Lilly's P.O.V.

"Where should we go?" Gaven asked.

"Do you know where Nina's house is?" I asked. Gaven nodded his head. About ten minutes later we arrived at Nina's house.

"I don't think she's home," I stated, when I didn't see her car outside.

"Well let's get inside the house then I'll call Dr. Rosen," Gaven replied. I nodded my head, and jumped out of the truck, and walked up to the front door. I grabbed the spare key from under the mat, and unlocked the door. I walked into the living room, and plopped down onto the couch.

"I only slept on this couch for a couple of nights, so I can't believe how much I've missed this couch," I exclaimed. Gaven laughed, and pulled out his cell phone. He put the phone up to his ear after dialing Dr. Rosen's number.

"Hey Dr. Rosen it's me Gaven," He said, after a couple seconds.

"Yeah I'm back, hey could you meet me at Nina's house…oh well I didn't know where your new office was luckily I knew where Nina lives, and she still keeps a spare key under the mat," Gaven said.

"All right I'll see you and Nina in a couple of minutes," Gaven exclaimed, after a couple of seconds, then he hung up the phone.

"Dr. Rosen and Nina will be here in a couple of minutes," Gaven said. I smiled.

"Well then I might as well turn the T.V. on for now," I replied. I grabbed the remote, and turned the T.V. on.

"How are you so calm about this, you just escaped from a top secret high security facility, you should be freaking out," Gaven stated.

"Doesn't really affect me much, mostly because I live on the streets," I replied.

"On the streets?" Gaven asked. I nodded my head…

…A couple minutes later I heard a car pull up outside. I turned, to look out the window. I could see Dr. Rosen and Nina getting out of the car.

"There here," I yelled. Gaven walked out of the kitchen, and to the front door. He opened the door just as Nina was about to unlock it.

"Hey Gaven how have you be…" Nina stopped when she saw me. I smiled, and jumped up off the couch.

"Lilly?" She exclaimed, hugging me.

"Lilly?" Dr. Rosen asked, walking into the house.

"How?" Nina asked.

"Gaven helped me, he'd been working at Binghamton," I replied. Nina let go of me.

"Well I think the rest of the team would like to know that you're okay," Dr. Rosen stated.

"Oh wait I have a question. Was Ms. Sullivan involved in this?" Nina asked. I nodded my head.

"All right let's get you back to the office," Dr. Rosen said.

"All righty then, let's go," I exclaimed, smiling. I really wanted to see the rest of the team. Gaven smiled at me.

"Don't worry you'll be seeing them in a couple of minutes," Gaven stated.

"Okay you know it was fine to read my mind in Binghamton but now it's just a bit annoying," I said, following Dr. Rosen and Nina out of the house. I climbed into the back seat of Dr. Rosen's car, and we drove to the office…

…we were standing in the elevator, waiting for it to stop on our floor. When it did I waited for Dr. Rosen, Nina, and Gaven to steep out first. Bill, Hicks, Rachel, and Gary were all waiting near the elevator.

"I have a surprise for all of you," Gaven exclaimed, moving out of the way so that everyone could see me. Everyone's eyes went wide, and Rachel ran over and gave me a hug. Hicks and Bill both patted me on the back, and Gary just stood there stunned.

"Hey Gary," I said, giving him a big smile.

"Oh hey," He replied, flicking his hands back and forth. Gaven chuckled.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing, nothing," Gaven said. I glared at him.

"So what do we do now?" I asked.

"We find Ms. Sullivan, and James," Dr. Rosen replied.

"Oh and Mick," I stated. They all gave me a funny look.

"He's the guy that can teleport though his ability isn't working properly cause he got shot a little while ago," I explained.

"So that's why he isn't able to teleport into this building?" Hicks asked. I nodded my head. My stomach growled, and I frowned.

"You know what I'm gonna get me a sandwich," I exclaimed, walking into the kitchen. I heard a couple of them chuckle…