Fireflies are Magical

Kazuha and Heiji walked down the lamp lit road as the summer festival in Osaka beamed in all its glory. Heiji had taken Kazuha as his date since they both were free for it and because it's been almost 4 years since their last Festival together, Heiji had been busy with his Detective work and Kazuha with her Aikido practice.

"It's so beautiful tonight! I hope we'll be able to stay for the fireworks later on!" Kazuha sighed dreamily; Heiji laughed at her childish tone and face that made his childhood friend look at him with an irritated look, "What's so funny?"

"Nothin, it's just that you look like such a child, you haven't changed since we were little!" Heiji teased her as he poked her cheek, this made Kazuha blush and Heiji smile.

"Oh haha very funny." She replied as she turned to start walking in the opposite direction, Heiji tried to stop her but she kept on going.

"Woman, the greatest mystery." Heiji said out loud as he followed her, she had walked all the way to the local woods; they used to play there when they were kids and they made their own secret hide out that not even their parents know about. Heiji was certain that she was heading there.

"Kazuha wait up you Aho!" He called to her as she finally stopped at the edge of the hill to the hideout. She turned and he saw that her eyes were filled with tears. Great he made her cry.

"Hey there's no reason for you to cry." He told her as he took a step forward, Kazuha took a step back and yelled at him, "After all these years you still haven't realized have you!"

"What do ya mean 'I Haven't Realized'?" he asked her, but then the rock underneath Kazuha's feet and she started to fall off the cliff, Heiji was quick and caught her wrist and they fell together down the wet grass hill to the bottom with a thud.

When they finally got their focus back they both blushed so red that they looked like red beats. Heiji fell right on top of Kazuha and they were so close that they could feel the other's heartbeat go 80 miles per hour.

"So-sorry about that…. I didn't mean to fall off the ledge… it just happen" Kazuha started to say but then she noticed that he was looking at her in a whole new light, like he hasn't seen her fully until today. Her muscles started to relax and before she knew it, they were leaning in closer to a warm kiss. It wasn't anything that they had ever felt before; it was warm, loving, sweet, and kind. A Kiss so amazing to make this their best day of their life.

They slowly broke from the embrace and Heiji smiled down at Kazuha with a big goofy grin, making Kazuha laugh and say to him, "Now who's the one that looks like a child."

"Ya ya whatever, so what that I'm a child, at least I know that my girlfriends a bigger child than me." Heiji retorted back to her. They laughed and Heiji helped her up as they looked at the fireflies in awe.

"Well I guess what are parents told us when we were little were true, Fireflies really are Magical." Kazuha said softly as Heiji wrapped his arm around her waist. And together they walked back to the festival with a new start together as official Boyfriend and Girlfriend.