A/N: hi, guys! I've been having a lot of problems with fanfiction's uploading chapters to my stories. I've been trying, but I can't sadly. I'll try and inform but for the time being, I guess it'll be a while. So I decided to write a story about my favorite character: Azula! Enjoy!

Here I am. Me. The Prodigy. Princess Azula.

Wasting away in a dirty prison cell.

It wasn't fair!

That peasant cheated! She did! He should not be Firelord, I should!

Pathetic little Zuzu, he was never meant to have the title! It was suppose to be me! Father entrusted me with the role!

But he stole it….HE STOLE IT!

I have been in this hellhole for months and not anyone has visited me. Not Zuzu, uncle, or mother! Mother.

I heard the guards talking outside my cell, saying my brother found her.

Well, I guess now they can be a happy family and stroll along in the sunset, laughing and singing! I knew she would never visit me. She thinks I am a monster. Always has.

I cry every night; the nurses give me pity looks.

I do not need their PITY!

They think I am crazy and I'll never become sane again, but I've been sane for the last couple of months, because I have finally realized their plans are.

They want to keep locked away forever until I die.

The only comfort I have is when I make my blue fire in the palm of my hand. It reminds me that I still have control over something.

I know that I am the only one in the world who can make BLUE FIRE. The hottest fire ever, not even the Avatar can create.

But don't worry. I will get out of here. And when I do, I will NOT look for revenge. I WILL NOT look for my mother.

However, what I will DO is begin my life. Because right now, with this blue fire in my hand, my life has just begun.

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