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Hei weaved through the back alleys like a shadow, the pursuing voices of the police officers falling away as he widened the distance between them. The sirens were blending in with the rest of the city noises until they had vanished, along with the voices. He was in the clear. Slowing down to a quick walk, he removed his mask, breathing in the cool night air. Above him, a star fell, signaling the death of another Contractor. They seemed to be falling more frequently lately and he wondered just how much more time would pass before all the stars had fallen from the sky. Even his own.

A trashcan clattered somewhere to his right, and he turned, ready to throw an attack the person's way. But there was nothing but a lowly alley cat peering out at him from the darkness. It dashed away at the sight of him, its tail fluffed up to twice its size. He relaxed, continuing on his way, but never fully putting his guard down. City traffic was growing louder now as he made his way out from the slums of the city, heading towards the center.

"Stop right there, BK-201!"

He halted, clutching his mask tightly in his hand. He heard a gun being cocked from behind him. Reaching his hand up slowly to put his mask back on, he felt the gun hit his back, right between his shoulder blades.

"Put your hands above your head and turn around slowly."
Hei glared at nothing in particular and began to do as she asked, "You know… it's not the best idea to place the gun directly against the person's back. It makes it easy for them-" he slipped his mask back on and twisted around, slapping the gun out of her hand before slamming her into a wall, a hand wrapped around her neck and his other hand holding her arms above her head, "to do that."

She looked at him with fear in her eyes and he recognized her as the part of the Foreign Affairs Division 4. Kirihara Misaki. He had been running into her a little too much for his comfort lately, especially when he had been on his own little missions and she just happened to show up. She knew his alias already and he couldn't afford to let her know anything else. It was probably best to just kill her.

Blue seemed to glow from him and his eyes turned a shining red as he stared down at her, her eyes still wide in fear. His hand gripped her neck tighter and she tried to squirm out of his grasp, kicking him desperately, but never making a difference in her matter. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that someone was pointing a gun at him. He released his grip and threw himself backwards, crouching to the ground. The bullet chipped the ground farther down the alley and the loud bang came after it. He threw a knife at the shooter, a member of Misaki's team, and was glad to see the knife hit its mark, tearing through the man's shoulder.

Before either of them could recover, he set off in a quick run again, dashing around a corner to break their line of sight of him. Moving as fast as he could, he tried to put some distance between them, but he could hear Misaki pursuing him all the same. She was following him blindly, hoping she was going in the same direction he was. Unluckily for him, she was somehow managing to follow him. Hei frowned in frustration at both her and himself. He had almost been caught back there. She had almost seen who he was. He couldn't allow himself to get sloppy like that again. There was no time for relaxing.

He dashed out into open space, running over a paved courtyard to the buildings beyond. About halfway across, he sensed someone watching him from the shadows and came to a stop, wondering where they were. Were they another Contractor? If so, where were they? Misaki ran out from the buildings, joining him in the courtyard. She brought her gun back up, pointing it directly at him, puzzled at why he had stopped in the middle of the courtyard instead of continuing.

"Turn around right now and don't try anything funny," she yelled at him, cautiously walking towards him. The outline of his body began to glow blue and, thinking that it was BK-201 activating his power, she fired off a shot, shooting him in the back of his left leg. He let out a cry of pain and fell to his knees, a hand gripping the wound. But yet he still continued to glow.

"I told you not to try anything. Turn off your power now, or I will be forced to shoot you in the back of the head!"

"It's not me," Hei hissed, and she stopped, confused, "I'm not using my power. Someone else is using their power on me."

Her brow furrowed as she wondered whether she should trust him or not. Before she could come to a conclusion on her own, his body suddenly shot up into the air, floating, then was sent flying backwards, past her and smashed into a side of a building. The wall of the building cracked and he grunted in pain before collapsing to the ground, his entire body screaming in agony. A few bones in his body were probably broken or fractured but now wasn't the time to worry about them. The back of his head felt wet and a liquid was slipping under his mask, covering his skin. Blood.

He staggered back to his feet, his eyes darting around to try to find the other Contractor. Footsteps to the right caught his attention and both he and Misaki turned towards them, ready to fight. A wispy man stepped out form the shadows, humming a little tune to himself. His hair was long, with bangs framing his face and the rest of it pulled back into a floppy ponytail. He wore a brown trench coat open to reveal his fancy dress suit underneath it. An umbrella was tucked under his arm and a large scar ran from the left side of his mouth, as if it had been cut open with a knife. His fingers were snapping in the air to the tune coming from his throat and a large ring was on his right hand's index finger.

"You really shouldn't move after something like that, Black Reaper. You probably sustained a concussion," he waved his arm, his body glowing blue and Misaki watched in horror as BK-201 was thrown back into the building once more, this time smashing through the wall. The middle of the courtyard began to glow blue and began to crumble. She threw herself backwards, trying to get away from the collapsing cement, but she wasn't quick enough. The ground underneath her cracked and began to fall inwards, towards the gaping hole. As she plummeted down, she tried to reach back to safety, but her hands fell short.

She saw a flash of metal shoot out and something wrapped itself around her arm, some kind of wire with a metal clip in the end. She continued to fall, but not as quickly as usual. Hei, who had been the one to thrown the object around her arm, tumbled out of the building, being dragged over the ground. He finally stopped at the edge of the hole, the wire still attached to both her and to his belt. He clicked the mechanism to bring her back up and turned to his side so he could watch both her progress and the Contractor, who was slowly skirting the hole to get over to his side. He didn't know if he would throw him into a wall again, but he wouldn't put it past the man to do so again. Misaki was almost to the edge of the hole now and Hei could hear more footsteps making their way to their location, the rest of her team. The other Contractor was doing something now that Hei couldn't quite make out.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Hei looked over to see the man he had gotten with his knife earlier, holding his gun up in his left hand. The other fighting members of Division 4 were around him, their guns also drawn. They didn't see the other man at first until he finally revealed what he had been doing earlier. A piece of metal glinted in the starlight as it shot towards Hei and Misaki. It had enough power behind it to slice cleanly though the wire.

Misaki let out a cry as she felt the wire give and gravity take over again. He quickly flipped onto his stomach and reached out, grabbing onto her wrist just in time. He really had no clue as to why he was rescuing this women so many times that night, but something was telling him that she would be useful later on. Maybe as bait? The other's attention was now completely focused on the other Contractor, their weapons aimed at him.

They let off a few shots and he just brushed a bullet out of the air, letting the others fly past him harmlessly, and continued coming towards them. Hei could feel Misaki slipping from his grip and he quickly reached down, grabbing her arm with both of his hands. His entire body was in pain, screaming in protest at his actions. He felt a hand grab the back of his jacket and hoist him up, his grip still tight on the woman. As soon as her feet were back on solid ground, Hei was shoved to the side.

"Are you all right? Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I'm fine, Saito. I wasn't the person thrown into a building twice," she replied, searching around for her gun. Most likely, she had dropped it into the hole in her confusion. She was powerless now and she hated that. Hei hobbled away from them, his left leg dragging behind him, blood pouring profusely from the bullet wound. He slid another knife from his belt, looking over his surroundings, formulating a plan in his mind. There was only one change to get this right, so he had to do this right. Ignoring the pain, he broke out into a run, his left leg felt like it was being sawed off. His body began to glow again from the man using his power on him.

"Now, now, Black Reaper. Didn't you learn your lesson the first two times I threw you into a wall? Maybe the third time will be the trick."

Hei let the knife go, watching it sail through the air while his body flew backwards. Just as he had suspected, the man could only control one thing at a time and decided to continue to concentrate it on Hei instead of moving it to the knife. That he just moved out of the way of and let it sail harmlessly past him. Hei's body slammed into another building and white-hot pain erupted behind his eyes. The world went black and he slumped to the ground again.

The knife hit a metal pipe, cracking it open. Water sprayed out from the pipe, drenching him and pooling on the ground. Hei stirred, coming back to consciousness, if he had left it at all. He couldn't really tell anymore. The pain in his head felt like someone was hitting it with a hammer. He stumbled to his feet and rushed the man, who was trying to get his hair and the water out of his eyes. While he was temporarily blind, Hei needed to land his attack. Unfortunately, his time on the ground had been too long and his time was running thin.

He crouched at the edge of the water pool, dipping his fingers into the liquid. His eyes glowed red and his body got its blue glow as he flipped on his power. The man flipped his hair out of his face, his eyes murderous and beginning to glow red as well as he started his again, too. Hei didn't think he would be able to handle being thrown once more. Nothing but death or a coma would await him there. He sent electricity through the water, which quickly ran through the man's body. He screamed in pain but not for long. He had lifted himself out of the water, away from the electricity lurking in the liquid.

The man used himself as a weapon now, throwing himself at Hei, trying to land a punch on him. Hei danced out of the reach of them or slapped them out of the way. The man landed, spinning into a kick that Hei arched away from, leaning backwards. His left leg still protesting at every move he made. He shot back up just in time to block a punch and give one of his own, catching the man in one of his kidneys. The man threw another punch, but Hei grabbed his wrist and kicked on of the man's feet out from under him, lifting the man over his shoulder and throwing him down onto the ground.

The man landed a kick to Hei's mask and he reeled back, blood pouring from his nose. He heard the sound of a crack from his mask and a hair thin line ran through it jaggedly. His mask wouldn't survive another blow like that; he had to be more careful. The man was back on his feet now, his body glowing and floating in the air once more. Hei pulled out his last knife and held it in front of him in a defensive stance. The police were doing a great job helping by just standing there and doing absolutely nothing but watching the fight fold out in front of them. They weren't exactly sure who they should shoot. One of them they had been chasing for what seemed like forever, yet seemed to be protecting them, while the other one seemed perfectly ready to just kill them all off while he could.

"Give me your gun, Saito," Misaki finally growled as she watched the masked man and the other continue to attack each other, twisting around with their odd martial art skills that seemed to be unique to each Contractor unless they were from a group.

"Huh? What?" The big man looked down at her, a confused expression on his face, holding a hand to his still bleeding wound. She held out her hand and he just slid his gun into her hand without another word. Bringing it up, she slowed her breathing, trying to steady her body and her arms. They couldn't afford screwing up when two Contractors that could easily kill them were right in front of them. She fired off a shot, which missed, but allowed BK-201 enough time to dash forward and slice his knife over the man's chest. He floated backwards in pain, holding the wound with one of his arms, and landed, his body still glowing.

A rock shot out from the darkness behind BK-201, striking him in his bullet wound. He gasped in pain and fell to the ground, his breathing coming heavy and hard. It felt like his lungs were shutting down or filled with blood. He could be bleeding internally right into his lungs. His body was in so much pain, that he figured he wouldn't even be able to tell if it was or not. Black dots swirled in front of his eyes and his limbs refused to cooperate with him. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, one of Yin's observation spirits disappear from the water Hei had created earlier, and which was still growing, now spilling into the massive hole. Maybe help was on the way, though he wasn't sure how much help his team would actually be if they actually arrived.

The other contractor turned on the police force, his focus now on them entirely since they had contributed in him being wounded. He growled in frustration and was about to float over to them, when Hei reached out, grabbing the man by the ankle, keeping him down. The man rewarded him with another swift kick to the face and Hei felt his mask give away, ducking his head down a little so the police wouldn't see his face behind his hanging hair.

The man landed and now it was Hei's turn to fly again. He was sent sailing past the police into another wall. He coughed up blood upon impact and his entire body went numb as fell to the ground. Everything felt distant now, even the shots that rang out from the police force's guns. His brain was shutting off, cranking to a stop. He was slowly dying and yet he made himself get up once more. He couldn't die here. He couldn't afford dying like a dog. With an uncharacteristic roar, he took a running leap onto the man, plowing him into the ground. The skid close to the edge of the hole and Hei really wished that both of them had tumbled into its darkness.

The man kicked Hei in the chest, sending him flying off. He landed on the ground hard and all the air in his lungs left his body. He coughed, blood running out of his mouth and down his cheeks. He swallowed it, trying to get the metallic taste out of his mouth. The night sky above him was twisting, dimming, only to start twisting the other way and brightening the next second. He couldn't even move now, all his strength had left him.

His body began to glow and he felt himself float upwards. The man was going to drop him into the whole like a sack of trash. He felt himself maneuver so he was vertical and his head lolled backwards, staring up at the stars again. His feet brushed the edge of the hole and he was miraculously set down right there. The man had discontinued the hold of his power on him, but why? He looked down at the man, not caring that he was showing his face to the police force anymore. He heard Misaki gasp in shock as she recognized him.

A sharp pain in his side made him look down, shocked to find his knife plunged deep into his gut. It was still glowing blue from the man's power. He looked up at the man once more, feeling himself teetering backwards. The man was moving towards him, a smile on his face at the apparent victory. With sudden strength, Hei ripped the blade from his side, twirled it, and stuck it into the man's gut. His eyes widened in shock at Hei's movement and that was the last thing Hei saw before he fell backwards, a smug smile gracing his lips even when he hit the bottom.

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