner saw stars, he's been wanting to do this forever but she was always distracted by other guys, and Craig wanted her too so he was too scared to say anything..

He hoped she felt something. Came back to them.

He pulled away and she stared at him for a minute until blinking hard and shoved him, shit shit, didn't work!

"Manny, your our FRIEND! Your not a robot!"

Manny exclaimed, "I know I'm not a robot but I'm slightly confused, I feel like I just woke up and I'm getting a wet one from YOU!" she yelled, whipping her mouth.

Spinner grinned childishly, "Your back!" he hugged her tightly.

"Spin!" she whined, trying to get out but sighed and thens nickered, letting him hold her. Then she looked around and realized where she was. She sadly asked, "Was I one of them?"

"Your back now though." He whispered, and Manny slowly hugged him back.

"Thankyou." She whispered and he smiled, nodding.

Suddenly the door slammed open. Jay was on the ground knocked out and Emma was being held by Jimmy, a knife near her throat.

"Lookie what I found." Jimmy said to them, "More members to join our nice." He said sarcastically.

Spinner and Manny's eyes widened in horror.

From behind, Sean came up and hit Jimmy in the back of the head with a chair. Emma yelped, moving forward as Jimmy fell.

Emma ran and crawled down to Jay, shaking him to wake up, he groaned and stirred.

"Lets go!" Sean barked at Spinner and Manny who ran out, Spinner and Sean leaned down to help carry Jay out until they heard a click.

Manny gasped.

Craig aimed a gun at them, "That's about enough." He told them, "Your rebelling ways are making me sick. You either need to join us, or die."

"I'd rather die." Admitted Sean

"You!" Craig snap at Sean, "You traitor."

"I'm not a traitor, I never wanted to join your phyco club of Raditch's in the first place, neither did you!" Sean spat.

"Come on Craig, remember who you are!" Spinner begged to be shot in the arm.

"SPIN!" Manny cried, leaning down to him as he slid down the wall, holding his bleeding arm in pain.

Sean hid Emma behind him as Jay stayed still on the ground still knocked out, he'd kill Sean if something happened to Emma.

Sean raised his hand to Craig, trying to calm him, "You can come with us."

"I'm happy here brother." Craig told him, "My life is perfect, I have a future and I don't have friends to ruin my life like you."

Sean looked sadly away.

Craig aimed the gun at him and said, "I'll be needing her." He noted, nodding to Emma.

"Can't let you do that." Sean said and then charged at Craig, Emma yelped and the gun went off but just missed.

Craig easily put Sean to the wall after sucker punching his stomach, he whipped his gun to the side of Sean's head. Sean landed on his hands and knees, groaning, clenching his eyes shut in pain.

Craig dropped the gun to his side and slowly walked to Emma who leaned back on the wall, whimpering scared.

"Please don't do this?" she begged.

Craig put his other hand on her cheek, "Our lives will be perfect, we'll go to college, move in together at the right age, have the best neighbours, you'll cook and clean, and when I come home from work, you'll greet me like a good house wife and I'll-"

Craig's gun was taken out of his hands and he snapped around to Jay who was now standing and aiming a gun at his once best friend, a bit of blood on his forehead.

"She's not really a fan of I love lucy." Bittered Jay as Craig glared.

"You won't shoot me." Craig said darkly and then smiled, "I'm your friend!" he cheered sarcastically and went to go after Jay who then shot Craig in the leg, "AHH!" he landed on the ground.

Manny helped Spinner up and Sean crawled up as Jay pointed the gun at Craig, grabbing Emma behind him and slowly backed up.

They heard lots of footsteps, the others, they were coming.

"They must of heard the bullets." Manny cried, frightened.

"We have to go." Sean confirms.

Spinner led them, "Quick, to my car!" they went running down the hall.

When they got out it was raining, halfway to their car, they heard a cheer, a creepy cheer chanting to them.

"Got to be good.

Can't be bad."

They all turned and stared at the big group of jocks and cheerleaders, chanting at them and holding knifes or bats, Raditch standing infront of them, madly looking at the rebels

"If you are,

Don't be so sad..

For when we take out your brain.

We then change your evil way!"

Emma's mouth fell. Oh my god.

"Time to finally sharpen up boys and girls!" Raditch yelled at them.

Sean swallowed hard and then spoke, "Go." He told them.


"GO!" he yelled.

Spinner grabbed Manny's hand, guiding her to the car and Emma looked at Jay before going, she knew he needed one last word to Sean, he knew what he was going to do.

"I can wait." Jay said, "I-I'll park the car down the street."

"You can." Sean said, nodding matter of factly but shrugged, "But I don't think I'll be surviving this." He gave Jay one final look of goodbye and then ran toward the ward, towards the brainwashed kids and Raditch.

Jay ran for his car as quick as he could.

The jocks ran after Sean who grabbed a liter out of his pocket, he lit the gasoline they threw on the building on fire and ran around it, trying to outrun the robots.


Jay was driving, and Manny was trying to tend to Spinner's wound in the backseat, Emma looked behind out the back window and saw the ward blow into bits.

She swallowed hard and looked to Jay who kept hard eyes on the road. Her heart saddened for him.

They parked the car but didn't speak, Emma didn't have the heart to tell Jay that Sean probably didn't make it.

They caught their breaths through the silence until Jay punched the steering wheel and got out, slamming the door shut.

Sean had to die? After that? After Jay had been in JAIL for him like a good friend, no, BROTHER would do, After SAVING them and playing hero he had to die!

That wasn't fair!

Emma came out and he leaned against his car sadly, Emma came over slowly and then cupped his face.

"He thought he owed you.." Emma admitted in a whisper, "You both gave up something for another now, be greatful we got out of there." Emma insisted.

Jay sniffed and just looked away from her, he loved her, a lot, but he wasn't expecting any of this to happen.

"Hey..." Emma softly said, her eyes catching his as he softened and closed his eyes as she leaned up and kissed him softly. It turned passionate and he wrapped his arms around her tightly, so happy she wasn't hurt.

It started to slow down but they kept their eyes shut, and he leaned his forehead down to hers, catching his breath, "Love you, Em." he whispered.

She smiled softly, nodding a bit, "You too, Hogart."

Suddenly a voice spoke, "come on, I just almost died, I don't get an I love you?"

They pulled apart and turned to Sean, Emma smiled and Jay grinned, jogging over to Sean and slapping hands together.

"Thought you were dead." Admitted Jay.

Sean looked a bit roughed up, and red, must of been the heat from the fire.

"I don't think anyone made it back there, I JUST got out." He confessed as Spinner and Manny got out of the car, hugging him.

"Lets get out of here." Breathed Jay, they all nodded.

Jay kissed Emma's forehead and led her back to the car.

And then they left, they left town too.

If their parents wanted them to be some robots then they didn't need to know where they went.

And far they went, all the way to Niagara Falls.

"It's beautiful." Emma said, leaning on the rails over the falls, watching the water crash down into a river, and lights shining on it through the night.

They've been there for a solid month and things were finally getting back to normal. Sept for the Manny dating only one guy thing, yet.. it made sense it was with Spinner.

Sean had gotten back into being a player, he had missed it, having to play some stuck up prude boy made him crazy for some one night stands.

Jay wrapped his arms around Emma and they watched as snow started to slowly fall, Emma smiled putting her hand out to feel the snowflakes and Jay kissed her neck.

Finally, everything felt perfect, in a non threatening brain washing way.

"told you I'd keep your safe." Jay teased in her ear and she smiled up at him.