Red hair, pure-blood, friendly. A Weasley. He had had both of the boy's parents, both red heads, they had been much like him, only not as bright, he sensed. He saw no prejudice in the boy's mind, not thoughts that muggles were wronged even though the boy's blood ran clean. A fascination, actually, with his non-magical brethren rested untapped in his brain, and as the hat looked onward, eh saw that as his career. Not well paying, but self-satisfying.

But Muggle Studies merited no house, and as he delved into the boys mind, intelligence was strong. Ravenclaw might fit, but the deeper he looked he saw a difficult future ahead of the boy. Pain and loss, but love and strength. He saw a family, devastated by a death of one of their own, but the man standing strong, still fighting. "GRYFFINDOR!"

Under the hat's brim, he could feel the girl's hair change color as her nerve increased. She sat twitching slightly underneath the hat's brim, but the hat hardly noticed, not paying attention any more to her physicality. Her mind was complex, her mother's past full of rancor; her father's full of secrets of what he was. She was a Black, halfway anyway, the hat hadn't seen a Black since Regulus, but she did not fit in with the rest in Slytherin.

She was bright, but not fit for Ravenclaw; very brave, but that was not all that went into Gryffindor. He saw her ability to work hard, her loyalty to what she saw as right. No prejudice towards muggles, despite her mother's family, no fear of having to work for what you wanted, no doubt of trust to those she loved. "HUFFLEPUFF!"

The girl was different, he could tell already. Her life marred by a two-year old tragedy, the girl was eccentric, trying to find herself in the midst of sadness. Her mind was full of information, some of it fully based in faith in her father's ideals, some of it real information. Maybe socially awkward, the hat thought, but only because she knew three times what her peers did. She understood people beyond what they did, she saw what they truly felt, what they truly meant, what they truly were.

But she was brave too. Standing alone in a world of conformers, she would stand strong for what she thought was right. Loyal as well, he saw friends in her future she would never dream of betraying, despite anything that would happen to her. Strong, determined, loyal, she would fit in almost any house. But her mind won the hat over. It debated for only a second more, hearing her start to whistle an old tune under her breath. "RAVENCLAW!"

The hat always hated sorting people like this. Their head, like the boy's he was sitting on, were almost empty. No deep thought, no intriguing memories, no real opinions. This boy was a follower, but of what? He could see the boy's father, dark cloak and tattoo on his arm. Death Eater children rarely had any appeal to the hat, this one was no exception.

Pure-blood, muggle prejudice; no real courage, no true loyalty, definitely no intelligence. No cunning, or ambition really, no tendency to work hard, no tendency to think either. The hat thought that honestly, there wasn't a place for this boy at the school, but that was not for it to say, he had to sort it where he saw fit. Only one choice really. "SLYTHERIN!"

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